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Issue 6 - Samhain 1999

Merry meet! This is the time of year when the cycles of Light finally yeild to those of the Darkness. Our ancient Celtic ancestors viewed this as the beginning of the new year. The harvests have been gathered, and the seeds of growth for the coming year stored away for the springtime planting. It is a time for reflection on the achievements of the past and contemplation for the goals of the time to come.

In the Gregorian Calendar we will soon enter into a new Millenium. In many ways, this is opening the eyes of the masses to the fact that we have, indeed, entered into a New Age. The celestial configuration of the Dawning Star appeared over the North American continent on December 25, 1970 as Jupiter, Mars and Venus moved into a perfect alignment in the Eastern sky. This marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

It must be remembered that in the Age of Pisces, the Teacher did not emerge with his message for about 30 years, although he was born on the day of a similar planetary alignment over the village of Bethlehem. It is now 30 years since the beginning of the New Age, and just think back over the incredible changes we have seen in our world in these few years. The human collective consciousness has been going through an incredible evolution as it is forced to absorb information from around the globe through the advances of technology. The world cultures have an opportunity to communicate directly in ways never before possible. The spiritual impact of this evolutionary change is only beginning to emerge. The Millenial Event is a trigger that is awakening the masses to the New Age that has unfolded around them.

At Samhain, the etherial fabric that separates the Mortal and Mental worlds wanes thin, allowing those from the Other Side to visit briefly with those of Mortal realm who open themselves to this communion of the spirit. It is prophesied that in the Golden Age of Knowledge, all the Perfected Ones of times past shall be reborn to serve as teachers for the Children of Earth. As the veil opens at the mid-night of Samhain, set an offering of friendship to these Old Ones, and invite them to join us in the Great Dance of Life. Then let us enter into the new year and the new age with the Knowledge that the time of Enlightenment is at hand. Visualize the Perfect World, and then take the step across the threshold that leads your there.

Blessed Be !

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