Concert Review for 4/23/99
Lafayette, LA - Cajun Dome

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I just got back from the Lafayette show and it rocked!! (DUH) As some of you have mentioned before, the guys really looked bored when playing IDWTMAT but just EXPLODED with energy during Draw the Line and older tunes like that. I'll try to post the setlist tomorrow but I am really tired.

I had an interesting thing happen after the concert. We were going to hang around in the back by the buses just to see what we could see, but we decided that since they probably would not be staying in Lafayette, we should check out the airport ; ). We go to the airport and there is a cop standing outside the terminal doors. I asked him if Aerosmith was leaving from the airport. He very nicely told me "Well, not exactly this airport but very near here, if you know what I mean." So, we figured they would be leaving from a private airstrip or the plane was in one of the hangars in the back of the airport. We thank him and go on our merry little way and lo and behold as we are contemplating which way to turn, here comes a police car at a high rate of speed, lights flashing and three Cadillacs following very closely behind. We very discreetly turned behind them and followed at a safe distance. They went to a maintenance road behind the airport and stopped. We were turning onto the road when the Barney Frickin' Fife cop decides to be a badass and show off. He whips his car around in front of ours and blocks the road. He then jumps out of the car and starts screaming at us! LEAVE THIS AREA IMMEDIATELY! IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY IMMEDIATELY, I WILL CALL FOR BACKUP AND HAVE YOU ARRESTED! We start to backup and realize that we don't have enough room, so we pull the car up a little so we can backup and turn around. This guy went ballistic!! He starts screaming at us GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!! I honestly thought he was going to pull a gun on us! I understand that he was only doing what he was paid to do, but damn, he could have been just a little bit nicer about it. We didn't know for sure if it was them until he started freaking out! There were only two of us and we are both female. Like I said, I understand that he was hired to protect them and get them to the airport, but he went a little bit overboard. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I know he had no idea what our intentions were. All we wanted was an autograph!! Oh well, maybe next time.....

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