--- VIRGO ---
August 23 through September 23

Password = " I ANALYZE "
Message = "Look - God's truth is everywhere."

Key Word = Service
Element = Earth
Quality = Mutable Sign

Ruling Planet = Mercury
The command of Mercury = " Discriminate and Analyze "

The Magic of the Virgin

The Greeks, who understood so much, and the Romans, who used it all so well, had a great regard for the Month of Virgo. Both understood the Celestial Virgin to represent the Goddess Demeter and Persephone, the mother and daughter combination that are the female deities of the ancient wisdom. It was at Eleusis, just outside Athens that the Greeks celebrated the Mysteries of the Goddess who disappeared into the Underworld every winter and returned to bear forth in Spring. Her symbol was a stalk of wheat, representing the fecundity of the Mother Goddess. Virgo occurs in harvest time and the ancients honored the Goddess above all others for they recognized the importance of the Earth's bounty for its essential value in preserving life. Many people today tend to attribute this to the supermarket instead of the blessed Mother Earth.

As we study Wisdom we are encouraged to till the Mother Earth that we might have our own knowing of the fruit that She brings forth for us. Her injunction comes down to us across the ages -- "Thou shalt groom the breast of the Goddess as a garden of Wisdom for all Humankind". If acted upon, this gives us an opportunity to see and know through our own experience the fecundity of the Virgin, Hertha, Mother of Pan, and wife of the Sun. As we till the Earth, we find this Wisdom for ourselves and in the Month of the Virgin the harvest thereof ripens and fills our hands with Her bounty.

The Divine Password teaches us to " Analyze " our life and thought patterns. "I ANALYZE". What a stirring discovery. How to take things apart and size up their working parts. The nature, portion, function and relationship of all of the parts yield their secrets to analysis. It must be this urge which manifests itself in the child who suddenly finds a desire to take apart his father's watch; and the results of that endeavor are only too well known. When we begin to make a spiritual analysis, we take apart our perceptions of the world and analyze the parts. Thus, at least to some degree, we come to know what makes it "tick". Virgo people have this natural analytical ability and while sometimes it gets them called "picky-picky", they know that no way else will they understand the thing.

The Key Word for Virgo is "SERVICE" and serve they do. If you don't mind having someone around who takes everything apart and examines the parts in the Virgonian is a wonderful type for they also understand very well how to serve -- how to perform work for others. We can do well to watch a Virgonian, if we know one, for a while, and let their behavior show us how to serve one another.

The sign is ruled by none less than Mercury himself, and Virgo is tied to Hermes, child of the Gods, and Teacher of the ancient Wisdom. Hermes, giver of the Arts of Wisdom, teacher of humankind, Master of the Mind, Father of Medicine, The Great Communicator. All these attributes rule the people born within the influence of Virgo. Mercury tells us all to "LOOK! God's truth is everywhere." Wisdom crieth aloud in the streets. All of nature around us, everything we find is shot through with the Wisdom of creation and it is only for us to look, and listen, and thus from all that is will we know and that is Wisdom. As we observe the Wisdom which surrounds us we can also, if we will, hear His command at this time, which is: "Discriminate and analyze" -- virtues of the Virgo once again, for this tells us that if we take apart and analyze what we see and hear and feel, the anatomy of Wisdom will reveal itself to us, and thus knowing -- Wisdom will be ours.

Decan One -- Code Word -- DISCRIMINATION

Slinking out of the Lion's Lair into the first decan of the month of the naked lady, the first of the Virgo Codes pops in straight from Hermes' Command. It is "Discriminate". This word, like many, has undergone some change in connotation in common usage. Unfortunately the change has been on the negative side and leaves us with an impression that "discrimination" is an undesirable thing. In fact, it means only the ability to perceive differences. Sliding down to us from the Latin "discrimino", it really means the ability to analyze, the capacity to perceive the parts of a thing and thus break it down into its just parts. Clearly, this is wise. Unfortunately, a "discriminating person" has come to imply a fussy or "picky" one (Virgo again). On the other hand the word discrimination has been applied to the injustices of racial slurs. But in its pure sense, the word only means the ability to differentiate things from one another, an analytical process without which we would be hard put to be wise. The relationship between the ability to discriminate and the capacity to live wisely is borne forth most clearly in the Message of Virgo: Determine thy path with care, that you may follow the steep, narrow, and unused trail to perfection, but not the broad pleasant ways of the mortal world. Discriminate and analyze, for only thus can you determine the path of Wisdom.

Decan Two -- Code Word -- DEVOTION

That seems most appropriate to the image of our statuesque and virginal figure this month. The devotion which Virgonians show, once they have set upon their cause is unwavering. Once the analysis is done, all factors discriminated, and a course set, the Virgo people go an unswerving way -- devoted. Simply, devotion means loyalty or faithfulness and this they possess in abundance. Time is a factor in making all things and an unswerving loyalty, a steady faithfulness to anything gives time the chance to make it be. This works the other way as well, for loyalty and faithfulness may refer not only to what they vow to do, but to what they determine to stay away from as well. In short, it is as useless to try to push a Virgo onto a rejected path as it is to try to deter them from a chosen one. This may make them seem a bit stubborn at times but someone who knows where he is going and sticks to it is wise, don't you think?

Decan Three -- Code Word -- HEALTH

Take the clue from Virgo once again. They are healthy both ways for HEALTH concerns both the mind and the body. Everyone talks about health but very few define it. Health is freedom from dis-ease. To have ease of mind and body is health. (Sounds a little like "relaxation", doesn't it?) When our minds find no ease or our bodies are tense we can be called "dis-eased". If we are healthy, we are free from disease and free from mental worry. Take it from the Virgos -- everyone wants health but few know how to get it; or having it, know how to keep it. Wise men know! It is relaxation, the mental side of reality -- the above that determines this below, diet, exercise and love. Let us concern ourselves first with these matters and find health, for all of wisdom rises from this condition. A Virgo tells us, find health first -- relax, provide for your body wisely, use and train it, feed your mind with the nutrition of love, and devoted to the path of wisdom, found by analysis, you shall grow upon the Path to Perfection.

It is a good an quiet time this harvest month when summer's bright warm days smile upon us and the bounty of the Earth tumbles in around us. We can feel warm and healthy now. We can be loyal and faithful without much strain and take time for the discriminations. That will show us the loving Way. Enjoy it in good health and even though the Virgonian's picky-picking drives you a little wild sometimes remember the quiet lessons of love these Virgo people give us through the Service they render so well.

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