My Dad loved his food. I'm not saying he was fat but he did like to eat. He looked forward to a good meal. He was basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He didn't care too much for one dish type meals although he did enjoy a bowl of beef stew or creamed codfish over mashed potatoes. He also loved soup and his favorites were cream of mushroom and New England Clam Chowder.

He loved desserts and was partial to chocolate cream pie. Later on in his life when he became a diabetic he was deprived of these "goodies" and had to settle for a bran muffin with his evening cup of tea.

He loved birthdays, not for the presents and excitement of them but because he looked at them as a chance to have a piece of cake. I remember one time my mom told him he could have a sliver of chocolate cream pie and he ended up with a quarter of a whole pie.

This is for you Dad......

and last but not least, your favorite (I guess you can have all you want now)......

*Special Note: I searched and searched for a chocolate cream pie for my dad's page and came up emptyhanded and if it weren't for 2 of the greatest people on this earth, Sherry and Mike, this wouldn't be here. Many Heartfelt thanks go to these 2 very special people.

My Dad wasn't exactly in love with animals but what changed his mind was the day my aunt gave my mother a german shepherd puppy as a present. We named him Flash after my grandfather. That's all it took to win his heart. Soon Flash and him became friends and loyal companions. When Flash died, the door was opened for my parents favorite, Mitzi.
She was a purebred Scottish Terrier. She looked like a dustmop to me but who am I to criticize the dog that won over my Dad. He would take her in the car to get her ice cream and she even went to Florida on vacation with them. I haven't even been to Florida yet. Spoiled? Oh boy was she. He even had a special pet name for her, he called her "Babe". The day she died was the first time I saw my father shed tears.
When I was young, we had a black and white cat that my grandmother gave us named Bootsie. My father made him sleep in the cellar. So I was surprised at the love he showed that little scottie dog.
Dad, don't forget to pick up Mitzi and Flash at the Rainbows Bridge on your way. Don't worry about Bootsie, I'll pick him up myself when I make my journey to heaven.
For Dad......

Every summer he would take us on Sunday drives to Old Forge, his most favorite place to relax and enjoy himself. He used to work the mail boats on Fourth Lake so this was a special place for him. He would often take the boat rides they offered and then we would drive to Inlet to feed the ducks or sometimes we would go swimming at White Lake. They were fun times.
So Dad, here is a boat ride for you.....

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