Concert Review for 4/15/99
Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum

Back In The Saddle Again
Same Old Song And Dance
Love In A Elevator
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
Dream On
Janie's Got A Gun
Eat The Rich
Last Child
Draw The Line
Stop Messin 'Round
Mother Popcorn/drum solo/Walk This Way
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Mama Kin
What It Takes
Sweet Emotions/Heartbreaker


What a GREAT show! Let me start off by saying that any questions of Steven being injured from the Memphis show, were quickly answered. There were absolutely NO signs of him being in any type of pain. The man danced and pranced all during the show! The energy level from The Boys were incredible. They came out at 8:45 pm and wrapped up around 10:10 pm. Not very long but then again, is it ever long enough? They OWNED that stage!

The Boys Attire
Steven came out in a gorgeous long blue coat with striped pants, a black vest along with a black hat and purple ribbon on it. Joe looked sooo hot with his black leather pants, red silk shirt and Leopard print coat. Brad wore a tan and brown silk shirt with tan cord type pants. Tom had on a black silk shirt and a pair of jeans with really cool designs on them. Joey wore the usual black spandex pants with a Tiger print shirt. They all looked sooo good! For the encore, Steven changed into a white long sleeve button down shirt, unbuttoned. Joe donned a much more casual attire with black satin jogging pants and a gold shirt. The Chiquita sticker was firmly in place on Steven's left hand. The body glitter he wore made him shine that much more!

Security was pretty tight on the floor. I had fifth row aisle seats-center. Film was taken from the "Thong Chick"'s camera (a story within itself) who was standing in front of me. She was stupid enough to use the flash on her camera. (that mentality fit her attire) There were three of the venue security guys standing within 3 to 4 feet of me during the whole show. Needless to say, no picture taking was done by me. Amanda (ARRO9899ST) was lucky enough to get three rolls worth of pics! Kim (dlamb2), Allyson (aberneth) and Daphne (DuckyG1970) were also able to get in on the picture taking. I can't wait to see them! I had taken a bouquet of flowers to give to Steven but there was no way in hell I could get anywhere near the stage. I asked Big Mike before the show if I would be allowed to give them to Steven and he told me if I could get to the side of the stage I could. Since security would not let you move around, it didn't work out. They (security) were nice enough to "pass" them up to the stage for me.

Working The Stage
I was thrilled to see Steven run around all over the stage. He really worked it well. Joe was in great form as he worked his way from each side of the stage. Tom and Brad were very mobile as well. You could see that they were really having a good time and that filtered down through the crowd.
Steven was in a very playful mood. Throughout the show, he "buddied up" to Brad, Tom and Joe. It was nice to see his arm around each of them and the smiles that shone from their faces. You could feel the comraderity (sp) between them.

Almost- But Not Quite
After Cryin', Steven threw his harmonica out into the crowd. By chance; right in my direction! My husband (who is 6'4") grabbed it only to have it knocked out of his hand! (How could this be?!) No one could see where it went and there was quiet a scramble that followed. Someone was lucky enough to walk away with it! (But it wasn't me :o( )
Thanks again to each of you for making this concert a very special treasured gift. :o)

My Aerosmith Experience A Dream Almost Come True Had 6th row seats thru AF1

Well, before the concert I gave Big Mike the poem I wrote for Steven, (some of you may have read it when I put it up on the list under my other SN on aol) and David double checked with Mike and he said he'd hand it to Steven personally :o) Concert starts, and I take tons of pictures 72 of them (went kinda camera happy since I've never been to a concert that close let alone an Aero concert, finished first roll of film 30 seconds into the second song)......and I recorded the concert too :o) put it this way, the recording came out better than the pictures!! Only one picture came out, out of 3 rolls of film :o( but at least the picture was of Steven!!! :o) :o) :o) Well, the concert was awesome, and I have my really huge hat on....and some cop guy threatens to kick me out if I didn't take off the hat, so I took it off, oh well :o( (My goodness if the people behind me couldn't see, I don't bite!! They coulda tapped me on the shoulder and asked me themselves) I drew the Aerosmith wings logo on poster board along with a song title that I wanted to hear on it,(Kings and Queens) and when Tom Hamilton was on my side of the stage somebody held up a sign for One Way Street and he mouthed "ok, maybe" so I in return held up my sign, and he crinkled his nose like "yuck, I don't like to play that song" then the concert goes on.....I'm basically in shock for the most part cause I could see like every muscle in Steven's body move (sorry for sounding corny but you guys just gotta understand that I've never experienced this before) and OH WOW!!! HE IS SOOOOOO SEXY UP CLOSE WHEW!! Thought I was in Heaven!! So at the end of the concert when Steven is announcing the band members, (he was starting to announce Joe Perry) and I held up another sign that I made really quick on the other side of my original sign.....this read "I drove 13 hours EACH WAY......aftershow please???" (yes the 13 hours each way was true, I'm from NJ) and at this point Steven is on the other side of the stage, and he puts his hand to his forhead shading (now this is what I was seeing, but I was watching very intently) his eyes to try to see the sign...but he couldn't so he came to my side of the stage and stood almost dead in front of it sorta still for like 4 seconds, and I could tell he was reading it cause I saw his eyes scanning the sign (I was excited during the show when I could actually see his eyes move, hehe.....ok, ok, this all is new to me) well, I put the sign down.....(and hear comes the exciting part :o) :o).....) not even 10 seconds later, Steven looks at me and he points at me......and then he does that little come here motion with his hand!!! (DAVID, PLEASE TELL ME YOU SAW THIS SO I KNOW I WASN'T HALLUCINATING??) AAAAHHHHHH!!! Hello!!!! But I couldn't get there, cause the chairs were stuck to the ground, and I couldn't get thru the people :o( besides I think I was in too much shock to realize what happened until they left the stage.....I just wonder what would have happened :o) :o) and then, and then!!! More exciting stuff!!! I got the setlist that was taped to the stage (I know, I know, big deal, right? But my Aero collection needs as much help as it can get) (but that's not the exciting part yet) and David, was determined to get me backstage (since I came such a long way) and we were walking to the back of the arena, where the people with aftershow passes were grouped together, and there was this college age looking guy that had a laminated pass, and David overheard him talking to his friends (cause he had one of the stick on ones too) saying that he didn't know who to give it too....and bada bing bada boom......before I knew it David was talking to this dude,....."she came 13 hours to be's not me that wants one, it's her...." then the college dude says to his buddies "well, do you think she deserves it?" "yeah" and BINGO!! BACKSTAGE PASS!! (well, aftershow pass...but to me it was better than none at all) I don't think I realized what was happening, as I was sticking it on me.....OMG!! Then I passed the security dude at the end of the arena near the backstage area and he looked for the pass and then said ok.....and I still didn't know what was happening...I remember thinking as I was walking up some stairs.....OMG this is backstage....and I really wasn't thinking, cause I had my camera with me purposely with 6 pictures left on it, and I didn't bring it back there.....I handed it to David....I was complaining I had nothing to sign....and my gosh, I had just bought the Nine Lives jersey before the show....but did I bring that with me? NO.....anyway.....when I got backstage, there were 3 circle tables with nice tableclothes on them....and people sitting around was kind of quiet .....I know I felt like throwing up!! Well....I knew this had to be too good to be true, cause stuff like this just doesn't happen to me!! I was right.....there were like 40 (I don't remember #'s but it seemed like about that many, maybe a little less) people in the room, and Big Mike took some of them back and I don't know if they got to meet them or not, at any rate the people that left the room, didn't come a little dissappointed, I left the backstage area and found an exit to leave the building and find David..... and as I was leaving, I saw some people standing on this sorta sidewalk, near the backstage exit....they saw my backstage pass and asked about 10 different ways if I met the band.....(I think they were drunk, or just really stupid cause since when has NO, meant YES???) So I asked if the band left yet, and nobody knew, but then I found out they didn't.....(darn them!! They had time for the M&G!! just kidding, I understand, shit happens and what will be will be) I walk up the driveway thingy by myself (by this time I found David and asked if we could wait and he said yes, cause I think I yapped his ear off about how much it would mean to me to meet them (since I never did) and knew I was dissappointed, (I came so close to making a dream come true!!) so as I walked up the driveway, I noticed Brad Whitford getting into his car (yes they were in cars, not limos, yey, goodie, no non-see thruable windows!!) and then I saw Tom Hamilton get into another, and I think I saw Joe Perry and his family back there (wish I had 20/20 vision).....(they did have drivers)....then I saw Big Mike get into the first car.....(now remember, I separated myself from the small crowd at the corner.....I was closer to the cars, and then I ran back to David who was still holding my stuff....(I didn't realize I made him hold a purse!! not to mention my posters and shirts, SORRY!!) and got my camera really quick....well, after I got back to my spot alone, the cars started moving.....I waved timidly (probably looked like an idiot, cause I sure felt sorta dumb) to Brad and I'm not sure if Joey was in the first car too, or not.....(I was too busy waiting for the car with Steven, hehe) who were in the 1st car, and he smiled and waved back....(now remember, I still have my huge hat on).....then Joe Perry and his family were in the next car, and he had his window down cause he was smoking, and I waved, but he nodded his head and waved withhis pinky and ring finger.....and there was a sorta smile on his face (which isn't a big deal, but it's really rare from what I understand) but I think he wanted to laugh at my hat or something....hehe....then came the last car with Tom in the front seat who before he even got to me was waving like a little kidwith a big goofy grin on his face and Steven was in the backseat, holding something black with yellow letters up in part of the window, and he had on his mischevious devilish looking grin on his face as he waved.....and it wouldn't be a big thing, but I was so close to the car, and I was by myself, so unless they were waving to the empty parked cars behind me, they were waving and smiling at me :o) :o) ;o) ;o) :o) was different, cause when they passed the group, well they were waving or whatever, but that was at the group, not to any one of the people in the group individually.....and David said that when the car went by them, Joe Perry wasn't really even looking anymore (but my God if you see some girl in a big huge hat, who wouldn't look? Not something ya see everyday, right?) I felt special for about 30 seconds....and Steven's smile sure did make my heart skip 10,000 beats,and I was in shock for the rest of the night cause I kept repeating "oh my God, they smiled at me....they waved at me.....not to anyone else, ME!!" I was on cloud nine....still am everytime I think about it :o) Oh, and as they were driving by, I had excellent photo opps, but I couldn't funtion enough to hit the button......And that's my story, although a little late, so hope you all enjoyed it!

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