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The Mental Science Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 by Father Eli. It provides a practical application of the ancient Hermetic Sciences that is uniquely compatible with the perspective and lifestyles of those seeking this Wisdom and Knowledge in the New Age. The Insights contained within these studies will guide the serious student to learn how to use and control the quantum forces that determine the nature of the reality in which s/he exists. In ancient times these studies were called magic, meaning the teachings and practices of the wise teachers known as the Magi.
Among the Celtic people of northern Europe, these teachers of wisdom were known as Druids, or Priests of the Groves. They were the professional class of the Celtic tribes, serving as doctors, teachers, and lawmakers. Their practice of magic has been documented throughtout the centuries in the defense of their homeland against the Roman legion, Spanish armada and German Blitzkrieg.

Modern science has revealed that our universe is comprised of a fabric of quanta, which are the basic units of possibilities. These possible realities exist as random threads in the time continuum that we perceive as "the future". They are woven into the structure of our Reality by the thoughts and desires of all the people who exist at this present time in the Continuum. This is the basis of the religious concept that God dwells within all of us. We each have within us a portion of the Power of Creation. Together, we literally determine our own future.

The application of Mental Science is boundless. You can use your mental abilities to get a new job, a new car, locate the perfect home for your family, heal a loved one, or find your one true love. As with any ability, some people are more adept at the manipulation of this Creative Power, and thus have a greater influence upon the fabric of the Reality in which we presently live. With the practice of Mental Science, you can begin to control the quantum forces that make up the world around you. You can begin to see measurable changes in the events and circumstances of your surrounding environment. Native Americans refer to this as your "Medicine Wheel", and the size of this circle of influence will grow as your mental abilities increase.

When there are a sufficient number of truly enlightened people focused on the goal of peaceful cooexistence, we could reach the "Critical Mass" needed to overcome the Darkness that now permeates the fabric of life in the world. Through the practices of Mental Science you can become a active part in improving the condition of the world, and actually be a contributing force in "The New Order of the Universe".

The teachings of Mental Science are compatible with all non-dogmatic religions and spiritual paths. They are not a new concept. People have practiced them in various traditions for millenia. They are merely presented in this format that is compatible with the current understandings of those who feel the calling of the Aquarian Age, and want to be an active part of the positive changes in this New Age.

Throughout the past Ages there have been numerous references to an elite group of people who have taught and preserved the ancient Wisdom teachings, using their abilities and influence to make numerous contributions to the guidance of our world's civilizations. In the more enlightened cultures such as ancient Chaldea, Greece, Egypt, Phoenicia and the Celtic nations of the Druids, they became the leaders of both political and educational institutions. In the past centuries of warfare, inquisitions and spiritual darkness, they have been forced into a more reclusive environment of secret societies or other "occult" organizations to protect the ancient wisdom from the destructive elements that have come to dominate the political and religious powers that arose during the Cycles of Darkness at the end of the Piscean Age.

At the time of the Winter Solstice of 1970 an alignment of Jupiter, Mars and Venus formed a brilliant star in the heavens over the center of the North American continent. This celestial beacon served as a signpost to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the golden age of Knowledge. This time was prophesied long ago as a time when all the ancient wisdom would again arise as a new generation of enlightened beings would reincarnate on the Earth.

Throughout the decades that have followed this event, a growing awareness has permeated all the world cultures, especially in the Americas. In his book, The Celestine Prophesy, James Redfield mentions an ancient manuscript containing Insights that will guide humankind to a new level of awareness. These Insights can be found and practiced within the teachings of the Mental Science Institute.

The Age of Aquarius has already produced a growing awareness that has resulted in many new scientific discoveries. Some of these have provided proof for the Principles of the Hermetic Sciences that have been known for several millenia. The study of Quantum Physics, Parapsychology, and other related matters have developed elaborate theories and equations to prove the existence of phenomena which have previously been ignored as superstition, fantasy or even "works of the devil". Although complicated strings of numbers and postulations may be necessary to "prove" these phenomena within the framework of modern and classical scientific method, the practical application of Quantum Mechanics is actually quite simple. Complex things may be wonderful to contemplate, but this very complexity often covers the simple basic truth like a smoke screen. Wisdom teaches us to see through the screen to discern the truth, and use these simple truths to better the world around us. This was the premise of the ancient Magi, whose practices were known as Magic. These magical teachings are as applicable today as they were at that time.

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