Concert Review for 4/27/99
Houston, TX - Woodlands Pavilion

Toys In The Attic
Same Old Song and Dance
Love In An Elevator
Falling In Love (Is So Hard on the Knees)
Rag Doll
Dream On
Janie's Got a Gun
Living On the Edge
Lord of the Thighs
Draw The Line
Walk This Way
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Big Ten Inch
What It Takes
Sweet Emotion

NOTE: There was also a blues song that Joe sang, but I didn't recognize it and the radio station did not include it on the after-concert concert...Steven just said, "This is how we sing the blues in Boston...".


We (my boyfriend, Don, and I) got there REALLY early (around 4 p.m.), picked up tickets (15th row, right) and proceeded to find an open gate that the caterers were using...walked right in, nobody even blinked...they just kept working. We should have gotten somewhere and stayed, but no......we wanted to look around! Unfortunately, we were about to step into the stage area when a BIG blonde guy (hereinafter, lovingly referred to as MR. MOOSE) stopped us and showed us the way out. The gates there don't open til 6:30, so we were pretty conspicuous. We walked around, talked to some folks...and found that the caterers gate had been locked. Went to the store, found a restroom...and went back. Lo and behold, more caterers had arrived...ok, so I grew some, alright? Hehehe...walked right back in...Compass Bank has a members only club right inside the gates, so we went straight over, we are not members...we just acted like we had a CLUE what we were doing. The gates still weren't was probably about 5:30 by then. After about 15 minutes, we decided to try our luck again. Walked to the other side of the stage...backstage door, NO ATTENDANT...yep, walked right in...LOL...sat down with the crew and started B.S.'ing...but I left my purse at the Compass Bank thing...and there was now an attendant at the backstage door. So one of the guys with a laminate said he'd get me back in if I wanted to go get my purse...and it actually worked! The attendant didn't even go ask him...she just let me go back in. We weren't having any luck getting any passes, either laminate or stick-on, but at that point, no one seemed to mind a lot. By this time, the gates had opened and you could hear the fans outside. I went to the restroom, which is back where they unload the trucks, and met a couple more of the road crew guys. Went back and sat for a while longer, then...screwed up. (Lesson to be learned here...don't push your luck! We were backstage, nobody was bothering us, and I had to try and go one step further! Give 'em an inch...yeah, you know the story...also the one that says if you give someone enough rope, they'll hang themselves! Haha. I'm still sporting rope burns...*S*) Went back to try to get actual passes from the road crew, since we were worried somebody WOULD eventually end up stopping us. I used the purse story again (it was actually sitting at one of the tables backstage but the excuse worked the first time). I had two different guys working on the passes and I was just standing there talking...when guess who comes strolling around the corner? MR. MOOSE. He asked me if I was lost again...yada, yada, yada. All this time, Don had been sitting at one of the tables, reading the paper, no less...if I had just been PATIENT, and not pushed my luck, the band went onstage from that side...LIVE AND LEARN. Went back to the Compass Bank deal, and they gave us passes to their private party (free food and beer, still no membership in sight...). ANYWAY, by this time it was just about show time, so we headed to our seats (still NOBODY had ripped our tickets, so they are still intact, but remember, we didn't use the front gate). Introduced myself to Amy, who was two rows up from us...recognized her from her pics, but didn't see anyone else I recognized.

The show was awesome...what can I say? Steven had on some faded jeans with a rip right below his left butt cheek...whew. Joe looked awesome, but I was disappointed that I didn't see more of his face! (His hair was in it.) And I love the new "beach-blonde" Joey!!! Someone gave Steven a black and white boa, which he stuck in the back of his jeans and wore for a long time...if I counted right, he threw out three harmonicas. We did lose one camera (I guess the flash button got pushed when it was in my pocket)...but at least it was the one with only about 3 pics on it. The one with the most pics made it out alive...*s*. They did mention going out to NASA next time they're here...did anyone else hear them mention October or did I dream it? The guy on the other side of me was about 20, with blue hair...he didn't show much interest in the new stuff, but knew EVERY WORD to the old stuff! Two young girls behind us were nearly reduced to tears during a couple of the songs. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Well, when they started the encore for What It Takes, we headed toward the back gate...and waited. We saw the police motorcycle coming, and then there were white Lincoln Continentals behind it...I was expecting stretch limos, and my mouth absolutely fell open when I looked at the first car, and Joe Perry was grinning right back at us out of the back, so close!!! I couldn't tell if Steven was in the first or second happened way too quick. Then I looked over and realized why the street was not crowded. They had locked the gates until the band left! There were tons of people standing at the gate, locked in. And then the boyz were gone...

What I Got:
Two UNUSED tickets (never did let anyone rip them), three little red passes saying "Join Compass Bank for AEROSMITH...April 27, 1999, etc..."--two glow necklaces and flashing Miller Lite pins (also compliments of the bank)...two bruised thighs from bumping, dancing against the seats in front of me, sore feet from dancing on my toes all night, concert pictures, and a lot of good memories!!!

What I Didn't Get:
Didn't get to meet Steven...but there's always next time!!!

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