January 20 through February 19

Password = " I Know "

Message = " Those who don't know, don't know they don't know"

Key Word = Altruism
( The willingness to give freely of one's time and resources to others )

Element = Air
Quality = Fixed Sign

Ruling Planet = Uranus
The planet of change
The command of Uranus = "Let's Be Friends"


This is the dawning of the month of Aquarius, the time of the Water Bearer. It is the beginning of a new year as reckoned by the Gregorian chant of days upon which our modern calendar is based. This is a fairly new concept, officially adopted in 1752. Prior to that time the beginning of the year was the first day of spring when the new growth of the year began. Thus the first month of the year was Aries. This explains the enigmatic names of the last months of the calendar. In Latin the word December translates as "Tenth Month". Many traditions, including the Druids, still consider the Spring Equinox to be the true beginning point of the festival year.

The Password for the month, as well as for the entire Age of Aquarius is " I KNOW " . The age of Pisces and it's systems of Belief has had its time, and in this month we are reminded that now is the time of KNOWING. We remember that to believe is to say we don't know. When we truly have knowledge about something, there can know longer be belief. How can we truly come to Know? The secret comes from personal experience, for once you have been there and done that, you will Know it.

The Key Word for Aquarius is ALTRUISM. Altruism is simply giving things away. This can frequently be seen in your Aquarian acquaintances. They give and they give. Some types will give the sink and even the living room rug if they can get it up, but others will give away the truly precious things such as their gift of wisdom and love. This is the meaning of the symbol for Aquarius being pictured as the Water Bearer pouring forth his gift upon all of humankind. Now, in Aquarius, is when we have our chance to perfect ourselves and the world. It is prophesied that when the time comes when one-third of the people of earth can each lay one brick in the temple at Avalon with perfect love and perfect trust, then the Lord of this World will come to dwell within. It is prophesied that God, who has thus far never been seen by humankind, shall at last become visible to the pure in heart, and the world shall increase in vibration until it glows like a new star in the heavens. Let us remember that in this month, and in this age, it is our task to KNOW that we may pour it forth in love and therefore achieve the goal of wisdom - Perfection.

Uranus is the ruling influence of Aquarius. This is the planet of change. During this month we can reflect upon all the changes that have come about during the past year and plan for the changes that we desire for the year ahead. Fortunately, Uranus moves very slowly and the change is not so upsetting when it is not too abrupt. As the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus reminds us that this is our time to change. Our world changes, our methods change, and our outlook changes slowly as we change from the era of Believing to the new world of Knowledge.

The command of Uranus to us is "Let's be friends" Aquarians are seldom gregarious. Friends are the one thing they always need. With all their giving, it is surprising that they have so few friends. Aquarians love organizations and grand charitable ideas but seldom define their love down to the individual, as does the Leo. Thus they seldom have friends. This one thing is usually the greatest weakness of the Aquarian.

The message of Aquarius is "The blessing of the gods is that those who don't know don't know they don't know." Consider how it might be if those who don't know realized that they did not know! It is easy to see that in such a case our aspirations would always fail. The message of Aquarius might be reworded as: "Ignorance is bliss". However, we have often come to look upon that statement as the code of the fool. But when we look at the mass of humankind wasting their lives in apparent futility and ignorance, can we be blamed sometimes if we begin to regard their actions as foolishness? People must be protected from their own foolishness, so they do not see their own futility. Thus they can aspire to that which is entirely above them and therefore unattainable. Without this ego-protecting message, they could not so aspire to greater things. If they did not aspire there would be no progress toward perfection. Thus it is the blessing of the gods that we don't know our own foolishness, thereby protecting us from discouragement as we struggle upward toward the light and the love of the gods.

Each astrological sign is approximately 30 degrees in width and is divided into three portions called decans. Each decan is assigned a Code Word which further defines the sign and the people born during that portion of the astrological month.

First Decan Codeword : COOPERATION

Herein lies the lesson which the Aquarian needs to learn. But don't we all? For cooperation is an aspect of love. Competition is tension and therefore a form of hate. Aquarians are the most independent of the signs and above all others, they need to learn to cooperate. They always seem to be somewhat aloof from the common herd, but inside they are soft and are afraid of being hurt. Their reserve in many cases is merely a pretended shell. But everyone can profit from this teaching. Cooperation is the epitome of love in action.

Second Decan Codeword : INDEPENDENCE

This is an outstanding trait for the native of this month, and a desirable characteristic for others to learn during this decan. Aquarians are never horses in harness. They are thinkers and seekers after knowledge, and these very things preclude the bit. But let us others develop a little more independence during this time. Make your own decisions. Stand on your own two feet. Even though at the same time it behooves us to stand back and let the Aquarian lead you to the star you seek, for he KNOWS and will lead you in love.

Third Decan Codeword : FRIENDSHIP

It follows naturally from the command of Uranus, "Let's Be Friends" Friends are necessary. No one is happy if completely alone. Friends are necessary for your health and happiness. To have friends, you must be a friend. Give love away and others will give it back to you. Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you seven fold.

What are friends? I has been said that a friend is one who knows all about you and still likes you! This certainly calls for love. We can distinguish between friends and mere acquaintances by the degree of closeness in the relationship. Friends are those to whom you extend yourself in love. They are those toward whom you pour yourself forth. During this time of Aquarius, FIND A FRIEND. In Aquarius, BE A FRIEND. At the end of the Age of Aquarius, when humankind grows into a state of Perfection, we shall all be Friends.

From the teachings of Father Eli, 1974

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