The Mental Science Creed
The Mental Science Creed
A Statement of Druidic Philosophy

We believe that the Supreme Deity, or God, is Infinite Intelligence, or Mind, and as such, must be sought after through the use of the human mind, as intelligence, and by meditation, if one would know Him.

We believe that all of Life exists in a polarity of energies, and thus all Life depends on the Creative Intelligence of both a Supreme Father and Mother for the process of Creation to bring forth the multitude of living beings that make up the evolutionary Plan for the Earth.

We believe in prophesy, revelation, healing through the laying on of hands, visions, and all other forms of spiritual manifestations in which Infinite Intelligence makes known Their will to humanity.

We believe that only personal experience can be accepted as Truth, and that each person must find his own truth by his own efforts, and that things of the spirit can only be known by experiencing them by union with Infinite Intelligence by meditation, which transcends the five human senses and allows each person to obtain a personal revelation or knowledge of spiritual or mental things.

We believe that a sound mind is to be found only in a sound body and that each person should know and follow the principles of bodily health such as, but not limited to: Good nutrition, exercise, cleanliness, and the use of mental power and exercises to promote health and healing of the body.

We believe that such worship is impossible for a sick mind, or a partially sick mind, and that all members should be familiar with and practice the basic principle of sound mental health such as, but not limited to: Maintaining a cheerful, positive mental attitude, elimination of all fears and prejudices, development of the emotions of love and compassion for all, and peace and harmony within oneself that comes from “at-one-ment” with Infinite Intelligence.

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