-- LIBRA --
September 24 through October 23

Password = " I BALANCE "

Message = " Moderation in all things. "

Key Word = Moderation
Element = Air
Quality = Mutable Sign

Ruling Planet = Venus
The Command of Venus= " Love conquers all "

Magical Balance

The sign of Libra begins at the Vernal Equinox when the Sun stands in balance, with all the days and nights of equal length. The glyph of Libra, the scales, represents this nature of seeking balance. Librans are always seekers after harmony and equity. The lesson of their seeking is to see their quest, and from it learn what they sense so well -- that harmony is one of the greatest secrets of Wisdom.

The Divine Password for Libra is taken straight from those scales "I BALANCE ." The Libran is the original and expert "fence sitter." These folks are so anxious to keep things in balance that they can be frequently seen hanging up right on dead center. There is a virtue in this, for the person who balances all things and weighs them carefully before moving will not be caught out in left field when the ball goes to right. Balance means maintaining an equality of forces, and mentally it refers to emotional equilibrium. This is so desirable that we refer to the sound individual with the comment that he is a well-balanced person. Libra people have this capacity. They are calm and hold themselves in good balance at all times, even if this means that they are sometimes hard to convince, and at worst become indecisive.

The Key Word for Libra is "MODERATION". Aristotle, a student of Plato, the wisdom initiate, heavily emphasized the desirability of moderation as a primary concept in the life of Wisdom. Recognizing the virtue of moderation as that which enabled a person to walk most easily upon the Way and avoid the many pitfalls of extremism, Aristotle formulated moderation as the "Golden Mean" which kept all life in balance. "Moderation in all things", he said, and this has come down to us as one of the truisms in which much wisdom is encased, and which, because they are platitudes so often heard, fail to impress us as they should. All great truth is simple but we tend to look nowadays for truth in complexity and thus become more confused than enlightened. "Be moderate" is the key of the Libran and by this means do we find our balance.

Libra is a lovely month, as are all those that come under Venus' rule. Let Venus speak her rulership to you and feel her sway of love in this world. Ogden Nash said, "Love is an active verb, and thus doing a thing. It is well to speak softly of love, but it is a Way of Learning to do Love. Now in Libra extend yourself through your actions to love those around you. The gentle smile, the helping hand, the sharing of a load or whatever you can do to please another will be your doing of love and thus you can harmonize yourself with Venus whose month this is to be.

Decan One - Code Word -- JUDGEMENT

It is imminent autumn as we enter Libra at the equinox and the first decan, the cardinal, or starting time of the month gives us the first code word "Judgement". This is an interesting word derived from the Latin "Jus", meaning "Law". It is the root of such words as justice and jurisprudence as well as judgement. Judgement itself actually means "saying what the law is", and that capacity is the basis for making sound decisions. Therefore we have come to consider judgement as the capacity for making sound decisions. To compare two things and to come to a wise decision about them is judgement. Librans are good at this. They feel the need for it, but haven't mastered this aspect of Libra nature, we see them sitting endlessly on the fence -- indecisive -- and we say, "So-and-so hasn't good judgement." Making decisions is an important ability and one which we must develop to live in wisdom. Many people lack this ability, and, as a result, live rather jumbled lives. Knowing how to make decisions, moderately and with all factors neatly balanced is one of the signs of wisdom.

Decan Two - Code Word -- POISE

The month steams up in the second decan with just about everything in connection to the moon and we may do well to try to live the second decan Code Word at this time. Poise is certainly an attribute of balance. Even our language suggests it, for when one is balanced we say he is well-poised. In our consideration of wisdom we define poise as "ease and dignity of manner." A poised person appears to be at ease. Under whatever circumstances he is subjected to, he is relaxed and dignified. As people respond to what they encounter in others, he thus helps them to feel at ease and grants them their dignity also. This is a delightful thing in Librans and for this reason we so much enjoy their company.

Decan Three - Code Word -- PURITY

Finally we move into the mutable decan of Libra phases toward the month's end. To be pure, in its proper sense, simply means free from adulteration. That which is pure is unadulterated, free from anything which dilutes or weakens it. In wisdom purity may refer to the business of keeping the mental free from the mortal. This defines our struggle, through learning, for Perfection. We are not yet pure, but must enter this mortal existence by incarnation, for it is only here that we may learn the lessons that lead to greater and greater purity. It has been given us that "only the pure in heart shall see God." Purity in this code word, then, means our efforts to keep our minds and hearts from being attached to the things of this mortal world. That which is mortal is always tension-producing and thus associated with tense emotions. Mental things are not attached to this world and therefore are not associated with the tense things but rather with the relaxed emotions of love and joy. Purity finally refers to our ability to live and be relaxed at all times; that loving state wherein you haven't a single mortal opinion or thought about anybody. Such is the state of an adept of the mental world. It was this condition to which Jesus was referring to when he said, "the pure in heart shall see God."

This then is the message for Libra: "Men are that they might have Joy". Why are we here and what should we expect in this mortal world? The message now says that we are that we might have glad feelings, happiness, great pleasure and delight in living, and thus to express ourselves by rejoicing and giving this awareness of joy to others. How different this is from the message for humaniyt declared in the churches, where it is said, "Men are that they might suffer." Herein we are different, for wise men know that their destiny, and that of everyone, is reunion with the Gods. There is joy in the ;knowledge of this reunion with our celestial parents -- going home again! Men are that they might have joy.

Lovely Libra with Venus Command: "love conquers all." Let us emulate these balanced people -- these Librans -- their judgements, guided by Venus' ways of love. Let us live and love in Libra, doing love and keeping our balance. Life is a good trip!

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