"ELI SAID" December 1, 1982


People are born into this world and this amid such pain and travail of mortal birth that psychologists now assure us that the act of birth itself -- departure from the safety and comfort of the womb and the brutal exposure to life itself -- gives the baby an insurmountable trauma from which it never completely recovers. In addition to this, many children grow up in homes in with constant abuse -- psychological, physical or verbal -- are daily occurrences. The child is then tossed out of this comparative safety at the tender age of four or five into that false society -- the public school. Here the child is subjected to the kangaroo courts and terroristic gangs of his peers. By the time this child is grown, the happiness in its life will have been determined by the negative life -- things which it has encountered.

Is it any wonder that the American people who are blessed with the greatest material civilization the world has ever seen, are unhappy? Look around you. How many do you see that are happy? Well, here is a simple, very simple way to be happy. This is so simple that you must try it to believe it! Ben Franklin said that, "a man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be". I would like to paraphrase that.

A person is as happy as he knows how to be!

Millions of Americans have everything to be happy for, and yet, not knowing how to be happy, they rush to and fro madly seeking happiness as if it were some sort of Holy Grail. They think that because they are not happy here, that they will be happy over there somewhere, as if happiness were something you could buy in a store. They fail to understand that happiness is an inner emotion! It is to be found only inside yourself! You cannot share it with anyone, and you cannot give it away. The person who attains it has indeed obtained "a pearl of great price".

The Wise ones know the secret of happiness. It is simply this; to live in the eternal present! Every morning upon rising, face the rising sun and express appreciation for just this one more day of life. They do not thank the Gods merely for all their possessions, the five figure bank accounts, or for their holdings of stocks and bonds. THEY THANK THE GODS FOR ANOTHER 24 HOURS OF LIFE! and the opportunity it gave to be happy with them.

What is the secret that gave the Wise Ones happiness? What is the reason that the average person cannot attain it? Happiness can easily be attained through the application of just two rules. The first of these, of course, is to live just for today. Live today as if it were the last day of your life! Then do the things that would make you happy if this were the last day of your life. Seriously, it may very well be! Secondly, an equally simple rule which is the only way of applying the first rule. "Avoid making decisions!. The main thing, if not the only thing that inflicts so much unhappiness on the average person, is the constant decision making their life style forces upon them. How can anyone be happy when they are being torn apart by doubt as to whether your last decision was right. Couple this to a natural anxiety as to whether your present decisions are correct, and you have a very unhappy person. This ring of decisions constitute a merry-go-round of unhappiness which binds its victims tighter and tighter.

The answer to unhappiness is obvious. DON'T MAKE DECISIONS!

Happiness in life depends on doing exactly what you want to do.
At any particular moment, do the thing that makes you happy. Obviously, if you spend the day doing the thing that makes you happy, you will have spent the day happily. When we try to think back to a day in which we were happy, do we not come to a day in which we did the things which pleased us all day?

If you need to know what to do next, don't think of what NEEDS to be done, do what would please you most if it were done? When that is done, then do the next thing that will make you happy. Keep this up all day long and you will have spent this day happily. You were not happy in the past, but if you cannot learn to be happy in the present, you will never be happy. A person can spend a lifetime being unhappy!

This is the way the Great Father & Mother meant for us to live happily and one day at a time. He has never given any man more than one day of life at a time. How are you going to spend yours?

Live, and be happy!

In the eyes of the Gods, are these not the same thing?

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