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Issue 7 - Yule 1999

Merry meet and Happy Yule !

With the arrival of the Winter Solstice, we find ourselves in the darkest time of the year. Many of us drive to work before the sun rises and return home after it has set. What better time to have a party! Nearly every culture has some form of celebration to bring some light into this dreary time.

This is a Festival of Light for many cultures. It is time to burn the Yule logs, light the candles, deck the halls with garlands of greenery and bright ribbons. And once the homes are decorated it is time for a party with dancing, singing, and feasting with friends and family. This has been a Celtic tradition for centuries, evolving into the modern Holiday Season.

The end of this year's Yuletide festival is climaxed by the widely acclaimed celebration of the New Millenium, Y2K, the entrance into the year 2000. The collective consciousness of humanity is primed for a New Beginning, awaiting a Brave New World to begin with this changing of the calendar. What better time to use our magical skills to initiate the promise of the New Age into our respective cultures.

The Age of Aquarius actually had its beginning 30 years ago with the alignment of Jupiter, Mars and Venus as its heralding sign. But every new era of the Great Solar Year has taken at least 30 years of change before the masses of humanity actually awakened to the changes of the Age. As we look back over the past three decades, there have been incredible technological breakthroughs and cultural shifts that have permanently altered the way we live and relate to one another. All the nations of the world are now linked not only commercially, but the Internet has provided a means for direct communication between individuals around the globe. We must not forget that this New Age will last for over 2,000 years, and the recent changes are but a glimpse of what is to come.

Hold fast to your Utopian dreams, my brothers and sisters. The Age of Wisdom and Knowledge awaits us. As we step through this Millenial Gateway, let us use our magical vision to create the format of the future to come. We are the programmers of our destiny, and the time has come awaken the sleeping masses to the New Age that is unfolding in the World matrix. This is the New Order of the Universe that the American forefathers envisioned. Now it is up to us to bring this vision into our reality.


The Yule Festival by Mike Nichols.
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