-- GEMINI --
May 21 through June 20

Password = " I THINK "

Message = " I think, therefore I am. "

Key Word = Perception
Element = Air
Quality = Mutable Sign

Ruling Planet = Mercury
The Command of Mercury= " Look--God's truth is everywhere! "

Magic of the Trees

Welcome to Gemini. Note the glyph of Gemini like a Roman Numeral Two. This is quite appropriate for Gemini is commonly called "The Twins". The Twins in question were named "The Discouri" by the Greeks and were called Castor and Pollux. They were thought either to be brothers by Zeus and Leda, Queen of Sparta, or half brothers by Zeus and King Tyndareus. Either way they remain as Twins. It is their brotherly devotion that marks their story and which is said to have immortalized them in the heavens. Instability is their great weakness, but their devotion tempers this shortcoming.

This talk of Twins, while appropriate enough, and meaningful to the sign (most Greek Myths are appropriate to something), it does not suggest the true origin of the glyph of Gemini, however. To find the origin we must go back before the great Greek Culture to its precursor in the Age of Gemini after 6,000 B.C. During this era the great nations of the Celts dominated all of Europe North of Macedonia and was administered by the Druids, or "The Priests of the Groves." This was a lovely time, for the religion of the Age commanded people with a mission to grow and keep the world as a garden. Hence the groves of trees, especially the Oaks were revered. It is these forests, standing with their feet in the Earth and their heads reaching skyward that are represented in the glyph of Gemini.

During this era Europe was cleared of all thorns and the continent was planted in fruits and nuts. It was a time when the Celtic tribes were nomadic, following the seasons according to the direction of their Druid priests and priestesses. As they wandered and lived from the fruit of the land they observed the religion of Gemini by planting the seeds of the trees and shrubs as they went until all of Europe was covered with this beautiful bounty. It was during this time that writing evolved with the Ogham script, and the wheel was developed to aid them in their nomadic roaming. One cannot help but feel that this must have been a wonderful time. People wandered wherever they might, talking and teaching one another, turning the earth into a garden of sustenance as they went. It must have been a time of vast spiritual advancement, for out of it grew the great civilization of Greece's Golden Age, producing some of the greatest thinkers the world has known. The last phase of the Age of Gemini produced the great teacher, Hermes Trismegestrus, who became the "Messiah" for the Age of Taurus when he brought the Greek Wisdom to the temples of Egypt. His "Hermetic Principles" are the basis for modern metaphysics.

Thinking is an elusive phenomenon and efforts by psychologists to nail it down first began with viewing it as a function of the brain. While true enough, this approach was not very productive for they do not understand the true nature of the brain. Next they defined thinking as something that produced behavior and overlooked many of the higher functions related to the act of thinking. Finally they realized that the key to people's thinking is their perception. How we see it is how we think, and how we think determines our behavior. This then is the Keyword for Gemini - PERCEPTION. Psychology still does not recognize that perception is something more than mere looking at... or seeing things. People's perceptions vary as widely as people, for each of us sees things our own way. All of us have similar eyes, ears, etc. The secret factors in our perceptions that enhances the picture and colors our individual perceptions are the factors of INSIGHT and INTUITION.

Insight and intuition are the inward perceptions - the hunch, the feeling, the still small voice within -- these things from within us that color and alter what we see and hear from without. All these inputs, both external and internal go together to make our perceptions. These in turn produce our thinking and our thinking makes us what we are, and do, and become.

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the influences we all feel during that ten day portion of the astrological month.

Decan One : Code Word - " REASON "

The three code words for Gemini follow as keys to our thinking nature. To open we find "Reason" as the first code word in the think tank. This decan is the cardinal phase of Gemini. A function of the conscious mind, it is reason that sets the human apart and makes us the recipient of the sentience now in our time as Masters of the Earth. The word is derived from the Latin - "Ratio" - meaning "to reckon" and that's about it. Reasoning is the ability to calculate and to draw conclusions. Look about your circle of friends and acquaintances. Are any of them a Gemini? Observe them and see them reason to conclusions - it is an ability these Geminis have in abundance. We can learn from them and know that it is by reason that we can all function as humans for it is one of the greatest gifts for our thinking.

Decan One : Code Word - " ADAPTABILITY "

Slipping into June, the second decan or fixed phase of Gemini shows us the code word "Adaptability". What has that to do with thinking? Adaptability is defined as the capacity to change oneself to new circumstances easily and to accept new conditions well. It related to thinking in that among the Wise it is viewed as a mark of intelligence. Stupid people are not adaptable and the Wise ones are -- they can always avert disaster by changing their circumstances or adapting to changing circumstances. Thus do the Wise survive in the face of repeated adversity.

Decan One : Code Word - " PROPORTION "

In the third decan - or mutable phase of the month - we find our code word is "Proportion". This bring to mind such synonyms as balance and symmetry and the wisdom of these words is implicit in all of nature -- The Ultimate Wisdom. By proportion is meant ability to place each and every thing into relation to the whole. This takes thought, trying to take our perceptions, reason them out and put them in balance with all other things. The Wise people keep all things in their lives in proportion. They don't make mountains out of molehills, dwelling on the little things until they are all out of proportion. The Gemini can teach us much about this and there we can learn that the only way to keep things in proportion is to remain forever goal-oriented. A clear and reasoned, well-adapted and goal-oriented person will remain in proportion by that means.

In wisdom, we all share the same goal in the end, whatever intermediate goals we may reason for ourselves and adapt to. Our common goal in Wisdom is ETERNAL PERFECTION. A clear perception of this goal, shared in the bonds of love and brotherhood gives our lives that proportion, balance, and symmetry for which the Craft of the Wise is known.

Who rules this airy month, these thinking Twins? MERCURY! The God of thinking; the Child of the Father and Mother; The Horned God! This is the Hermes of the Greeks - thrice blessed: Wise in Medicine; Messenger of the Gods; the Celestial Communicator; and God of Wisdom. The Patron God of the Craft of the Wise.

A thinking fellow to be sure! Mercury commands us now in Gemini - "Look about you - God's truth is everywhere." This was echoed in the Wisdom of Solomon, The Wise, when he said, "Wisdom crieth aloud in the streets." Look without! Look within! Look everywhere and perceive. See and reason and know that everywhere in Nature, if you can perceive in Wisdom, is the perfect rhythm, balance, and harmony of God.

Now in Spring as our growing crops express this wisdom (Mercury is the God of Agriculture, didn't you know?) let us open our eyes and perceive. Let us reason together and find the wisdom that surrounds us now in Gemini -- THINKING!

Thoughtful people, these Geminis, and loyal they are too, but a certain instability marks their nature and is their lesson to learn. As with all the signs they have their weaknesses to overcome but from them we can learn so much.

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