Take this little test to find out how much you really know about Aerosmith

1. The Beatles recorded a White Album, according to Joe Perry, what is Aerosmith’s “Blackout Album”?

“Toys In The Attic”
”Draw The Line”
”Get A Grip”

2. In what stadium was Aerosmith’s first stadium show?

Mile High Stadium
Arrowhead Stadium
Tiger Stadium
Pontiac Stadium

3. What song is this line from? : “She’s gonna blow my cover, she’s as hot as a flame.”

“Mama Kin”

4. The necklaces that Steven Tyler never takes off came from?

Japanese Strippers
The time lady
His wife
His very first girlfriend

5. This website ...

.....is dumb.
.....is really stupid.
.....is a pittyful waste of memory.
.....is the best Aero-Site on the web!!

6. What album was Aerosmith’s twelfth studio album?

“Get A Grip”
“A Little South Of Sanity”
“Nine Lives”

7. Who is Steven Tyler?

A master jazz bass player.
The King.
The maker of this page
Lead singer of Aerosmith

8. Steven Tyler got mobbed because people thought he was Mick Jagger outside of what hotel?

Gotham Hotel
Sheridan Inn.
Holiday Inn
Motel 8

9. What song is Aerosmith’s first song on their first album?

“Same Old Song And Dance”
“Dream On”
“Make It”

10. You are..........

an Aero-fan who likes to take tests about Aerosmith, just so he/she can say, “I got 10 out of 10 on this test at a real cool site--(this one!!!)
not an Aerosmith fan and you are just here to check out this test.
Steven Tyler--(yeah, sure)

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