--- TAURUS ---
April 20 through May 20

Password = " I HAVE "
Message = "Blessed are those who give, for they shall receive sevenfold."

Key Word = Harmony
Element = Earth
Quality = Fixed Sign

Ruling Planet = Venus
The command of Venus = " First -- Love One Another "

The Magic of the Sacred Cow

Behold the Cow, brown or black or white, grazing in the field, coat glistening in the sun, docile, content, loving and giving. An attractive and beautiful animal, the cow--reliable and predictable, she is one of the most beloved animals. Her friend is the bull, the same--but strong and powerful, dangerous only if unloved. For it is true with bulls, if you love them and are affectionate you can put a ring in their nose and lead them anywhere.

The divine Password for Taurus is "I HAVE". The new infant, once he begins to function more than reflexively and his awareness first begins to grow, makes a discovery related to Aries, finding his fingers and being amazed to discover "I AM". Sometime later this hanging on to it with a steely little grip decides that everything is his and his alone, as "I HAVE" asserts itself. As soon as we find that we are, we next discover that we have things. Some people stop right there, content to be and to have, but wise people go on to other realizations.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. It is her sign, the celestial Lady of Love, soft and feminine. She is the epitome of beauty who characterizes herself in her message, "First- love one another." Some who hear the calling of the Goddess are inclined to think that love is the solution to everything. There may be more needed for a good relationship than love alone, but Venus reminds us that without love there are no solutions. "First--love one another."

Under the rule of Venus, Taurus give us an appropriate Key Word: HARMONY. How often do we hear the two together; love and harmony. Harmony is the love catalyst, the thing that makes it happen and the thing that makes it work. The first lessons of the Gods Pan were the Arts of Harmony. Harmony is a thing that happens within, undefineable but identifiable by feeling. We only know of harmony when it happens, for then we feel it. In music we know it when we hear it. When playing in a musical group we know and feel it as we contribute to it, or when dancing -- our movements together bring it to us.

Hence Pan has given us these two means of finding it together. No matter how diverse and different we may be personally, all people find harmony by the first two points of the Star of Wisdom -- Music and Dance. When we gather in festivals, we "make a joyful noise unto the Lord", and mingling our rhythms together we find joy rising in ourselves as harmony wells up within us. The festival of Beltane is at the peak of Taurus, when all the wise people will dance and sing together. Thus do we learn harmony which is the rhythm and sound of love, and without which, among ourselves, there is no magic.

The Message of Taurus: "Blessed be those who give, for they shall receive seven fold." We hear "love and harmony" together but equally common we hear "loving and giving". In love we wish to please, and who is not pleased when they are given unto? Perhaps we can paraphrase the old Wiccan Rede and say, "An it please someone, give what ye will", for the law of consequence cannot fail and here too it must, by law, return seven fold to us. Blessed be those who give! Giving is the true symptom by which we may always diagnose love in our selves and others. As we give so do we show our love. Where there is giving there also is love.

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the influences we all feel during that ten day portion of the astrological month.

Decan One : Code Word - " ATTRACTION "

In the first decan of Taurus the fiery nature of Aries is calmed by the green coolness of this Earth sign. Then emerges the Code Word of the First Decan : "Attraction". How important it is for us magically to be attractive. In order to achieve our goals we must gather others around us to share these goals and work with us toward their achievement. In order to do this it is necessary to attract them and to do so we must be attractive. Observe the Taurus native -- sleek, clean, appealing. We first know people with our eyes and then later with our hearts. If our eyes are offended, our hearts rarely seek to know. The Taurus is an attractive person, like as not, and in this lies the virtue of this decan of the sign.

Decan Two: Code Word - " BEAUTY "

It is apparent that this trait must go with Attraction. Beauty is the handmaiden of attraction. It is beauty, most of all that attracts us. Taurus is the sign of Venus who is, herself, the epitome of beauty and attraction. Taurus is a feminine sign and Taureans are beautiful, loving and attractive, pleasing of line, of color of form and behavior. We must see that these attributes are the first steps of love. If our magic is that of the power of love, and it must never be other, then beauty is a first step toward love and magic.

In our society beauty is a much abused idea. Far too often commercial and artificial standards have been imposed upon it. But beauty, like truth, is unsupressible and inalterable, for it lies in him that beholds it. Magically, we are all beautiful for we are children of the Gods and all their creation is a thing of beauty. Let us each make an effort to see the beauty in the way we look, in what we are and do and think as well of the beauty in those around us. This is the beauty and attraction which the Taurus people know so well. It is their thing for us to learn.

Decan Three : Code Word - " STABILITY "

A staunch lot, these cattle! Firm, solid, stable. Your bull can be led from the barn with love and tender words but it would be easier to move the barn than the bull otherwise.

When we use the word "stability" we often know it to mean inflexible and unmovable. The language gives us "intractable" for this. Stability does not really mean immovable. The mighty oak is immovable but not necessarily stable for in too great a wind it may, for all its mightiness, blow down. The reed standing in the marsh is, in a way, more stable than the oak, for when the gale blows it bends and when the evening calm falls again, it stands up once more, where it stood before. Stability is the capacity to return to original position after being displaced. The wise person gives way under pressure, and then when it has passed, returns to his original position. Our Taurus people may seem stubborn sometimes, and being a little inflexible can be a problem. The ideal of stability does not imply inflexibility but an ability to go with the tide and return with ease.

Look around you for the beautiful ones, those who attract your eye. Apply the love which characterizes Venus and find the beauty within them. Let us learn of love from these firm and solid Taurus people and let us help them learn stability as apart from stubbornness. Relax in Taurus for now we begin to groom the Mother Earth as our Garden of Wisdom.

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