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I need YOUR help
If you are a frequent visitor, you should realize that I have been expanding DRAMATICALLY over the past few weeks with new sections, content, etc...
I am planning to expand even MORE in the next few weeks and I need YOUR help (yes, I am talking to everyone now! LOL) Don't worry, this has NOTHING to do with coding and that kind of stuff. I need your help with CONTENT. I need you guys to submit things to my site. (Sections are below)

Contribute To:

Below are some sections that I need contributions for. There is a brief description with each. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, send it to: I am asking this of you because I need to get a little bit of something for each section before they go online!


If you know of any awards that are Aero-related, or you think my site deserves tell me about them or submit my site for them! Awards are a small, but meaningful thing. Here are my site stats:

Mike's Aero-Site


My Aero-Site has Aerosmith games, lyrics, sounds, chat, concert reviews, multimedia and A LOT more! It's expanding everyday!

Band History

If you know anything about the band's history, any facts, stories or just info, let me know! I need something for every year that Aerosmith has been "alive" (30+ years!)

Band Member Info

If you know anything about any one of the band member's, any facts, stories, birthdate...etc, let me know!


If you have a list of ANY books about Aerosmith, send them my way! I am going to make a "Bookography", which is much like the discography

Concert Reviews

Have you been to any Aerosmith concert? If so, send me the date, place, setlist and a review of the concert!


Do you know of any online Aerosmith games (like the ones I have) that would be a good addition to my site? If so, tell me about them!


If you have a cool Aerosmith site, let's trade links! I will put your site up in the "links section if we trade!


Have you made up new lyrics to any Aerosmith song? (Just like Weird Al) If so, write down the whole song and send it my way!


If you have any pics of any band member, or the band as a whole, I would LOVE it if you let me use it/them in my pics section!


Do you have a poem about the boys or a certain band member? If so, e-mail it to me to add to this new section!


Do you have a list of Aerosmith's singles? Or do you own a single or two? If so, send it to me! I am going to add it to the checklist and the brand new Singles section!


Have you ever met the band? Send me your story!


Do you have an Aero-related tattoo anywhere on your body? Well get the camera out, and take a pic of it, and send it to me! I am going to add it to my tattoo section!


Do you know when/if the boys are ever going to be on television? If so, send me the time and channel so I can add it to the television section!


If you have a list of ANY videos about Aerosmith, send them my way! I am going to make a "Videography", which is much like the discography!


Do you have a webring that has rock 'n roll sites, or Aerosmith sites in it? Tell me about it and I will most likely join it if I am not already a member! If you have an Aerosmith site, join MY webring!

Tell Your Friends

Last but not least, tell your friends about my site! Even if its just one visitor, its still another Aero-fan getting his daily dose of online-Aero!!!!LOL

If you contribute something to this site, I will add your name and a link to your site (or mailbox) on a new page that I am going to make entitled: "Thanks"! If you see something that you have contributed, tell me!!!

Thanks to all!


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