November 23 through December 22

Password = " I ASPIRE "
Message = " Your only protection lies in mobility.
The quarry who stays in one place is doomed"

Key Word = Aspiration
Element = Fire
Quality = Mutable Sign

Ruling Planet = Jupiter
The command of Jupiter = " Be Kind! "

Centaur Magic

Sagittarius is often called the Archer, but is actually personified by the Centaur and recalls the Greeks' first sight of men mounted on horses. In the millennia following the great flood of Noah's fame, the Celtic tribesmen spread slowly to the West with their religion of Wisdom. When the early Greeks first came into contact with these horsemen, in the Age of Sagittarius, they appeared as a single creature to those eyes which had never before seen a mounted rider. Of all the fabulous creatures of antiquity with which Greek legends abound, one of the few who was accorded "good" traits was Chiron, the wisest of all the Centaurs. He is said to have been personally instructed by Apollo and Diana -- in other words by the Sun and the Moon -- and, as a wise teacher, he undoubtedly was guided by these celestial deities.

The constellation of Sagittarius memorializes Chiron, the great, revered centaur of Greek mythology. Chiron is said to have been a great hunter, but more so was he known to be a great teacher of Wisdom, the Arts of Pan, the teachings of Wisdom. He was acknowledged as a great sage, healer and teacher and possessed the gift of prophecy. To this day, this set of attributes is the perfect description of a teacher of Wisdom.

Legend tells us also that Chiron taught the Arts of Wisdom to Aesculapius, the "Man-teaching Serpent" (again a symbolism of Wisdom). Aesculapius, in turn, is said to have founded the ancient Mystery Schools of Greece as the Sagittarian Age reached its climax. These schools persisted for many Ages to follow, inspiring the writings of the greatest philosophers and teachers in the Mediterranean region. At the dawning of the Age of Taurus, these same sacred teachings of Wisdom were learned by Hermes, Father of the Hermetic Doctrine which constitutes the philosophy of the Craft. He then carried these teachings across the sea to Egypt, founding the Egyptian Mystery tradition that led to the rise of the enlightened Pharaohs during the Taurean Age. Wisdom, goodness, sound judgment, and the ability to foretell the future are still qualities attributed to those born under the sign of Chiron.

The postdiluvian Celts were nomadic -- wanderers -- and this still characterizes Sagittarian people. This half-man, half-horse is quite able to run a mile in a twinkling. The problem is that he probably won't stay on the race track long enough to do it. Instead, the nomad is likely to run all over the back pasture and then jump the fence and head for the next county. This is a problem for Sagittarius people -- they run well, but all over the place. They are nomadic by nature, spiritually and often geographically.

The Divine Password for Sagittarius is "I ASPIRE". Literally this means "breathing higher". This is a reference to the fact that as we grow in Wisdom, we raise the level of our vibrations. The concern for "rising" which is what the word aspire has come to mean, is very great in Sagittarians, and with their capacity for Wisdom they frequently do just that. This aspiration can, in lower Sagittarian-types, become mere ambition with all the competitive drawbacks which the word "ambition" so often implies. All Wisdom is aspirational in character, for without the desire to rise, we won't. So strong is this nature of Sagittarius folk that the word ASPIRATION characterizes not only their month, but is their Key Word as well.

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the influences we all feel during that ten day portion of the astrological month.


This word refers to the area that one's mind can cover, its range of action. The mind, being the agent of reality, is limitless in scope, but the minds of those who are not yet perfected are still limited by their beliefs and misconceptions. It is wise to understand any of these limitations in ourselves. The Sagittarian mind, being nomadic, often roams endlessly. Thus, the Sagittarian person is inclined to extend himself outside of his limits. Limiting oneself to one's own territory makes one more effective and efficient and allows one to know and cover one's own ground well. When we attempt to operate outside our own scope, we wind up tending everyone else's business as well as our own. It can be a great relief to remember that we can't do everything at once. Limiting ourselves to our own scope increases our efficiency, reduces tension, and improves results accordingly.


"Reverence" - a deep respect or love -- is the Code Word of the Second Decan. Reverence is a vital magical tool for us, for it implies a deep respect and love for all of life. If we are to be Wise, we must know this. The Power of which we so often speak flows through us and is not our own. A realization of this fact must give us a great sense of reverence. The source of the Power is a God and Goddess so much more pure than ourselves that we may well stand in awe of it. Further, the more we use the Power the more we have of it, and thus the more reverent we become.


The capacity to act quickly and with ease of movement defines this word. Being nimble is a great virtue of Sagittarian people with their quick minds. If they can learn to limit themselves to their proper scope and yet retain agility they have truly accomplished much.

The Message of Sagittarius tells of the great value of agility. "Your only protection lies in mobility. The quarry who stays in one place is doomed." Following this dictum, wise people have always stayed on the move. The very nomadic mobility that Sagittarians love so well is the best protection against the world's persistent hatred of Wisdom. Stay free!! Don't get tied down, especially by possessions and false beliefs. Be mobile in mind and spirit.

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter. This is the planet of benevolence, and this lovely quality s often seen in the nature of these people. Sagittarians are likely to be jovial and in this sense they are nice folks to have around. The Command of their ruling planet is BE KIND! Wise men endeavor to be right in what they do. Yet, what one must rightfully do is sometimes hard. This can be tempered by Jupiter's command. In being and doing right, we can remember to be kind in what we do and in the way in which we do it. So that others may be able to see the love in our actions, we should learn to be kind in all that we do.

The month of Sagittarius is one filled with fire. It should begin optimistically but, in keeping with its nature, may well become changeable. Things that may at first appear firm, later on will move away. This is a good time for travel and an excellent time to further consciousness, skills, and awareness of the infiniteness of Wisdom. Let your mind wander into new realms of thought and expand its scope of understanding.

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