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April 1997

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Rob Barrett Tue Apr 1 13:48:00 1997
Barrett/ I am looking for information on relatives of my great- grandfather Isiah MacDonald Barrett born in clearfield county in 1861 died 1928 and his wife Blance Solly. Specifically his father and her mother. Also for William T. Moore born 1843 and spuse Isabell Agnes Hamilton both died in Clearfield County. Anything I could get further back would be appreciated.

Bill Harvey Wed Apr 2 19:37:34 1997
Seeking information about James George TODD, from UK in c.1881. I believe he lived in Houltzdale. He married Barbara Ann Roxby in Houlzdale in 1884. How can I get marriage certificate and other information? How were miners recruited from UK to Houlzdale?

Barbara Kensinger Thu Apr 3 13:49:02 1997
SMITH, DAVISON Joseph S. SMITH (b. 3 OCT 1858 in North Umberland ENG, d. 23 SEPT 1928 in Indiana, PA), his wife Ellizabeth DAVISON SMITH (b. 15 JAN 1858 in Durham, ENG, d. 15 AUG 1914 in Indiana, PA) and son George D. SMITH (b. 20 DEC 1881 in North Umberland, ENG, d. 11 NOV 1898 buried at Glen Campbell, Clearfield CO., PA) moved to Clearfield CO. where in 1885, possibly in Houtzdale, Clearfield CO., a son, Joseph D. SMITH (b. 20 MAY 1885) the first child to be born in the USA. I am looking for possibly naturalization papers, or any information that can help me to flesh out his side of the family. Information on brothers, sisters, father, mother, dates of entry, shiplists... would be greatly appreciated.

Sally Drake Sat Apr 5 10:46:18 1997
WALLACE,John Born @1825 Ireland. Died 1866-1870 Married Sarah Selfridge (Sulfridge or Silfridge)1845. Children John, Mariah, William, Robert, James, Samuel, George, Daniel, Barbara E., Isiah. Census shows living in Goshen, Clearfield Co.1850. WALLACE, Robert Born 1852 Chest Township, Clearfield Co. Died 1910 Newark Married Alice McMullin 1871 Children Harvey Walker, Harry W.(or William H)., Alvira, Bertie B. (Bertha).In Chest Township 1878, in Beccaria Township 1880. McMULLEN, Robert C. Born Penn. No other info. I have additional info to share.

George Barbour Sat Apr 5 21:36:52 1997
Interested in exchanging information about the family of Edna Pearl (McFadden) Haggerty who lived at 104 Quarry Street in DuBois. She was born February 28, 1895, and died December 13, 1953. Children were Madeline (married James Mitchell), Warren, Betty (married LaRue), Howard, June (married Jawishak) and Gene.

Elizabeth DeMarte Sun Apr 6 13:15:17 1997
Maurice HEICHEL deceased married to Annette Danis Children: Maurice George, Roseanne, Edward, Helen, and Annette Need Birth and Death dates if possible. Gerald HEICHEL deceased married to Rachel Goden Children: Robert, Ronald, and Gerald Need birth and death dates Carl HEICHEL deceased married to Larose Coon Children: Dennis, Magaret Grey, Thomas, and Sandy Miller Need birth and Death dates Eugene HEICHEL deceased?? married to Pearl Knepp and Ruth Donahue Children: Eugene Jr., Susan Click. Need birth and possible death date Parents of all four query names are Clyde Heichel and Lavina Moore. All four must have been born between 1915 and 1930.

Loretta Hilbert Sun Apr 6 15:27:57 1997
Searching for spouse of Hannah GRAHAM b 1840 Clearfield Co, PA to William and Susannah KENEPP GRAHAM. Hannah's daughter Mary Catherine was born 1861 PA. Hannah's husband's name is thought to be Henry CUPLER, although the name FAUST and EWERS has been mentioned also. He died in a "logging accident" and Hannah married Seth KENEPP C1868. Seth KENEPP is the son of John and Mary YEATTER KENEPP from Juanita Co, PA. Loretta Hilbert 707 S. Perdue Claremore, OK 74017

Irene Crawford Sun Apr 6 21:48:50 1997
I am looking for information on Agnes Jane DIXON, (first name may be spelled Agnefs) m. Charles Smith on Feb. 21, 1875, probably in Allegheny Co., PA. (The marriage certificate only lists that he was from McKeesport and she from Lovedale, rather than stating exactly where they were married. However, since the name of the state of Pennsylvania was preprinted on the document, I'm confident they married somewhere in PA.) Sometime after they married, they moved to Clay Co., IN, because that is where Charles filed his Declaration of Intention to become a citizen. However, he didn't follow through on that in IN, and doesn't show up on their 1880 census, so I believe they were in IN for just a year or two. I do know that their daughter Mary Ann (not an only child, just the only one I have any info on) was born somewhere in western PA in 1881. (Two different records show two different locations, and neither of them is her birth record.) They also reportedly lived in Clearfield Co., PA, and Charles may have been a coal miner. Thanks so much to anyone who can offer me any assistance in this matter!

Richard W. Headrick Mon Apr 7 10:51:02 1997
WIANT, Adda Rachel Adda was my great-grandmother and died in DuBois in about 1932. Her maiden name was PATTERSON and she was married to David Wiant. I am looking for information on her parents.

Kathy Brubaker Mon Apr 7 21:21:46 1997
STROUP, George Benjamin. My great-great-grandfather. Married Margaret Heichel. Had 3 children: Ross Leslie Stroup (born Sept. 26, 1896 in Pottersdale, PA.), Homer Stroup (married Mildred Handley) and George Benjamin Stroup Jr. (born May 16, 1905 at Karthaus, Pa.) Looking for any and all info related to George Banjamin Stroup as I can get no further back than him in my lineage on my mother's side. My mother is Shirley Ann Stroup, daughter of George Clinton Stroup (son of Ross Leslie Stroup)Appreciate any help you can give me.

Paul Forcey Mon Apr 7 22:44:20 1997
Seeking info anc/desc Thomas FORCEE, b/ 1766 Delsware, died Jamuary, 1865, Clearfield County, PA. Spouse Elizabeth Arnold also d. in Clearfield County. Both buried Dales Cemetery, Bradford Township, Clearfield County. Have a lot of info, but looking for all I can get.

Michael Keirn Tue Apr 8 07:25:39 1997
I'm looking for information on Nathan KEIRN who was married to Susanah CORL they moved Clearfield Co. on 1830's or early 40's and lived in and around Burnside TWP for years. Nathan had ten children some of the other names I'm looking for are MCKEE, MILES MYERS, THOMPSON, WESTOVER, BECK, BRICKLEY, ARBLE, MCCALL, ADAMS, McCREERY, RUNYAN. any information would be appreciated.

Erie DePasquale Wed Apr 9 09:35:49 1997
Searching for a John DILLON/DILLEN the father of James Jefferson DILLON. 1. John DILLON b: PA wife: Mary ?DAVIS or VINES? 2. James Jefferson DILLON b:10 Jan 1845 PA - d: 2 Sep 1910 Somerset Co. buried Windber at East End Cem. m: Catherine STRAW 1869 Clearfield Co. Catherine (STRAW) DILLON d: 2 Mar 1927 Indiana Co. McDowell Cem. 3. Children: Mary Belle 1870-1945 m: Elmer HAAGEN - Indiana Co. James Howard 1871-? Blanch Jane 1874-1911 m: A. J, RESSER - Indiana Co. Martha Ellen 1876-? m: John Conley - Ohio George Straw 1878-? m: Janet FISHER Anna Margaret 1881-1918 m: Frank SMITH Erie Mae 1883-1919 m: Olen McCRACKEN - Clearfield Co. Merrill 1885-1964 m: Bertha BORING - Somerset Co. Carl J. 1891-? - Somerset Co. Need the data for John DILLON and Mary ? I know John lived in all three Counties as did James Jefferson. Would like any info on other children of John

Thomas R Frey Wed Apr 9 12:15:04 1997
HI I am looking for any information on the following surnames. The FreyAEs came from France & Switzerland FREYAES Rev. Abram Frey Died @ 75 years old SON OF ABOVE Samuel Frey Died @ 49 years old + Anne Bowman born 1805 died 1-7-1879 in Lancaster Co.PA. CHILDREN OF ABOVE Samuel Frey Anna Frey + Abram First of Harrisburg PA. died before 1900 Rev.Abram Frey born 11-14-1823 in Union Co.PA. died 4-23-1859 + Mary Fauby born 1823-died 5-5-1898 Rev.Abram Frey was a Teacher and Died of Typhoid Fever. CHILDREN OF ABOVE. Emma Frey David Frey Lizzie Frey + N.A.Baylon Martha Frey + Joseph Heinemann Samuel F.Frey b-12-16-1852 + Anna Longnacker Marietta,PA. Abram Frey b-1846-d-1926 + Mary ???? b-1856-d-1928 CHILDREN OF Abram Frey &Mary ???? ABOVE. Abram Garfield Frey b 1881 Daisy Mary Frey b1880 d 1938 Lula Mary Frey b 1884 Emile David Frey b 1894 Ethelbert Benjamin Frey Sr. -b1883 in Marietta P.A. - d1962 in Washington D.C. + Gertrude Squires Brown -b-1885 Washington D.C d-1986 in Mississippi Ethelbert Benjamin Frey Sr. 2nd Wife was Mary ????? Married in est.1925- 1930 He had 2 CHILDREN by Mary CHILDREN OF Ethelbert Benjamin Frey Sr. and Gertrude Squires Brown ABOVE. Ethelbert Benjamin Frey Jr. b 10-1-1906 Washington D.C d 8-18-1991 Seminole FL + Eleanor Jean Falooner Richard W.Frey b1917 Washington D.C + Hope Melba Mackin b 1921 d 1988 CHILDREN OF Ethelbert Benjamin Frey Jr. & Eleanor Jean Falooner ABOVE. Florance Jean Frey b 1928 CHILDREN OF Richard W.Frey & Hope Melba Mackin ABOVE. Robert William Frey William Richard Frey Thomas Richard Frey Joan Hope Frey Elizabeth Ann Frey Any Help in locating any information is greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at

Gregory Pomicter Thu Apr 10 10:01:22 1997
Would like to know more information on the family of Thomas and Jane WILSON who lived in Chest Township (near Newburg), Clearfield Co., from 1811 to the time of their deaths. Thomas WILSON died July 1, 1856, and Jane WILSON died in 1862, both in Chest Township. Thomas and JANE WILSON were the parents of William Wright WILSON (born 1812, married 1852, and had at least four sons), Hannah (born about 1810) who married John Hollen of Cambria Co., Ann who married David Woods of Clearfield Co., a daughter who married a Johnathan Kephart, and a number of other daughters. Thomas WILSON apparently was born in NJ, moved to Clearfield Co. about 1811, and owned 900 acres in Chest Township at the time of his death.

Sara Floran Thu Apr 10 10:05:52 1997
Edward Washington DAVID born Jan. 26,1865 and died Oct. 30, 1950 in Janesville, Pa., Clearfield County married Tamer Melissa LITZ born April 7, 1870 died July 18, 1937 in Janesville , Pa. Their children all born in Janesville Lewis Clinton DAVID 2/18/1887-3/30/1968, Sara Ann DAVID CURRY 3/16/1890-3/10/1929, Kathryn Matilda DAVID LETCHER 9/4/1892- 1/11/1962, Mary Elizabeth DAVID WRIGHT 4/1/1895-6/22/1985, Addie May DAVID EDMISTON 4/12/1898-8/21/1968, Walter Litz DAVID 2/15/1901- 9/27/1972, Gladys Pearl DAVID 7/11/1903-2/24/1916, William Thomas DAVID 5/5/1906-2/24/1916, Ralph Everett DAVID 12/8/1908-6/30/1963, Edward James DAVID 10/16/1977-8/9/1987, Max David 5-30-1914

Sara Floran Thu Apr 10 11:51:03 1997
Looking for information on Phillip H. EDMISTON born 1830 died 1907 married Mary F. Baker born 1834 died 1919. Their son Elmer EDMISTON born June 27, 1861 died May 9, 1939 married Elizabeth M. HESCOX born May 23, 1863 they had eight children Laura E NASH, Edward R. EDMISTON, Mary Belle GRAHAM, Alice EDMISTON, Ella HOPKINS, Samuel EDMISTON, Carl Elmer EDMISTON, and Phillip EDMISTON. They lived in Blair County for sometime before moving to Cambria County. Also looking for any info on Phillip H. father Phillip EDMISTON born August 12, 1799 died May 10, 1882 married Letitia STEWART born 1799 died May 4, 1881.

Doug Burch Sat Apr 12 11:54:44 1997
HEILBRUN, George Adam born 1836 Clearfield Co. Penn. or a KNARR, Lorena married George Apr 1867. anyone having information please contact me.

Jackye Sat Apr 12 14:49:17 1997
Looking for any information, no matter how trivial, about John JAYS born May 1865 in England to Richard J. JAYS and Jemima (maiden name unknown) JAYS. Richard and Jemima JAYS died in Houtzdale, Clearfield County, PA, May 09, 1893 and Feb 26, 1899, consecutively. John JAYS had a brother, George JAYS, who was born Nov 1866 in England, then died in Chester Hill, Clearfield County, PA Jan 4, 1929. John JAYS married Mary Jane TUBBS on October 26 of 1886 in Houtzdale, Clearfield County, PA. John was a butcher at the time. John and his wife, Mary, had 10 children together: Grace b Aug 1888, Harry Leonard b Mar 31 1890, Laura b Feb 1892, Walker b Mar 31 1894, Jennie b Jul 1896, Charles b Sebt 1898, Melvin, Pearl, William b Nov 10 1900. John and Mary JAYS lived in Cambria County in 1900. Mary may have died in 1906, from causes due to alcoholism. Let me know if you have any information on any of these individuals.

David Absalom Sat Apr 12 16:25:08 1997
John ABSALOM, a welsh coal miner, died at Beaverton, Clearfield County on June 2, 1874. He had a wife Naomi and a son James. John ABSALOM is believed to have come to America in 1865. It is not known if he was a naturalized citizen at the time of his death. Do not know if he was on 1870 census either. Would appreciate any death notice and burial information about John ABSALOM. Also would appreciate any historical information about the mines of Beaverton area.

Rich Caskey Sun Apr 13 20:20:17 1997
I am looking for the wife of Captain Edward RICKETTS (1736-1813). He settled in Clearfield County in the late 1700s near Glen Hope. He had at least one child I know of named Isaac (1772-1851). Isaac married Anna LAW (1772-1845)in abt 1794. I'm interested in any information about the RICKETTS line or LAW.

Chuck Bush Mon Apr 14 02:16:34 1997
BUSH, COULTER, MEAS, HENDERSON, MEASE, HECK Looking for any information on Francis (Frank) BUSH and Mary Elizabeth (COULTER) BUSH Family. Francis and Elizabeth were both born and died in Clearfield Co., PA. They had 10 children, looking for any information on the following: Charles F. BUSH b. abt1868 Oliver Perry BUSH b. June 1869 William Burton BUSH b. August 1870 in Clearfield Co. m. Myrtle Ellen MEAS Dec. 21, 1892 Melissa BUSH b.abt 1874 m. ? HENDERSON Emma A. BUSH b. Sep. 1879 m. Ira MEASE Maurice (Morris) BUSH b.August 1880 Douella BUSH b.Nov. 1883 m. David HECK Would appreciate any help you can give me.

Gordon Walk Mon Apr 14 17:49:31 1997
MARGARET CAROTHERS married PERRY COMMODORE KEPHART as a second wife . Possibly he was her second husband . Does anyone about her family or if there were any children .

Gordon R Walk Mon Apr 14 17:44:14 1997
I am still looking for information on MARY ANN AMY . But I have found her family name was EMIGH pronounced AMY. Married name was Kephart .

Tena Mon Apr 14 20:14:17 1997
Hello, looking for any info on the Salada tree. Grandfather's name: Emery Leroy Salada April 12, year aprox. 1909-1911??? In the county of Clearfield town of Dubois or Sandytownship. Trying to go back further, but having no luck. Please help!! Thanks, Tena

Jeanne Kramer Tue Apr 15 07:48:22 1997
BONSALL. Mary Louisa Bonsall, b 1850, d 1928, m George Washington Ogden, b 1842, d 1928, in Clearfield, Lawrence Twp., Clearfield Co. Looking for ancestry of her father, Jackson Bonsall.

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