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Issue 9 - Imbolc 2000
Merry meet! Tis the turning of the seasons, as winter begins to give way to the warmth of Spring, and the spirit of the Lady Brigit awakens the new growth to come soon. Imbolc is the time for the seeds of the Earth begin their cycle of germination in preparation for the time of growth ahead. In this cold time, let's all look at our own lives, and what seeds of change we want to plant in our spiritual garden in this coming year.

Think about what changes you would like to bring into your lives in the coming season, or what goals you would like to set for the year ahead. Visualize this goal as a seed that you hold in your hand. Hold it out in front of you and picture how you want this seed of hope to change your life. Then offer it to The Earth Mother, as she takes the form of Lady Brigit. As the days lengthen and the warmth returns to the Earth, watch for the changes to sprout and grow within your life.

May the coming of spring bring you inspiration and deeper insight into your Path in the New Age.

Blessed Be !

The Festival of Candlemas by Mike Nichols.
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