The Game of Life (a dream)
by Malakai

While practicing the lesson on "Dreaming True", I had a most interesting dream that I would like to share with you.

I, along with a few others, was given the opportunity to participate in a very special game. The object of the game was to find and recognize angels within the many people on the streets around us. They would be dressed like all the rest, and involved in routine activities so that only the random acts of kindness they performed would give away their identity. Recognition would award the participant with points that could be traded in for special prizes to be chosen by the game players according to their personal desires.

Sometimes they made it easy to find them by deliberately placing themselves in the path of our daily routines, posing as someone in need of assistance without overtly asking for it. I would notice an old woman in a fast food restaurant struggling to carry a tray of food to her table, or a foreign speaking traveler trying to read directions on a sign. When I stopped to offer a moment of assistance, they would look at me with a deep smile of thanks, and bonus points were awarded for performing the random act of kindness that they would have done in the same situation. When I realized this, one of these angels told me in a very kind voice,
"It is our way of providing training exercises for those who would be one of us."

It quickly became obvious that the ability to recognize the angels was enhanced by the practice of Meditation. By going through the day in a relaxed state, the angels began to stand out in the crowd. They didn't even have to do anything, but seemed to emit a special glow that could be felt as a sort of sympathetic vibration. At such times, they would turn and smile at me with a nod of mutual recognition, and extra points were given.

Then one day, within the dream, I noticed a very special person within the people on the street. I approached him to ask who he was, and with a smile he told me that he was a manifestation of the Creator. He said that he enjoyed taking human form to visit with His children. He told me that since I was a game participant, and had recognized him, he had a special prize for me. Those who could see through his carefully veiled disguise were awarded gifts of increased life force and a slowing of the aging process. This, in effect, would give the game player more time to enjoy the benefits of the game. Placing a reassuring hand upon my shoulder he winked at me with a radiant smile and said "Keep up your vigilance. You never know what form I may take. See you around." Then he turned and blended into the people walking along the street.

I awoke with the realization that this is a very real game that is open to all of us who follow the Way to Perfection. Every day provides us with an opportunity to witness the random acts of kindness that prevail, even in the midst of city turmoil. And how often are we presented with the opportunity to help someone in need. Even the smallest acts of kindness can bring great rewards for our spiritual nature. Perfection is not something that will come in one glorious moment. It is found in the moment to moment thoughts and deeds that we experience day to day. Take a good look at the life that you are living.

Are you in the Game?

Here is an exercise in looking for angels. Sit relaxed and let your gaze focus just past the surface of the screen, at the center of the picture, until you make the patterns overlap. See if an angel will appear for you.

A similar method of shifting your vision can be useful in practicing clairvoyance as well.

Gazed til your cross-eyed and still don't see the angel?
Just click on the picture and see what you missed.

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