The Group Spirit

The Group Spirit
by Father Eli

Every tree, plant, and animal on the earth is a thinking creature, and as it thinks, it telepathically broadcasts its thoughts in an effort toward communication with others. Much of this thinking is the result of the environment and the physical needs and activities of these sentient entities.

In every distinct group of like entities where each one has approximately the same needs as all the others, the individuals all have thoughts which are similar and will join in with the thoughts of all others of this kind. Thus is created a mental grouping of like entities thinking similar thoughts which is distinctly different from any other group of distinctive entities.

We call any one of these specific groups a "group mind". Every group mind is different from every other group mind. For instance, all the living individuals of the rabbit family belong to the same group mind. This group mind, consisting of the thoughts and experiences of the Rabbit Tribe since its beginnings, provides for instinctive behavior necessary for the raising of the young, and preservation of the tribe. Instinctively, for example, the rabbit knows from the group mind, how to avoid being caught by the coyote.

All the coyotes on earth belong to the Coyote group mind, which does the same things for the Coyote Tribe as the group mind of The Rabbit does for the rabbits. Here, though, the group mind gives instinctive knowledge to each coyote on how to catch the wily rabbit.

Every group of three or more sentient creatures combining their efforts toward any goal whatever, also creates between them a group mind. There are, therefore, many thousands of group minds. Merely being a human makes one a member of the greatest of the group minds. Being an American makes one a member of a smaller group mind. Being a Texan makes one a member of an even smaller mind. Being a Caucasian Texan makes one a member of another group mind, and being a male or female makes you a member of a different group mind. The smallest of the group minds, and probably the least developed, is the one that is formed upon the birth of the first child to a family. For the first time, the male or female partially deserts the group mind of their gender and forms something now called "the family".

The group spirits of the world constitute what we collectively call "Mammon". This word, mammon, comes from the Old Language, and means "Big Mamma". Mammals bear their young, nurse their off-spring, and experience a strong motherly love. By contrast, egg laying animals may never know their babies, or they push them from the nest at a young age. Among mammals, a life-long attachment is felt between a mother and her child.

Each child of the human race is a member of the Group Spirit of Man. The goup mind teaches it to such, to cry, to babble and smile, and all the other things it learns to do as it grows. A baby at birth is 100% mortal, and so is controlled 100% by the group spirit. Mammon is the world, and mother of us all. People under control by the group mind are taught entirely by the Law of Cause and Effect. You touch a hot stove, you get burned. The group spirit itself progresses as people progress, but individuals progress in the dark, as members of this group. They never become aware, and so the group mind progresses to a level - usually artificial - which leaves no lower level for the progressing animal intelligences to be born into. It progresses until it fights with itself, and this is the Real Reason for the destructions which occur during the lifespan of each Race of Man.

As a yeast dough can be predicted to rise in so many hours, it can be predicted that it will take about 100,000 years for the group spirit of a race of men to rise to the necessity of extinction. About every 25,000 years, the dough must be kneaded down, for the Children of Earth grow away from Mother Earth. At the time of the fourth kneading, the race is completely destroyed. Every child's game is torn up, for children always tear up their own games. Fortunate for the next race is the fact that perfected ones from the previous race have come back to teach them.

The mind of a person belonging to the Group Mind never grows beyond that of a fifteen year old. He never really has a thought of his own. He is content, or content with discontent. Ninety-eight percent of humans are in this category. Their main concerns are eating, sleeping, paychecks, and sex. Perhaps that is why most of the television programming is geared to the mental level of the seven year old. Not all people in the group grow to the fifteen year level.

An aware mind, however, will experience a profound change at age fifteen, or thereabouts. This may be very traumatic for him and he may think he's going insane - but if he survives, his mind will continue to grow. If such a child has been raised in an aware environment, he will have an easier time during this change.

On becoming aware, the individual is no longer controlled by the group spirit. It is very difficult to break away - to cut even one tie with the group. He has to leave the way of the group, and learn to decide for himself. He cannot do it alone. Someone who is aware must help him break away.

It is therefore the duty of aware persons to go out of their way to form bonds of love and affection with their brothers and sisters so that these same bonds will serve to steady the weaker ones who are trying to pull away form the group mind. If there is any praise or honor due for having formed bonds with an unaware person, and pulled them loose from the worship of Mammon, which is the Group Spirit of Man, then the Hermetic Law states that there is an equal blame for failure to act to try to prevent a weak brother from regressing into the mass where he will again don the shackles of slavery, called "convention", "security", and "wealth".

When a person falls back into the group mass, he will lose any awareness that he had attained. He will grab onto something weird and approved by the group mind that he can believe in - often to the point of fanaticism.

Money is the working force of the things of the world, and hence, money has become equated with mammon. Money, in our society, seems all-important. Everyone wants more money, though they don't often think of doing more for the getting of it. This is the desire of the Group Spirit of Man which has again progressed to the need for kneading.

Those in the group mind are children. They must be cared for by the world - by Mammon. Mother Nature would nurture her children, but they have grown far from her - wise in their own conceits.

Those who are aware are, by desire, controlled by the Father, and know they aspire to return to Him. It is hard in the world of today. Examine your life. How much of it is controlled by the influence of Mammon? Are your discontents due to living according to the opinions of others? Are they wise?

Not everyone who gets tired of the world's games is aware. Children can get tired of city games, move to the country, and not be at all aware. Two kinds of people leave the artificial civilization - Those who become aware that there is something more to life - and those who simply get tired of playing the game.

Which are you?

The World
by Lady Pro Lémané

The world is the way it thinks every day,
And it likes to imbue your mind with its way -
To hold you aback, to show you you lack
The freedom to choose, and the freedom to act
With wisdom to see the eternity
Of lessons to learn without feeling guilty.
Be ever alive, and learn to be You.
Accept not the way of others, today
Be free, and be fine - Be loving and kind -
And think for yourself if you'd climb off the shelf
Where everything's tagged with "the way it should be"
From the viewpoint of those gazing down at their toes.
For we're born to this Earth that our minds may unfold.
And then, as we grow, we seek to uphold
The Truth - and seek more, to open the doors
To wisdom from Heaven, not knowledge from men.

Further insights and background information to some of the ideas mentioned in this article may be found in The Legends of the Druidic Craft.

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