From 'More Ryan Roots' complied and published by Mildred Stout:

         Part I, pg 1    Origin of the Ryan Family and 18th century KY

"William Ryan from Amherst County VA applied for a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War.  Two others, born near the same time in Amherst County, also applied.  They are three of the children of John and Unity (Tony) Ryan in a family chart furnished by descendants of another branch of the same family, reproduced in Appendix A of this book.  John Ryan, father of these soldiers, apparently made a will in Amherst County in 1785, but the oly record there now is kof one of his executors, not named Ryan. The notation on the chart that William married Mary Chancellor Dec, 2 1773, came from the often quoted marriage records kept by Rev. William Douglas of Goochland County VA.  William, who would have been only eighteen years old, lived in Amherst County.  If he is the one who married Mary Chancellor, she must have died, because the gravestone of William Jr., reads 'born Dec 23, 1781, died Dec 12, 1855, son of William and D. Ryan.'  This initial is the only thing known about the wife of William Sr."
17. William 'Will' RYAN was born on 14 Apr 1755 in Amherst Co., VA (was Albemarle Co. 1744-1761). He was the son of John RYAN & Unity D. Toney. He died in Feb 1836 in Morgan Co., AL., and is buried there.

He was married to UNKNOWN about 1770 in VA.
She died after 6 Jan 1791 in Va?.
William (Will) RYAN and UNKNOWN had the following children:

child47 i. Sarah RYAN was born in 1770 in Louisa Co., VA.
child+48 ii. John RYAN.
child+49 iii. Philip RYAN.
child+50 iv. Joseph R. RYAN.
child+51 v. Thomas RYAN.

William was also married to D. (from tombstone of son William Evan Ryan)
William (Will) RYAN and D. had the following children:

child+52 i. William Evan RYAN.

William was also married to Mary CHANCELLOR on 2 Dec 1773 in St James Northam Parish, Goochland, VA.

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