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The courses of the Mental Science Institute are based upon the ancient teachings of Hermes, as carried on by Pythagoras, Plato, Dr. John Dee, the Druids and many of the other wise teachers of the past. These concepts of Hermetic Wisdom have been amalgamated into the context of modern understandings for those who seek a meaningful existence in the rapidly evolving era in which we live. They provide simple, effective exercises for developing the latent abilties of our minds to make changes in the fabric of the quantum forces which make up the framework of our reality. We have attempted to minimize the cost for students to make these teachings affordable to those who want to expand their mental capabilities.


A brief course covering the basic premises and practices of ancient Wisdom. This is not presented as a dogmatic set of beliefs and rituals. It is a guideline to understanding the world view that has guided Seekers of the Way throughout the millenia. They are a series of concepts, the acceptance of which will free the mind from the crippling restrictions imposed upon it by our society and the religious doctrinal concepts now prominent during the final phase of the Piscean Age.


This course contains 51 lessons and will take approximately one year of study for completion. The lessons will help you learn how to gain conscious control of the quantum forces that create the events and circumstances of your reality. They involve both mental and physical exercises to attune your mind and body with the forces of nature that determine the day-to-day evolvement of your life's path. The final section of these lessons teaches the premises of astrology and various divination forms and how to use them for determining choices and decisions. Once scoffed by some as superstition, these are actually effective systems for determining patterns in the quantum forces that are at work in forming the events around us.

These 28 lessons are a continuation of the development of wisdom, with exercises in developing the higher mental abilities. Some of these abilities include telepathy, psychometry, reading auras, dreams and their interpretation, water and metal dowsing and precognition. These insights will bring you further in touch with the many natural forces that surround us here on the Earth.

A complete course in naturopathic medicine including herbology, biochemistry, vitamin therapy, organotherapy, hydrotherapy,natural childbirth, and more. It also includes basic anatomy and physiology with an approach based on Native American healing practices. The course includes 81 lessons, requiring 30 months of study for completion.

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