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Sandy's Miraculous Phone Call

Do you ever, or have you ever had one of those times in your life (humm that sounds familiar) when things are really going bad, I mean where you don't quite know why or what the reasons for the things that happen that are happening?

Well it was one of those times in my life in December 1997. I had been going through a rough period for quite some time, and soooo, I would put on my head phones, stick in my Aero tapes and it would take me away..

On one occasion I decided to write down exactly how I felt about Steven and the band on a post card. I had been reading before that point in one of the fan club magazines on how Steven would celebrate (I think it was) his Birthday and I believe he said that he would pick some letters out of the bunch and who ever had a phone # on it he would invite over for dinner at his house. (NO I didn't win the dinner - hummm wonder who did),but then I thought that why not stick my# on the card just for the heck of it, but on this particular card I really felt something when I wrote it, no false pretenses.

I celebrated my Birthday on December 22, then the following evening I went on to do my laundry. I can remember EVERYTHING pretty much to the T (funny how I can remember this night but cantt remember some of the slightest things)

I was in the middle of the done cycle :), when my daughter answers the phone, "Mom, someone's on the phone for you"
"Who is it?"
”I don't know.”
I was whispering, “Is it a bill collector?!"
(lol),she whispered some guy?Oh, man now what.....

"Hello" I said,
"Hi,is this Sandy?"
"Yes it is"
"Do you remember sending in a post card with the Wizard Of Oz on it?"
"What?, who is this?"
All I could think of was did I enter a contest?

OK, now things got scary, lol, at this point in time reaching the upstairs step it hit me 'The voice' Oh my Gosh NO!""Steven said"Yes","No!!!!"I think the blood left my body and all life was drained,lol,"Oh my gosh another"No!", I told Steven that I couldn't believe it and some things are sketchy at this point still, lol, he told me Thank you for the card, he was soooo very nice.

I was in such shock that I blurted out that my birthday was the day before, (I'm positive that I was rambling on to the point where I probably scared Steven,lol,) at this point Steven starts to sings to me Happy Birthday! Even as I write this it is still unreal, I asked Steven if it would be ok if my daughter could get on the extension, he said sure, we all talked for awhile, he even somehow (funny how that is) said that "When you put your head phones on it takes you away, he honestly said something to that effect

We talked a little bit more and I PRAY I told HIM thank you, I was so much in shock, it was the hardest thing to do, to hang up the phone.....:( I will hopefully NEVER forget it. He made me so very happy to say the least. He is very special I feel. That's why I carry on with the Oz tradition too!! Feel if you do something with honest intentions it ill come back to you some how. God does answer prayers:)


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