February 20 through March 21

Password = " I BELIEVE "

Message = " To say "I believe" is to say "I don't know."

Key Word = Unity
Element = Water
Quality = Mutable Sign

Ruling Planets = Neptune and Jupiter
The command of Jupiter= " Be Kind "
The message of Neptune= " Sh-h! Listen! The Gods are calling "


In the words of Ogden Nash: "Only the game fish swims upstream.
The sensible fish swims down."

Pisces is both of them at once -- two identical fish, inextricably bound together -- and going in opposite directions. Two fish in bondage to one another and going, or trying to go, two ways at the same time. It is a neat trick if you can do it, and it is not often done well.

In the Piscean Age, the Way to Perfection lay in the message of the gentle Jesus of Nazareth with his exhortations to be a believer. The Piscean password "I BELIEVE" is still a predominant theme in many of the world's religions and philosophies. But the Age of Aquarius has dawned, and "the times they are a'changing" as we make the transition into the Age of KNOWLEDGE. These two exhortations are linked for us in the message of Pisces -- "To say 'I believe' is to say 'I don't know."

When we don't know about something, we must fall back on belief. Conversely, when we rely on belief, we are only acknowledging that we really don't know. Believing is still very much a part of our cultural mindset. Most people still operate on the basis that whatever they hear or whatever is said to them they are required, or at least expected, to believe. We are finding it harder and harder to believe all these things which we are told, and yet we know how dynamic believing can be. Belief is a useful tool BUT we are becoming aware that what we believe determines our hang-ups. In our pursuit of wisdom, we are trying to get rid of our hang-ups.

Therefore, while still a believer in many senses, let us always keep in mind that believing is NOT knowing, and that to become WISE one must KNOW, not BELIEVE. The Age of Pisces is now in the past.

The KEY WORD for Pisces is UNITY. The Piscean symbol of two fish going in two different directions at once symbolizes the Piscean's typical lack of unity. Piscean people never seem to be quite in unity, either with themselves or with others. This, then, is the big lesson for Pisceans. A phrase found within Piscean religion is the importance of gaining atonement, which means "at-one-ment", or unity. When this important lesson is learned, it can help resolve the problem of being in opposition with one's own nature -- that opposition which has Pisceans trying to go two ways at once, but bound and unable to do so.

Unity arises from the sharing of goals, among other things, and even the Piscean can stop swimming both upstream and downstream when the value of sharing is finally seen. The strength of this sign can be found within the native tendency of fish to understand the value of "schooling" with other brothers and sisters, heading in a common direction, sharing a common striving for a common goal. We are enjoined by the Key word of Pisces to come together with our eyes on a set of common goals. Together with all the Children of the New Age, we shall learn to see the Star of Wisdom, keep it as our goal, and in UNITY move together toward it.

The command of Jupiter, Ruler of Pisces, is "Be Kind!" This is a message that many of us forget in our outright dedication to our goals. It is far easier to be just, perseverent, and so on, than it is to be kind. Kindliness and gentleness are twins -- they go hand in hand. You never find one without the other. And along with this comes the development of wisdom. Let us always remember that in our efforts to get things done and to keep things moving forward, we must also be kind in the way that things are done.

Pisces is one of those months which has a co-ruler. Neptune also shares the influence of this sign. Neptune's message for us is "Sh-h! Listen! The Gods are calling." Our Creator, the Unknown and Unknowable God whose face shines in the Sun calls the loudest. Along with him we can hear the harmonizing voice of the Earth Mother calling to us in her low, sweet tones. Then certain selected ones will hear the various calls of the planetary gods, according to their personal and astrological natures, and find their fulfillment in the Service of these ancient powers.

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the influences we all feel during that ten day portion of the astrological month.

Decan One : Code Word - "OBEDIENCE"

This is a hard word to accept in these times of our newly found independence and personal freedom. It brings to our minds that enforced slavery of mind and body connected with this word during the bygone Piscean Age. As we seek The Way together, we learn that "no man is an island". We need others. We cannot live organically by ourselves. We cannot do anything of purpose by ourselves. We must have a group of people with whom to work and develop. We must learn to live, learn and work together in love. There is no other way.

There has never been a time when Wise people have been hermits. They have always worked and lived with others. As we seek the Way together, we must stop to consider that without obedience to the group there can be no unity, and unity, as we have considered above, is the key word in our seeking the Way. When we speak of obedience, we are not referring to the old submission to the most powerful, but rather to a great need for all of us to COOPERATE! Cooperate together in a common bond with your brothers and sisters. Work together in love and kindness in your work as we seek to serve the Unknown God, the Father; The Green Goddess, the Mother Earth; and the pantheon of gods who guide our various pathways to Perfection. Our Obedience to an objective, and not to any authorities. The true leaders of Wisdom merely lead by example, teaching and pointing out the Way to spiritual Perfection.

Decan Two: Code Word - "COMPASSION"

In their efforts toward their goals, the usual Piscean leans too heavily on Virgo, the opposite sign in the zodiacal wheel, and creates rules and laws that lead toward any personal objectives. It is in the interpreting of these laws that the Piscean needs to learn compassion for others. Once these laws have been established, the typical Piscean will often hew to the line with little or no kindness or compassion for those who are to the left of the line. The solution to almost all problems is "If thine arm offend thee, cut it off."

Pisceans are cold-blooded, but so are Cancerians, and Scorpios, but this merely means that their bodies take on the temperature of their surrounding environments. Piokolothermic (the scholarly term for cold- blooded) animals in cold water are cold and the same fish in warm waters becomes warm. When these cold-blooded people are surrounded by warm, loving conditions and people, they tend to be the same way. When the Piscean environment becomes cold and tense, they tend to become so as well.

Decan Three: Code Word - "LIBERATION"

Liberation is a great need for the natives of this birthsign. Piscean people are given to bondage of various forms: physical, mental, and operational. We see this in the glyph of Pisces in the cord which binds two fish together. This symbolizes the need for Piscean people to liberate themselves from the bonds which they themselves have forged. It also reflects the need for all of us, as people living in a world largely formed of the bondage values of the Piscean Age, to liberate ourselves from the shackles of archaic cultural restraints. Let us consider then, in this decan of Pisces, all the things which serve to keep people in bondage. Let us all look within ourselves to find the means of seeking the freedom which we must have in order to develop from the Piscean Larvae to the Aquarian Butterfly.

Consider the things which shackle our bodies and prevent us from freely using them as a useful medium to enable us to move upward. We should consider too, the mental cages in which we allow ourselves to be locked, the iron masks of ideas which prevent our minds from becoming liberated and soaring into the realms of the mental world where true reality is found, and where our minds run free.

We must consider the operational harnesses which ourselves and others may have buckled upon us. These things prevent us from functioning freely. We must be free. Free from all things which prevent our freedom of thought and action.

Let us consider all these things which keep ourselves and others in bondage. Then let us unite together in compassion and kindness, and work actively together to free ourselves and others from these cultural bonds.

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