Concert Review for 5/20/99
Auburn Hills, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

Toys In The Attic
S.O.S. (Too Bad)
Love In An Elevator
Fallin' In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
Dream On
Janie's Got A Gun
Livin' On The Edge
Lord Of The Thighs
Full Circle
Draw The Line
Stop Messin' Around
Mother Popcorn
Walk This Way
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Big Ten Inch Record
What It Takes
Sweet Emotion / Heartbreaker


The show last night was AWESOME!!

Although I am not an AF1 member YET, I still had great seats.....about 10 rows behind the light booth. Straight on......not bad!

Afghan Whigs----i don't know what their problem was, but they only played for 15 MINUTES!!! That is the shortest length of time a backup band has ever played at any of the concerts I have been to!!! I wouldn't mind hearing the story behind that! BUT...the 4 or 5 songs they DID play, they weren't too bad.

The set list was awesome....the boys played old and new songs. I didn't know DTL or Mother popcorn though! The boys had some pyrotecnics during some of the songs--VERY cool! i gots to say, Aerosmith rocked the Palace Of Auburn Hills last night!!

The boys had some really cool (not to mention bright) outfits on last night. Steven was sporting like a black vest with multi-color pants. Joe had on a red suit like outfit. I didn't really pay close attention to Joey, Brad or Tom, but it seamed like they had on a mixture of black, brown, and white.

The stage was really cool. They had the same lay-out as the Nine Lives tour, (ramps on the left and right side with a platform in the back) and wings that extended outward left and right with a red cat at each end. There were a couple new things however, like, they had four lava colored, open ended "balloons" that flamed when the air went through them. Also, there were two hands that were balloons. One of them had an eye in the middle and the other had (it looked like) the end of a nail in it.

The security at the Palace is ALWAYS tight--as tight as Tyler's pants--LOL! They always have metal detector wands and they check any kind of bag you have. A few people snuck in cameras however, and a couple signs.

All in all, the show was great! Maybe next time I see them, I will be an AF1 member and get better seats! Last night's show was the best Aerosmith show I have been too.....hope to go to more in the near future.

I was at the gig last night and let me tell you it was unbelievable. The boys were on fire. The main ingredient however was the crowd. Completely sold out, even behind the stage. I thought this would be a problem for some of the special effects like the curtains, but they ended up adding a couple new special things. Some lights on the stage and some fire/ lava lamp looking sheets (which were actually a disaster during Dude Looks Like a Lady but they looked cool once the boys went off stage before the encore). The setlist was cool. I had never gotten to see Full Circle before and they did it quite well. I was hoping for a special appearence by Ted Nugent, but I guess he took the night off. Highlights of the night were: Dude, Livin' on the Edge (which I don't usually like, but it really grabbed the crowd tonight), and Sweet Emotion in which the boys jammed for a while before beginning- a nice bass solo by Tom to boot. The boys do not look sick that is for sure, unless you count the fact that Joe Perry is now wearing brighter outfits than Steven (bright red suit with a pink shirt). I'm going to the show on Sunday near Chicago and I can't wait it should be a blast.

Hey guys! Well to make it short and sweet...this show was AWESOME!!!! This makes my 6th time seeing Aerosmith live on this tour and they just tore that stage up at this show! The boys were all in prime form, no signs of sicknesses at all! Steven was all over the stage, Joe had a very awesome performance of "Stop Messin' Around" , Joey attacking that drum set...Brad and Tom had some great solos! It was a great highlight for me to hear SOS ,Full Circle, and Lord of the Thighs live. These songs were very nicely done. Dream On also was a terrific performance with which you could tell Steven was very pleased with. They added some more lights, explosions, and special effects to the show. Boy I tell you those explosions came when you least expected them. Every time I'd almost hit the floor in shock. I think Tom got a kick out of that watching from the stage. And I have to add that my ears are still ringing. Ahh. But the show was unbelievable! Afghan Whigs did about 4 to 5 songs and then got off the stage after trying to threaten people into liking them by sayiing that Joe Perry was gonna come out and kick some ass. But Aerosmith....unbeliveable show! Best I've ever been to! Ahhhh! I'm still on such an adrenaline rush! This week was just so great! If anyone else went to this show email me. I saw jen (missjen19) and I think I saw Timnrae but I never got to make it over to talk to them...was looking for ya Alex and Andra. Oh well hope you guys all enjoyed it as well as I did. Some funny things...someone threw bubbles to Tom onstage and he for the life of him couldn't figure out what it was at first....he then chucked a finger into the ground by accident, Joe introduced Steven during the encore as the 147 pound champion to which Steven quickly fixed Joe's comment by! I thought that was pretty funny. That man is sooo skinny...One pound will not make a difference! Well I'm off to bed now...I got home yesterday around 1:30ish...and had a bunch of stuff to do afterwards and now it is 1:41 so goodnight all you Aerosmith fans!

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