--- LEO ---
July 23 through August 23

Passwords = " I LOVE " and " I WILL "
Message = " Will and Love Worketh Magic!"

Key Word = Rulership
Element = Fire
Quality = Fixed Sign

Ruling Planet = The Sun
The command of the Sun = " Be Strong! "

Lion Magic

Hercules, the ancient ideal of the perfect man, figured heavily in the Leonean Legend. In order to tell the story of how it is with people born to the constellation of Leo, the Greeks included the secret in one of the stories of Hercule's twelve labors. Interesting how he had a labor for each of the signs. In the first task set to him he was made to tangle with a lion, the Lion of Nemea. This cat was so fierce that no weapons could wound him. This left Herc with a big problem. Hercules solved the problem by being just a bit fiercer and a bit stronger than the beast. In other words, the lion got beat at his own game. Smart dude that Hercules -- wise even. Zeus, known around Olympus as Boss, honored the great strength and courage of the lion of Nemea by setting him up as the constellation Leo. Leo people reflect the characteristics of the Lion of Nemea. They tend to be strong, fierce, full of pride, courageous and brave, and have an innate sense of rulership. Big beautiful cats these lions are, and one does well to remember who sits upon the throne in their kingdoms.

There are two Divine Passwords which define the essential nature of Leo. The first is "I LOVE". The people of this sign are warm and caring. But this is furthur defined by a trait found in every cat, for "I WILL" comes into play as the other Leonine Divine Password. These dual discoveries make both a union and a conflict in Leo people.

Ruled by the Sun, the Great Power of the Father, Leos have more power than any other people. The Ruler's Command is "Be Strong". The Sun is power and the Father urges each of us to be strong, but those under his rulership hear this command with greater clarity than any. The Father is also Love. For those below -- native of Leo- -- the concern for Love and Strength tends to mix the Leo up some in his desires; first his love for people, which is very great, and then his desire to rule over them. These two desires must combine with the "I will" command and the tendency to love and rule is further mixed with the desire of these people to do whatever they will, for Leo is the most strongly self-willed of all the signs.

The word "Love", so big in Leo lives, comes to us from the Anglo-Saxon "lufa" which meant a strong attachment and Leos do have a strong attachment to things and to people. Leos also rule, and rulership is their Key Word.

Books on astrology engage in much controversy over the origin of the Leo glyph. Some tell that it is the man and tail of the lion and still others think it is a lion's head looking on. If this were the case we note that lions wear a flip coiffure which may be very stylish but we have never noticed a real lion that wore one. The origin of the glyph is, in fact, quite apparent. It represents a snake -- the snake of wisdom -- coiled and ready to strike. This particular snake is the snake of worldly wisdom, the wisdom of "so below".

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the influences we all feel during that ten day portion of the astrological month.

Decan One : Code Word - " RULERSHIP "

"Rulership" is both the Key Word for Leo and the Code for the first decan. Taken from the Latin "Rugier" meaning a straight stick, we see the Leonine tendency to want to keep people rules in a straight line. This is on of their best characteristics for by this lining up of things and people you can always be sure what a Leo will do. If you look to see where Leo has been and where he is at now you can project him straight forward know where he is going -- without variance.

Decan Two : Code Word - " GENEROSITY "

"Generosity" is the next great Leo secret. Generosity is a matter of being noble and this generous nobility is a lovely tempering attribute of true rulers and the key to their greatness. Nobility is often misunderstood and has come to have two distorted meanings. It does not mean high and lordly nor does it mean just giving out the goodies. By nobility and generosity is meant, in its true sense, acting as though one were of noble birth, that is, possessing naturally a certain nobility of mind. This should not be confused with an air of hateur or superiority but the noble or generous person (often a Leo) acts as a gentle man or gentle woman, which is the real meaning of the word Lady. Generosity comes to us from the Latin "Gens" meaning beginning and reflects the nature of monarchs who, historically being of nobility born, are generous. Rulership without nobility is despotism, but with generosity it becomes noble and gentle. The Wise are gentle, noble and generous.

Decan Three : Code Word - " LIGHT "

Finally the waning decan of Leo shines with the Code Word: "Light". In Leo the bright light of the Sun lights up all the dark corners of existence. The Power of the Father brings warmth and light to all places of darkness. Here we are speaking allegorically, but in fact we are referring to light through the words "Knowledge", "Inspiration", and "Enlightenment". This latter word is interesting for it contains the word light within itself. Leos are often enlightened. Inspiration is the key to enlightenment. Inspiration is that wonderful knowing that comes to us when the light of the Father shines in upon us. The enlightened person is the one through whom the wisdom of the Father shines, making him glow with love and strength.


The festival of Lammas, ( or Lughnasad ) happens here in the lion's rule. At Lammas we will gather in joy for the quarterly renewal as the bounty of the Earth grows by the light of the Father is brought forth in joy for our sustenance. Lammas is renewal for us all. Let us gather in happy circles and, with our dancing feet tap out upon the Earth the rhythm of our harmony with the Gods and our circle of sisters and brothers.

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