Concert Review for 4/17/99
Greenville, SC - Bi-Lo Center

Back In The Saddle
Same Old Song And Dance
Love In A Elevator
Falling In Love
Dream On
Janie's Got A Gun
Eat The Rich
Last Child
Draw The Line
Stop Messin' Round
Mother Popcorn/drum solo/ Walk This Way
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
One Way Street
Livin' On The Edge
Sweet Emotions/Heartbreaker


The Ultimate Aerosmith Experience - Part 2

How do you get 16,000 people to stand, dance, wave their arms, sing and have the absolute best time of their life? Experience AEROSMITH. And what an experience it was in Greenville, S.C. on Saturday night. With the show starting at 9:00 p.m. and finishing up at 11:00 p.m., it was two hours packed with solid, hard rockin' - kick ass music. What can I say, "One Way Street" and "Livin' On The Edge" for the encore!! WOW!

I am constantly amazed with the energy The Boys have. With ramps set up on the sides and behind the stage, they really put them to use! No one in the audience was left out. Each one of The Boys made a point to play to the whole audience (including those with seats behind the stage) and the effort they put into to that was well appreciated by the fans.

The Cool Threads
Mr. Tyler presented himself to us is in a pair of orange, white, and black psychedelic pants with a black shirt, black vest and a long orange coat topped off with a black hat tied with a purple scarf. (yes, the Chiquita sticker was there!) Interesting note: Steven was donning a new tattoo on his upper right arm! It was one that gave the appearance of a band around his bicep. Getting a closer look with the faithful binoculars, it looked as if it was one of the temporary nature. Anyone going to future shows, report back if it is still there! Maybe he did add another one! Joe Cool (and believe me, he looked cool!) came out in a black pin striped suit (vest too!) with the pinstripes being sequins. Adding some color with a red silk shirt (like the one he wore at the Oscars) and that great Leopard print coat. Oh, and of course! His Shades! Tom had on a black suit with white pinstripes and looked mighty fine! Brad was looking quite dapper in black pants, gray silk shirt and a purple jacket. Joey played it up with a multi-colored long sleeved shirt, royal blue vest and (you guessed it!) black spandex pants. For the encore, Steven had on a white button down shirt (unbuttoned and tied at the waist, of course!). Joe added a twist to his outfit by wearing the red shirt around his waist and allowing his vest to serve as his "shirt".

This is a good example of how things vary from venue to venue. Printed plainly on each ticket were the words we hate, "NO CAMERAS". But there were cameras galore throughout the arena and no one (that I saw) had their film/camera confiscated. There was one person from security (again, that I could see) in our area. Nothing was said until someone stood in their seat, stood in the aisle, etc. I did see a lot of flashes!

The Tunes
Question of the day: How do these songs keep getting better and better? No matter how many times you hear the familiar Aerotunes, The Boys find a way to present them in a more powerful way than before. Joe really rocked our world with his dynamic performances on LIAE, RD, ETR, and SMR where he did the cool Chuck Berry jig! Steven was a powerhouse on the harmonica during SMR. That was one kickin' piece of work! With Steven stating to Joey right before MP, " You've got to get funky!", I thought Joey was going to pound those drums through the floor! Tom and Brad were simply fabulous. Draw The Line....Need I say more?!

The Bra
Someone (obviously from the "Pony Show") decided they didn't need their bra anymore and sent it flying through the air to Steven on-stage. He proceeded to pick it up, look at it (holding it above his head for all to see) and said: "With the sacred sacrificial bra, I wipe my brow. (he takes the bra and wipes the sweat from his forehead with it) And now, I drop-kick it into the arms of another beautiful girl". How many bras do you think went sailing up there after that?!!

Walk This Way - Onto The Stage!
Talk about being lucky!! Melissa (Joe Perry Fan) found out just how lucky she is when she was pulled onto the stage by Steven! As the crowd stood in awe, (mostly us Aerochicks wishing it was US up there! And really happy that is wasn't someone from the "Pony Show") Steven took her picture and gave her a nice gift on the lips!! I am for sure she had sweet dreams last night! Melissa! We would love to hear the inside scoop!

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
I had the great pleasure of meeting (and hanging out with) Merry (prollie), Jennifer (tylerfan 97) and Lori (lorihayes). (And it was great to see Daphne and Kim again! You guys are true roadies!) The four of us hooked up after the show to see if we could get a glimpse of The Boys walking to their awaiting cars. It paid off! After standing in the cold (and it was cold to us Southerners!) for an hour, we were warmed by their presence. I got the nerve up (yes, more than I usually have!) to say something to each of them. This will prove how truly nice these guys are. Each one acknowledged and thanked me for my comments. They could have easily ignored us standing there but they chose not to. Merry and I "treated" them to our little version of "Get The Lead Out". That brought a smile to Steven's face and we received a wave for our efforts! (I noticed he looked down after that...searching for earplugs, maybe?!)

What a total Aerotreat it has been over the past 4 days. Two awesome shows, great seats from AF1 and the time of my life with all of my new Aerofriends. Each of you made this Aeroexperience the best ever. I feel as if I have been in a dream and all of the fun was too good to be true. Aerosmith is more than a band. They are the reason we have all become friends. They are the reason we will remain friends. They allow us to have "The Ultimate Aerosmith Experience".

Rockin' In Aeroland - Tanya

*please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I am mega tired and need to go to bed but I wanted you guys to have this before morning.

Steven pulled me onstage during Walk This Way!!!!!!!!!!

I was really shocked...thought he was just gonna shake my hand, and he wouldnt let go...started yelling at the security guards to "GET HER UP HERE...!!!!!" everyone helped me get up there....we did our little "walk this way shuffle".....*giggles just thinkin about it*....I got hugs and kisses......I smelled like Steven all night long....mmmmmmm....still smelled like him when I got up this mornin...*sigh*...what a way to wake up huh???? It was amazing....he took my cigarette case outta my hand...I think he thought it was a camera case...but when he opened it, he saw what it was and gave me this look/smirk....*sigh again* just had to be there....and put it behind his back like he wasnt gonna give it back....then for some unknown freaked out reason....LOL....I felt the need to show him my Aerosmith Zippo....LMAO...I was losin it....and he lit my lighter, then put it back in the case....pretended to take a picture of me with it...(that's why I think he thought it was a camera at first) and gave it back.....needless to say...the lighter will never be used again....there's still 2 cigarettes in there, that will stay there...LOL....THAT was the most amazing thing that has ever happened.......I was so totally shocked....I know I was only up there for a minute, but I swear it seemed like HOURS...everything was in slow motion....couldnt see past the 2nd row when I looked down at the crowd....saw my sister freaking out with a bunch of other people...hehehe....dont remember a damn word that I said to him up there other than telling him when I hugged him, how much I love them all.......then I was back down on the floor in a group hug with my sister and about 10 other was great!!!!! We hugged and I cried all the way through I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing.....(kinda ironic that I did "miss" that song huh?) I never heard a word of it....LOL.....anyway...I got a copy of the setlist off the stage.

The only thing that disappointed me was that they left off What It Takes...which is always the highlight of the encore for me....and I was suprised to see it not listed on the stage setlist....guess they got tired of doin it....

Oh...almost forgot...Vera got ahold of Joe's leg during the end of Draw the Line...he actually came out there where we could all grab him...which is very unusual for Joe....cuz I really dont think he likes to be touched much...LOL....I was so excited about touching Joe's knee.....Little did I know.....2 song's later, I'd be up there onstage with AEROSMITH!!!!!!!! : )

I have been sitting here trying to write this out. and no matter what, every time I finish, I read it and I know that it will be misinterpreted so I will say only this; joe perry was amazing in greenville. like I have never him before. ferocious. intense. possessed. he was all over the stage. all over the fretboard. in my humble opinion joe was the light source on stage last saturday. if you are a joe fan and you missed this show (steph, jj?) then you are VERY bummed. if you are an aerosmith fan and have only seen the more laid back joe then this would have been like sight coming to a blind person. if you had never seen aerosmith before and greenville was your first impression than I think it is safe to say that you might come away thinking that joe perry was THE man (at least that night) in greenville. it was nice to see amy & bill and melissa & angela. greenville is a beautiful little town even if the freeway signs there were a bit more poetic than helpful. I am going back to sleep now. twenty one hour roundtrip drives take a lot out of a person at my age.

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