Andrew Jackson

Seventh President 1829-1837


Born: Waxhaw, S.C., March 15, 1767.

Education: Studied law, but never attended college.

Occupation: Primarily a soldier, also a lawyer, planter, merchant. Fought in the Revolution at age 13, later led expeditions against the Creek Indians, defeated the British at New Orleans in 1815. Fought in the Seminole Wars; then became military governor of Florida

Religon: Presbyterian

Family life: Married Rachel Donelson in 1791; and after two happy years they learned to their dismay that her first husband Robards had not obtained a divorce, only permission to file for one. They remarried in 1794. The Jacksons never had children of their own, but they gladly opened their home to the children of Rachel's many relatives. In 1809 they adopted a nephew and named him Andrew Jackson, Jr. Wearing the white dress she had purchased for her husband's inaugural ceremonies in March 1829, Rachel Donelson Jackson was buried in the garden at The Hermitage, her home near Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Eve in 1828.

Political career: Served in Congress as representiative and senator from Tennessee 1796-98; again in the Senate, 1823-25. A military hero, ran unsuccessfully for president in 1824. He won in 1828; renominated by Democratic-Republicans, 1832, in first party convention

Highlights of his presidency: Used "spoils system" in appointments (friendship rather than merit). Opposed Bank of United States. Opposed secession of South Carolina.

Appearance: Tall and rawboned, blue eyes, bushy gray hair.
Died: June 8, 1845 at the Hermitage, President Jackson's estate just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Burried: Hermitage where Jackson and his wife rest beneath a cupola in the small family cemetery just outside the main house.


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