12. Ann RYAN was born in 1746 in VA. She died about 1815.

 She was married to Edward RICE before 1780.

She was married to Stephen SEAY (son of Abraham II SEAY and Naomi Loveigne \ LOVING) in 1768 in Goochland Co., VA / Ablemarle Co., VA?.
Stephen SEAY was born in 1743. He died in 1812 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

Ann RYAN and Stephen SEAY had the following children:

child+38 i. William SEAY.
child+39 ii. Mary Celia SEAY was born about 1770. She died after 13 Feb 1790.
             She was married to John BASHAW on 13 Feb 1790 in Fluvanna Co., VA. John
                BASHAW died after 13 Feb 1790. 
child+40 iii. Sarah Seay. b. 1768-1788. Married  Micajah Mandley
                            August 5, 1790 in Fluvanna Co., Va.
child+41 iv. John Brimmer SEAY.
child+42 v. Jacob SEAY was born between 1768 and 1788. He was married to
                       Rebecca JENKINS on 24 Nov 1791 in Fluvanna Co., Va
child+43 vi. Matthew SEAY was born between 1768 and 1788. He died after 15 Dec
                 1802. He was married to Rebecca PERRY on 15 Dec 1802 in Fluvanna Co., VA.
                 Rebecca PERRYdied after 15 Dec 1802.
child+44 vii. Austin SEAY was born between 1768 and 1788.
                         He was married to Sarah A. SPENSER in 1834 in Fluvanna Co., VA.
child+45 viii. Abraham B. SEAY.

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