October 23 through November 22

Password = " I DESIRE "

Message = " Desire is the motivator; the foundation of all action.

Key Word = Power
Element = Water
Quality = Fixed Sign

Ruling Planet = Mars
The command of Mars= " Do It Now "


The ancient Greeks had a beautiful capacity for entrenching the parables of Wisdom into their mythology. It is from them that we learn the meaning of the seventh sign of the zodiac, the Sign of the Scorpion. It is said that Orion was a mighty hunter who, in his zeal for the chase, boasted that he could kill every animal on Earth. Diana, was the Goddess of the Moon and also of the hunt. Therefore she was the deific overseer of both the hunted and the hunter. When she learned of Orion's threat, she recognized the need to control his destructive intent. Therefore Diana sent a poisonous reptile to sting and kill him. Zeus, chief among all the Gods of the Greek pantheon, recognized the wisdom of Diana's protection for all creatures of the Earth and honored the Scorpion which she sent against Orion. Thus was it placed high in the sky as the seventh sign of the zodiac.

Further, Orion was placed close by as a reminder of the need for balance in all natural things. If his plan had been carried out, it would have unbalanced the natural plan and thus it was that he had to be disposed of. As we look into the Autumn sky, we are reminded by the sight of mighty Orion, and the Scorpion close by him, that we too, in wisdom, must look to the balance of nature and discover how to work in cooperation with it lest we, like Orion, become poisoned. As a human civilization we are closer to this danger than ever as we pour toxins into the Earth, Sea and Sky.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is a water sign as well, and while it is one of the strongest signs in the Zodiac, it is also one of the most maligned. Perhaps this is because of its strength and its well-known Sting. Notice Scorpio people and see that they, like their zodiacal namesakes, are nocturnal. The direct rays of the mid-day sun will destroy the little desert arthropods. As creatures of the night, they are favored by Diana, and as such, hidden forces control the attributes of Scorpios. Much of the malignance which we unfairly attribute to these natives stems from the elements of the myth cited above -- characteristics of ruthlessness and revengefulness. The myth shows that the Scorpio is a protector of its animal kin and a dangerous enemy. But Scorpio is also a dependable ally. In popular opinion, some of the signs are more sinned against than sinning, while others are viewed with much favor. It is well to remember that all of the signs of the Zodiac have their characteristic strengths and weaknesses, and that each of us either has been or will be born into each of them many times before perfection is ours.

The Divine Password for Scorpio is "I DESIRE". The Message of Scorpio is the same, for it says, "Desire is the activator; the foundation of all action." Without desire there is no magic. Without desire there is no action, no progress, nothing.

In the past few centuries, desire has gotten a bad name, for desire produces action and action often produces conflict. Further, all actions are not always deemed desirable by everybody. This has simplistically led moral thinkers to sermonize against desire, not realizing that without it everything would cease. If this was understood, it then led to classification of desires as "permissible" and "not permissible", or even "desirable" and "undesirable" desires. What a can of worms that has provided us all. Better that we should understand desire for what it is -- the force and energy that makes all things happen; the activator that turns all things on and makes them run. As for the conflicts that arise from our desires, we can return to the Wiccan Rede and be guided by it: "Ane ye harme no one, do what ye will." Meanwhile, bear in mind that we reap what we sow, for the Law of Cause and Effect is immutable. These laws temper the tension-producing by-products of desire, but leave desire as the positive force that it is -- the activator, the motivator that powers our magic, our love, and our progress.

The Key Word of the Scorpio month of desire is POWER, another tricky one. The word brings all sorts of visualizations and connotations into our minds -- not all of which are too positive or appealing. Again we must reduce the word to its basic idea. Power is merely the ability to do. Emerson said, "If you would have the Power, do the thing." Further, when you have done the thing, you will know that you have the Power. This brings us back to consider desire once again, for you will not have done the thing at all unless desire has activated it. Thus the two of them tie together: desire -- the activator, and power -- the ability to do. The ability to do is a paradox in itself, for the ability derives from the doing itself. From these observations we can distill the means of having Power. First, we have a desire and, allowing it to activate us, we simply go ahead and do the thing to the best of our ability and thus, by doing, we acquire the Power to do the thing better.

The negative connotations of the word "Power" have derived from the fact that doing a thing, and thereby acquiring the ability to do it, makes us want to do it more. Hence, power creates the desire for more power. Power begets power, for that which is used amplifies itself. Further, power like all things, is corruptible by human frailty, and thus Lord Acton was moved to state one of the great truisms: "Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely." How then shall we not be corrupted by our won ability to do? The answer is in knowing that the Power is not ours, but a gift from the Gods. Examination of those in whom the growth of the Power has produced a meteoric rise, only to be followed by an equally steep plunge shows that somewhere along the line, these people lose the awareness of the source of their power. When one falls into the error of thinking that he is the Power rather thatn the vehicle through which it operates, he is corrupted. Since Scorpio people have desire in abundance, their desire for power makes them the easiest of all people to corrupt. Scorpios possess a strong ability to act, do and control through their ability to desire.

Decan One - Code Word -- INTENSITY

Intensity is the amount of force or energy which is brought to bear upon something -- hence, a concentration of power upon a point. Scorpios are intense people, and this may be some of the reason for the common antipathy to them, for intenseness is hard to live with. They know, however, that intensity, a focussing of energy, is necessary in getting a thing done, especially at the beginning of an endeavor. It is for this reason that intensity is the Code word for this decan. The first third of any period of action is characterized by the word "cardinal" which we may define as fundamental, principle or initiatory. All events that follow depend upon the actions of this cardinal period.

In the use of power, the cardinal or beginning phase requires a concentration of power, a focussing of energy on the thing desired. Clement Stone has said, "Direct your thought, control your emotions, and you ordain your own destiny." Clearly, it is a magical necessity to produce such an intensity. To produce results one must not only activate sufficient power with desire, but also focus this power on some point where its effect will be maximum.

Decan Two - Code Word -- TRANSMUTATION

Transmutation means a "changeover", or actually, changing the nature of something. This occurs when Power, motivated by desire, and focused with sufficient intensity causes something to change. It is the proof of magical manifestation. The word comes to us from the Latin "trans", meaning "across" or "moving across", and "mutus", meaning "to change or alter". Whien things change, we know that magic has been at work. Look where the wisdom of the Scorpio has brought us -- filled with desire, developing the Power by thus being driven to act. The effort has been intensified for a good beginning and what follows? Transmutation! Transmutation ocurring th the mortal world is always the result. The cause lies in the mental world, or, in the case of magic, it may have been cause by a magician working in the mortal world. When the Keys of magic are effectively applied, it caukses a change to be effected in the mental world which is then made manifest in this mortal one. Transmutation, in conformity with our desires, originated in our action (magical or otherwise), intensified and focused, is change.

The term for the second decan is "fixed", for as the beginning is cardinal -- or that around which everything hinges -- the second or middle period is the result of the action in the first period, and by transmutation the action or the first period gives us a "fixed" or transmuted result. The final period of the month is called "mutable" or changeable, and is the time when the change initiated in the cardinal period and fixed in the fixed period undergoes further changes as it passes into a new cardinal time. Mutable, appropriately, means "changeable" or no longer fixed.

Decan Three - Code Word -- MANIFESTATION

Latin once again gives us the word from "manus" meaning hand, coupled with the "tion" ending which means act of, together producing "manifestation" or act of the hand. In use the word "manifestation" came to mean "getting struck by the hand", which is a metaphorical way of referring to the fact that one has become aware of something. Herein lies the real meaning. A thing is manifest when it becomes apparent to our senses, i.e., when it becomes clear or self- evident to us. It is wise to be aware that all that is is not necessarily manifest. Because of our overdependence upon our senses, we often fall into the trap of assuming that when is not apparent to our senses, is not. This has led the "right-thinking" people to reject the entire existence of the mental world. Hermetically, we know that the mental world is the real world where all the causes lie. It is the knowledge and understanding of this world and of our relationship to it that defines the thing we call wisdom. Yet this world is not manifest in and by itself to our mortal senses. The mortal world, in its entirety, is the manifestation of the mental world. To most people this is not apparent; thus, they assume that the mortal world is not a manifestation at all.

Let us understand, then, this Scorpionian Code Word - MANIFESTATION. What is apparent is a manifestation. We may become wise if we will reason back from the manifestation to its cause, knowing that all that is is not manifest to our senses.

In our affairs, we must bear in mind that in the end (the third decan) all the desire, power, intensity, and transmutation are for nothing until it is clear to others that a change (manifestation) has taken place. When the change we have sought is a manifestation -- then the job is done, and not until.

Mars rules Scorpio. The Command of Mars is "DO IT NOW!" There's that word of Power again -- DO! Ane it harm none, do what you desire and do it now. Begin with your desire. Know what you want. This may be your first order of magical business. If you would "do what thou wilt", you must first know what your "wilt" is. Do it now, for the doing of the thing brings the Power to do the thing. Focus your attention, intensify your efforts, apply desire, and in the short time it takes for transmutation to occur your magical results will become manifest. This is the lesson of Scorpio. A sting in it, yes, for sudden transmutation is a sting, but Scorpio teaches that desire transmutes us all. The Wise person is transmuted upwards in love and harmony toward our Celestial Parents. Wise folk meet in harmony, by joy transformed, and that is, finally, all the magic.

Samhein comes now in Scorpio, our Feast of the Dead. As we open our minds at this festival to hear the Ancient Ones, let us relax as Mother Earth relaxes into the season of Her repose. Let Samhein be a joyous great occasion of love and harmony as the tempo of the Earth slackens. Let us listen for a fiddle wailin' a Mountain melody. We shall stack cakes and mead on the table and stomp out the merry rhythm of our love for one another as we dance together. Take a deep breath at Samhein and let the reflections of your love shine from within you. The love of your brethren in Wisdom is the same love that the Gods have for you.

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