Name: John James Ryan  from North Royalton, Ohio
Date:Sept 9th, 1998
 Also looking for the surname Ryan. James Ryan married Ann O'Brien sometime in the early 1800's. I know of three children Honora,  born in Limerick circ 1835, John, born in Tipperary around 1837 and Mary  born around 1845. All but James left ireland, probably in the late 1840's  and moved to the U.S. By 1867 they were all living in Cleveland, Ohio.
 Any connections. Thanks, John

Name: Darrell Ryan  from Nashville, TN
Date: Sept 9th, 1998
Desperately looking for more information on Joseph Ryan, of Virginia, who had a son named John Ryan born 8 feb 1804. My family tree stops with Joseph at this time. John's wife's last name was illedgible on the record found. Her name was Elizabeth Bell ???. The had children named Calvin, James, Madison (Matt), Lucinda, John W., Baily Payton, Sarah, Clemmon and William Elmo. They are listed in the 1840, 1850 and 1870 Rutherford County Tennessee Census. That's all I have. It lists Elizabeth from Virginia. Wished I had more. The only thing I have on Joseph is that he is from VA and may have been born around 1775?????? I would appreciate any help.

Name:  Billy Smithey, Jr
Date: Sep 25, 1998
I'm trying to put together a Family Album for my parents and a Aunt and uncles 50th wedding Anniversary this November.  Any help with this family will be greatly appreciated!
Joseph Henry Ryan, some documents identified him as J. Henry Ryan, was born
20 Jan 1846 in the town of Havana, Hale Co., AL.
He died July 26, 1920 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Buried in Little Sandy Cemetery,
Tuscaloosa CO., AL.  He served in Tarrents Battery during the Civil War.
He married Elenora Hinton, born Feb, 13,1851 and died Nov 8, 1903 in
Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  She is also buried in Little Sandy Cemetery.

They had the following children:

Albert Johnson Ryan
George King Ryan
Mary Ola Ryan     died age 14 years
Alma Claudine Ryan    died age 2 months
Ethel Ryan     single
Joseph Edward Ryan
Benjamin Arnott Ryan
James Amaziah Ryan
Lila Belle Ryan
John William Ryan   (Will)
Samuel Henry Ryan
Leonora Ryan   My Great Grandmother.  She was born Oct 14,
                     1888 and died Aug 13, 1978 in Tuscaloosa, AL.
Leon Marshall Ryan
At the time I don't have anymore birth dates or dates of death.

Name:  Timothy Ryan from Pennsylvania
Date: Sep26, 1998
      I have found my G-Grandfather William J. Ryan. Born near
 Stroudsberg, Pa in the county of Monroe. He was born 24 Aug 1873, Moved to Hazleton,
 then to Montrose, Pa. with His family, Brothers James and John J. Ryan and their sister.
 William married Catherine (McMahon) O'Brien on 30 June 1909 at St. Mary's Church in
 Montrose. He died at Coaldale State Hospital on 15 Sept 1939 with the burial at the St.
 Francis Xavier Parrish in Friendsville Pa. My Family Tree stops there. Any help to get me
 further into my search will of great help. I thank you in advance. Tim

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