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Issue 3 - Beltane 1999

Merry meet! We are now enjoying the full blooming of the Spring as the Mother Goddess unfolds the secrets of her hidden beauty in every opening seed and blossom. It is a time for rejoicing in the wonders of creation and procreation as we enjoy the ancient traditions of the Maypole dance and Bale fires.

Take time to escape the routines of your daily living and find a nearby wilderness area, or even a park where you can surround yourself with the sounds and sights of Nature. Embrace the beauty of the Earth with all your senses. Know that you are the Child of Mother Earth and Father Sun - a living, growing offspring of the Creators of all Life. Breathe in the Life Force of the air around you. Relax within and feel your kinship with the living things around you. Lower the defensive barriers of your ego and personal identity to grasp your unique part in the Natural order that surrounds you. At the same time, realize the unique part that every rock, flower, insect, tree, animal, and other people also share in this wondrous tapestry of Life.

We are living in a New Age of Knowledge. The time has come for us to realize that we can be an active part in shaping the season s to come on many levels. Springtime is a time for change and new growth. What new sprouts of knowledge and wisdom can you find within yourself? Where do you want to grow this year?

Blessed Be !

The Festival of Beltane - by Ariadne
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