Concert Review for 4/29/99
Dallas, TX - Starplex Amphitheater

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First off...i have this *friend* who is my connection to anything Aero-related. :) He couldn't find out which hotel they were at and he promised me he could. He thought they would be at the same one that they stayed at last time so he went up there. Anyways, the next day he saw Steven getting out of a car and my *friend* was right behind him and he said..."HOLY SH*T!" Steven turns around and says "HOLY SH*T WHAT?" and they sorta laughed and talked about Boston since my *friend* is from there and got Steven to sign a poster for him...i thought that was cool, WE FOUND THE HOTEL! YEAH! Anyways i was with my mom at McDonalds when he called and told us the Steven story. While we were on the phone with came up to his car and told him that he had to leave because they disturbed one of his guests...while he's talking to security i was crying my eyes out!! I couldnt believe...i was going to see Steven, i knew i was! He told us to come to the hotel IMMEDIATELY and we did. We were there like 5 minutes and guess who i saw....TERESA AND BILLIE, well my mom thinks it was her sister, Lisa but i didnt have my contacts in so i didnt get a good look but i was assuming it was Billie.>...just walking like regular people in the lobby, they left to go to lunch or shopping or something. I cried again, i just couldnt believe it! 2 minutes later i saw John Klodner I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open, i just couldnt believe it. He stared at me and smiled, he knew i knew who he was. :) In less than 5 minutes later, guess who we saw coming out of the elevator? THE DEMON OF SCREAMIN'! ! ! ! ! With his 2 kids, Chelsea and Taj. i was 10 feet from the elevator...i was shaking!!! I stood up and he knew i was a FAN. He looked and me and i just melted! I guess he didnt want to be bothered so he told his kids "Let's go this way."opposite direction of me. He went out the doors but my mom stopped to take a picture of him and his kids walking on the trail. We went out there too and i was just BLUBBERING! I was saying "MOM, HE LOOKED AT ME! HE LOOKED AT ME!" i couldnt control myself, that was the closest ive ever been to someone i truly admired so much! We lost Steven, we couldnt find we thought. ;) There was a patio on the trail with chairs so we sat there for a while. I was trying to get ahold of myself, and finally did. lol *My friend* called and asked if we have seen him yet. I told him yeah but he didnt seem like he wanted to be bothered and *he* told me not to give up. Like 5 min later we saw Steven talking to Joe, who was playing golf. It was about 100 yds away. He didnt notice it was Steven at first because he took off his jacket and he had his hair pulled up in a pony-tail and he let it down. Me and my mom were going to go walk down there but then Steven started coming back up the trail, there i was getting all nervous again. They walked a different direction, so i walked the direction that they would have to cross to get to me. When they were finally like 20 ft away, i turned around and i saw him, he looked at me again, and told his kids.."Let's go THIS way" again. He definately didnt want to be bothered. I think its cause his kids were with him, he knew i was a fan. I was sorta mad at first cause he avoided me. But i keep telling myself, "its cause his kids were there". I didnt see Steven again until the show. we went back to the Patio and waited for Joe...sure enough he drove by in his Golf cart. He had his other son with him, who is pretty cute! When he was driving by he waved and said "hi" we said "hi" back but i didnt do anything like step-out i was frozen! But my mom goes.."Can we please have an autograph?" and he said "Sure, do you have a pen?" Of course i had one ready, and i gave it to him and he signed it with his Golf Glove on, i didnt know he was left-handed. He sorta stared at the picture for a while, guess he's never seen it before, i ordered it. I also ordered 2 other nice pictures, that i was HOPING Steven would sign for me. :*( My mom had the camera in her hand and didnt even take a picture of me and Joe! I was nervous and shaking and about to cry...i couldnt do or say anything. My mom asked him "Is that your son?" and he goes "Yes, it is" and the kid waved and said "hi" to me! :) Then Joe gave me this Heart-melting grin and said "Here you go" And i said "Thank you sooo much!" And he drove off. We went back into the hotel and we saw all of the other wives except for Terry Hamilton. I wanted to wait longer for Steven but my mom had to pick up my brother from school so we had to go. THAT WAS MY AEROSMITH EXPERIENCE! A day i will never ever forget. It was awesome, even though i didnt get to meet Steven, Joe was awesome and that was the closest i had ever been to Steven in my life, Ill have more opportunites. And one of these days ill get to meet him, i know i will! The concert was my first Aerosmith concert and what can i say? It was THE BEST TIME IN MY LIFE! I was on the 20th rowi've only been a member since November of '98. But we snuck up to the 5th row. :) It was everything i expected and all of my favorite songs were played! I dont remember a set-list but i think it was the same one as Houston's. They opened with "Toys" and the last one they played was "Dude" And the encore was:Big 10 inch, What it Takes, Sweet Emotion and Heartbreaker. It was just AWESOME!

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