7. John Ryan, Sr was born between 1723 and 1733 in Lynchburg City? Son of
 Philip RYAN  and Sarah. He died about 1785 in Amherst Co., VA (was Albemarle Co. 1744-1761).
Will: 1785 Amherst County, Va  ('More Ryan Roots' pg 1)

He was married to Unity D. TONEY (daughter of Charles TONEY and Elizabeth HARRIS) about 1751 in Amherst Co., VA (was Albemarle Co. 1744-1761).
She was born 30 Oct 1731 in Goochland Co., VA (created from Henrico County in 1728). She died after 1767.


Revolutionary War Records -- Virginia,

 p.178    464.Ryan, Andrew - Sergeant He deserted, rejoined the regiment and served his
             time, and is entitled to land for 3 years.
 p.178    467.Ryan, Lazarus - Sergeant  Entitled to land for the war.
 p.210    Ryan, Lazarus, Gunner, Art.
 p.264    Ryan, John, Soldier, Inf.
 p.265    Ryan, Edward, Soldier, Inf.
 p.265    Ryan, Cornelius, Soldier, Inf.
 p.491    2974 Ryan, George     Soldier 3 years
 p.494    6071 Ryan, George     1st Sgt,  War

"Va Taxpayers 1782-1787", compiled by Augusta B. Fothergill
other than those published by the US census bureau

Ryan, James, Henry County
Ryan, John, Henry County
Ryan, John Jr, Henry County
Ryan, William, (3 slaves) Henry County

Henry County Va is on the border with NC

John , Sr RYAN and Unity D. TONEY had the following children:

child14 i. Nancy RYAN was born about 1752.
child15 ii. Elizabeth RYAN was born about 1753. Died 23 Jul 1818.
child+16 iii.John RYAN, Jr was born about 1754. He was married to RACHEL in 1784.
child+17 iv. William (Will) RYAN.
child+18 v. Philip RYAN.
child19 vi.  Milstead RYAN - Born in 1759.
child+20 vii. Joseph RYAN was born about 1761. He was married to Martha (Patsy)
                  ROSE (daughter of Patrick ROSE and Margaret NICHOLAS) on 7 May 1799.
               Martha was born on 1 Mar 1778 in Amherst Co., VA, & died on 21 May 1855.
child+21 viii. Harris RYAN.
child22 ix.  Patty RYAN - Born in 1765.
child+23 x. Charles RYAN.
child24 xi. Philadelphia RYAN - Born in 1767.

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