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The replies to the following qrestions are edited from the writings of Father Eli.

What is Magic?

Why should I study Magic?

What is Occultism?

What are the Hermetic Sciences?

What is the Mental Science Institute?

What is Magic?

The word magic is used frequently in many references without further definition. The root of its meaning is "the practice of the teachings of the Magi". It is in this sense that the Mental Science Institute uses this term. It may be further defined as "the control of the visible world by invisible means" or "the level of thought which create s things or makes things happen". Modern science may understand it as "the manipulation of quantum forces to reshape the matrix of the reality continuum".

In no way should this word be interpreted in the modern sense of so-called "High Magick" or "Sorcery". The Magi or Wise Ones have never at any time taught anything like this. It has also absolutely nothing to do with such things as "Spiritualism", "Occultism", "Satanism", "Mind Control", "Psychicism", "Scientology", "Yoga", "Demonology", "I Ching", "Kabala", "Zen", "Rosicrucianism" or any other of a number of fringe studies or beliefs. There may be some concepts held in common by some of these groups, but the Mental Science Institute is not directly related to any of them.

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Why Should I Study Magic?

The reasons for studying magic are many and varied. Possibly foremost is the desire to be master of one's own fate, rather than drift with the tide of circumstance. Perhaps the next most popular reason is financial. It goes without saying that the wisest of business people will rise to the top. Maybe you want a better job, a raise or something similar. Why not use magic to get it?

Many study the Craft of Wisdom to learn the ageless techniques of erasing fears, worries and mental blocks from their minds. They then get more happiness out of living and are able to achieve that inner peace that passes understanding.

Are you in ill health? Has some doctor told you that you have an "incurable" disease? Natural medicine doctors aver that there is nothing incurable except death.

Do you want to develop your mind? Learn methods of doing so that have been used for many thousands of years. Many people have been experiencing an "awakening", receiving personal insights into the nature of reality, and want to learn more about how to further attune their minds with these forces of life.

This list could get amplified many times over. The practice of magic is the answer to any problem in life for everyone if they would but see it and understand it as it really is.

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What is Occultism?

Occultism" is derived from the Latin word "occulere" meaning to hide, or conceal. In modern usage, the word has come to mean a study of supernatural phenomena.

Magic, on the other hand, is named for the science of the magi. In modern usage, it has come to mean the production and control of supernatural phenomena through the use of mental power.

Modern day occult societies are usually far removed from the serious study of the supernatural and have devolved into small discussion groups studying nothing of supernatural more deeply hidden then that which can be found in any number of mass-produced paper-back books. The subjects studies by these groups are usually confined to auras, spirit guides, mind reading, and other things with a slightly unusual flavor such as the Tarot, and these are studies from popular, mass-produced texts. I do not need to point out that these subjects, studies in this way are far from being the hidden, secret Mysteries of Life, of which true occultism consists.

It is not the purpose of this writing to deny the existence of the true Hermetic science, but merely to point out to the thinking person that if there really is a true science of occultism, it must, by the very definition thereof be an art or study hidden from the general public. It is not, therefore, something displayed and taught by the mass media. Even then, note that the definition of occultism is a secret study by serious researchers. True occultism is a passive "learning about" supernatural phenomena.

Magic is the creation of these same phenomena, and of all fields, true magic, while separating itself from occultism, is the most secret of all mental sciences. Whereas the occultist is a passive student of the mental field, the magician is an active creator of this same supernatural phenomena. The question between magic and true occultism is, why spend years passively learning about the hidden mysteries of life, when the same effects can easily be created by any true magician?

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What are the Hermetic Sciences?

Hermetic Science is the key which will unlock the door to health, wealth, worldly success and love for you when you are ready. Hermes, later to be known as Hermes Trimegistrus (The Thrice Greatest), studied the Craft of Natural Medicine under Aesculapius, a doctor so great that he was rumored to be the son of Apollo.

Hermes, in turn, became so wise and famous that he was deified as the planet MERCURY by the Romans, as the God THOTH by the Egyptians, and as the Phoenician God TAAUT.

Hermes invented many things necessary for the uses of life and named them. He is credited with the discovery of books and the art of writing. He uncovered the knowledge of the heavenly bodies, the Zodiac, and taught ceremonies of honor to the Sun at each Zodiacal festival.

Wise in the ways of human nature, he urged people to worship the True God, that they should fast, they they should pray unceasingly, and that they should share their bounty with the needy.

He restored the Old Wisdom Teachings, with their music, dancing and group exercises to develop both mind and body, and taught with them the science of numbers and music. He invented the lyre with three strings -- the dulcimer.

It was he who taught the Greeks the mode of classification of times and things, hence the name "Hermes," signifying "Interpreter."

Hermes stareted Schools of Wisdom in both Greece and Egypt. He gathered together a number of highly qualified people, and ordained them to be the PRIESTHOOD OF THE LIVING GOD. He taught them the Secrets of the Way, heretofore veiled in cryptic symbols. These secrets were communicated to his Initiates ONLY after a terrible oath never to reveal them, except to those who, after long trial, proved themselves worthy and capable of receiving them.

These Secrets, he called THE SACERDOTAL ARTS, and included Natural Medicine, Astrology, Magiism (Magic), the Science of the Mental World (Mental Science), and others. Much of this lore has been lost through the ages, but it is said that the remaining scraps of Hermetic Science still preserved by the Craft transcend all that the human mind is capable of conceiving. As Brother Chaucer said many years ago, "This life so short, and the Craft so long to learn."

The principle teachings of these Secret Schools were boiled down into nine Hermetic Principles which act as a teaching outline for Craft philosophy.

All the Great Masters of this science -- the Magi -- have been compelled to use symbol, allegory, parable, and figurative expressions for two reasons first, to teach those ready to learn: second, to conceal such advanced ideas from those not prepared to receive them.

Modern day teaching is no different. It is secret. "Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, then turn on you and rend you" is the admonition of Jeshua ben Yusef (circa 7 b.c.).

The Hermetic Sciences are, at one and the same time, everything to everybody: A religion which surpasses religion for the religious; the grand philosphy for the thinker; a Way of Life for the Wise Ones and a natural science for the scientist.

One of the Grand Alchemic Principles states that something cannot be made from nothing. To make money, you must have money to use for seed. "Them as has, gets," says an old wise folk saying. Do you have enough wisdom to use as seed?

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What is the Mental Science Institute?

The Mental Science Institute is a school of magical study based on the teachings of Father Eli. It was founded in 1971 and has since developed a nationwide membership. The teachings are based upon the Hermetic Principles practiced by the ancient people of wisdom known as Druids. These were the ancient priesthood that guided the Celtic tribes of Europe, and continue to preserve the practices and customs of native European traditions in modern society.

Throughout the Ages there have been numerous references to a group of people, always remaining in the background as far as notoriety is concerned,who have made numerous contributions to the guidance of our world's civilizations. This group has been referred to by many names including "The Great White Brotherhood", "The Magi", "The Order of Melchizedek" or many times not named at all. Yet the one name by which they have been referred to, time after time, in the literature of all cultures is "The Wise Ones", and the practice of their teachings is called "Wisdom" or "The Way."

Who are these people? Do they still exist today? If so, what are their teachings? What is their purpose in life? These and many other questions have led to much speculation and misinformation. The purpose of these introductory lessons in Mental Science is to rectify some of this misinformation and to lead the earnest student into the right path or "Way" leading to full knowledge and understanding of the many mysteries connected to a study such as this.

For this is a study of mysteries - little known, barely hinted at- of which there is little written. It is not so much that the Wise Ones have attempted to cover up their teachings. On the contrary, throughout the ages they have tried to present as much of the truth to the people as they were ready to receive. The simple truth is that the truth is too simple. It is the old story of hiding a thing by placing it in plain sight.

The Wise Ones have always held that the truth is simple. Complex things may be wonderful to contemplate, but this very complexity covers the simple basic truth like a smoke screen. Only the very wise can see through that screen to discern the truth. And the reverse of this statement is that those who can see through the screen become Wise.

You have probably developed a good background for detecting errors, half truths and misinformation about the practice of magic contained in books which have been offered to the public. Books are written to SELL, therefore they must tell the public what it desires to hear. These things are not necessarily the truth.

The teachings of the Mental Science Institute were not written to sell to the public. They are a compilation of necessary information for the training of persons who desire to improve their lives through the practice of mental magic. It also serves the dual purpose of informing a seeker of a few facts pertaining to the most secret organization in the world and its teachings -- the Old Wisdom Religion. These teachings were preserved among the Celtic people by the Druids. Thus it has become known as the Druidic Craft of Wisdom.

The information in these introductory lessons contains the sacred tenets of the Magi. These are the basic principles which have guided people to an understanding of wisdom throughout the ages. They are not advanced as something to believe. They are merely presented as a series of concepts, the acceptance of which will free the mind from the crippling restrictions imposed upon it by our society and the religious doctrines of the Piscean Age.

When you have completed your study of the Tenets and Legends, you will be eligible for enrollment in the Mental Science Institute. The beginning of any study of wisdom is called an "initiation". The initiation into the Druidic Craft of Wisdom as taught by the Mental Science Institute is unlike any fraternity, church or lodge initiation. There is no levity or fun made of anyone, no nudity, no embarrassment, no sex involved or anything else of a "low" nature. It is solely a teaching device which you need to begin your studies in wisdom.

After this initiation you will be eligible to enter into the other advanced studies in the field of wisdom and magic. These include Basics of Magic, Divination, Wisdom Studies, Astrology, Group Magical Practices, ESP and it's development, Advanced Studies in Magical Practices, Natural Medicine Studies and the Secret Hermetics or "Occult" Studies.

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