RYAN Pensioners of the War of 1812

        From "Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Vol. II, L-Z", page 1534.

  The War of 1812 series of Pension Applications are for claims based on service between 1812 and 1815. The claims are for the most part based on the acts of 1871 and 1878. The act of 1871 provided pensions for veterans who had been cited by Congress for specific service if they had remained faithful to the United States during the Civil War. The act also provided pensions for widows if they were married before the Treaty of Peace in 1815. The act of 1878 provided pensions on more liberal terms, the veteran who had served as few as fourteen days in any engagement, and to widows of such veterans.
 Reproductions of specific pension records may be obtained from the National Archives for a fee. Copies of the pension records may obtained by mail using NATF form 80, which may be ordered from the:
References Services Branch (NNIR),
General Services Administration, Washington, D. C. 20408.

RYAN, Abner, Amy, Widows Certificate -34923, served Capt Samuel Richardson's Company,Tennessee Militia

Ryan, Andrew, Permelia, Widows Certificate -14522, SO-24245, served Capt Samuel Blair's Company Pennsylvania Militia as a Private

Ryan, Berry, Millinder, Widows Certificate -34525, served Capt Thompson's Company, Virginia  Militia as a Private

Ryan, Dabney (substitute), Nancy, Widows Original -33295, served Capt Timberlake's Company, Virginia Militia, alleged

Ryan, David, no pension, served Capt Bilbo's Company Kentucky Militia as a Private, Bounty Land Warrent #5 15708-40-50 & 8068-120-55

Ryan, Edward, Harriet, Widows Certificate -24339, Survivor's Certificate -23866, served Capt Thos Atkinson's Company, Pennsylvania Militia

Ryan, George, Survivor's Certificate -13996, served Capt James Richardson's Company, Virginia Militia as a Private

Ryan, James or James Ryon, Old War Invalid's File -#26379, served Capt Sebree's Comapny, Kentucky Militia as a Private

Ryan, James, Survivor's Certificate -7771, served Capt Joseph Hawkins' Company, Ohio Militia

Ryan, James, Elizabeth, Widow's Certificate -29819, served Capt George Cramer's Company, Virginia Militia

Ryan, James J., Old War Invalid's File -#27429, served as a Capt in the 1st Regt., United States Volunteer Artillery

Ryan, Jesse, Delilah, Widow's Certificate -2519, served Capt Walter Hambaugh's Company, Virginia Militia as a Private

Ryan, John, Caroline, Widow's Certificate -7832, served Capt Townsend's Company, MA Militia

Ryan, John, alias John Rian, Widow's Original -39278, served Capt Hunter's Company, VA Militia

Ryan, Joseph, alias Joseph Harper, Widows Original -5719, srv Capt Eli Stockdale's Company MD Militia

Ryan, Martin, Mary E.B., Widow's Certificate -22281, SC-7305, served Capt Asa Hinkle's Company, Ohio Militia as a Private

Ryan, Michael, Betsey, Widow's Certificate -10042, served Capt Philo Farnam's Company, New York Militia as a Private

Ryan, Richard, Survivor's Certificate -1921, served Capt William H. Maxwell's Company New York Militia

Ryan, Robert, Elinor (Hanna or Hannas), Widow's Certificate -957, m 25 Dec 1813 Cortland County NewYork, soldier died 29 Dec 1848 Cayuga Cty NY, widow died about 1889, served Capt William Watson's Company New York Militia as a Private, wid lived in Cayuga Cty NY 1850-71

Ryan, Thomas, Cynthia, Widows Certificate -24773, served Capt Bigger's & Capt Kelly's Company's Indiana Militia as a Private

Ryan, William, Betsy, Navy Old Act Widow's File-#1050, served as a Seaman on the US Brig "Enterprise"

Ryan, William, Survivor's Certificate-16778, served Capt Coleman A. Martin's Company, Louisiana Militia

Ryan, William, Marcy Burgess former wid, Old War Widow's File-#10482, served as a Private in the United States Infantry

Ryan, William, Survivor's Original -26389, served Capt Samuel Blair's Company, PA Militia as a Corporal

Ryan, William, Old War Invalid's File-#17613 Rejected, served Capt Ketchum's Company, 25th Regiment as a Private

Ryan, William or William R. Damron, Sallie, Widow's Certificate -11797, served Capt M. Cary's & Capt L. Loving's Company's, Virginia Militia as a Private. Information on this family can be found at:
       'A Ryan Family of Colonial Va' by William Ryan's descendant,
       Mark R. Rain
       128 Notch Rd
       Oak Ridge, NJ 07438  metsfan@bellatlantic.net

RYANT, George or George Ryhn, Widow's Certificate -33402, served Capt John Dickson's Company's Virginia Militia

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