As Our Mother is Bound
By Lady Pro Lémané

As our Mother is bound, by Her choice, to the Earth,
For a moment, Celestial Time,
And although She has freedom to do as She'll choose,
So embodied, She's surely confined.
"Though Her bonds be of love, to be useful, while here,
The physical bound'ries must be.
The Spiritual aspect of Love, bound to Earth,
Is hard for us mortals to see.

We react with emotion to all of Life's waves,
And we're bound to our ship on this sea.
We add power to Her waves, as we flow with the tides
Or, against them, we fight, uselessly.
Our emotional ships are battered by storms.
Bewildered, we ask ourselves, "Why?"
Could it be, we've forgotten the Peace from the Love
That is sent us from up in the Sky?

As our Mother is bound to the Earth in this time,
So are we, and placed by our choice.
As She lovingly reigns o'er Her mortal domain,
So can we, if we'd just hear Her voice.
We're the children of Gods! Let's not let mortal bonds
Trap our spirits in all of their strife.
Let's be free of the care that are holding us here.
Give attention to spiritual life.

For we're bound 'til we do all the teachings we're taught.
To escape, we must grow, mentally.
Leave the mortal behind, by serving, with love,
All the younger ones, coming to see.
Relieving the pain, bringing happiness, too,
Is the Way to show God's love on Earth.
Thus, by serving the mortal, we mentally grow
And we'll spiritually gain a new birth.

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