"Studio" Album Checklist

Here is your printable "studio" album checklist. Check off the albums you have, then print it, or just print this form and check off the albums as you get them!

Which ones are you missing?

(January 1973)

Get Your Wings
(March 1974)

Toys In The Attic
(April 1975)

(May 1976)

Draw The Line
(December 1977)

Live! Bootleg
(October 1978)

Night In The Ruts
(November 1979)

Aerosmith's Greatest Hits
(October 1980)

Rock In A Hard Place
(August 1982)

Done With Mirrors
(December 1985)

Classics Live!
(April 1986)

Classics Live! II
(June 1987)

Permanent Vacation
(August 1987)

(November 1988)

(September 1989)

Pandora's Box
(November 1991)

Get A Grip
(April 1993)

Box Of Fire
(November 1994)

Big Ones
(November 1994)

Nine Lives
(March 18, 1997)

A Little South Of Sanity
(Octover 20, 1998)

Just Push Play (US)
(March 6, 2001)

Just Push Play (International)
( March 2001)

Just Push Play (Japan)
(March 2001)

UPDATED 6-6-2001

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