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About 2,300 years ago Plato was teaching his pupils that the world we exist in is but a reflection of the Real World. Four millennia before that another great teacher named Hermes outlined this same conclusion in his Hermetic Principles. In our present time physicists are still trying to find their way through the maze of atoms, electrons, quarks and quanta to discover the doorway to this Higher Reality.

In recent years, in another far and distant galaxy of the human mind, the concept of Virtual Reality has provided yet another means of understanding, or at least exploring, this concept of worlds within worlds. Several recent movies and television programs have provided us a glimpse of the possibilities. Two of these have stood out from the others as exceptional allegories for the metaphysical paradox that has intrigued the deeper minds of humankind throughout the ages.

The Matrix was a box office hit, with outstanding special effects and fast paced action to draw the masses into the movie seats. But within the plot was a subtle message that eluded many of the reviewers and audience. This same subtle theme is echoed in a less touted film called The Thirteenth Floor. Both tell us that the world we live in is not exactly as we perceive it to be. Once a person has gained a certain Awareness, the world appears as an electronic three dimensional grid in which we move about using an avatar, or unit, or body which is used for interfacing with the other electronically generated graphics of this world.

What may sound, at first glance, to be science fiction taken over the edge is actually a scientifically proven fact. Our bodies, our belongings, and the world around us are, in fact, all clusters of atomic particles with swirling, pulsing electrons, held together by subatomic energy generated by some as yet unknown forces which have been called quanta and quarks, among other things. Everything we experience is actually a sort of digitally enhanced image produced by our brain in response to the continual scanning of our sensory input of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Each of us experiences the world slightly differently according to the experiences (sensory download) and physical attributes of our bodies and senses (hardware).

Like the characters in the above mentioned films, some of us have had experiences that made us aware that there is more to the World than the face value of its physical attributes. There seems to be some kind of Master Plan, or Program, in which we are active or passive participants. Those of us who practice meditation of some form have had the experience of tuning in to higher levels of understanding, receiving inspiration and clarification for our existence in this life. Many have become acutely aware that we have a Higher Self, or Spirit, or Soul that supercedes the experiences of this current mortal time span. Could it be that somewhere, in some other plane or dimension, there is a Real World of which the three dimensional grid of the physical Earth is but a refection. Is it possible that the world around us is only Virtual Reality, and that Actual Reality lies somewhere just beyond the dream state? Could it be that Angels and Guardian Spirits are simply Programmers from this higher realm of existence, tapping into our physical plane to "tweak" the programming?

The basic principles of Magic teach us that the physical world around us is, indeed, pliable and changeable. You can actually visualize an object or situation and watch it materialize days or weeks later. The tenets of the Druidic Craft of the Wise hold that we are the Children of the Creators, and thus have within us a certain degree of this Power of Creation. With practice, many people have been able to completely change their life, using magic to create a wonderful and comfortable environment in which to enjoy the lessons and interpersonal relationships of their world. In effect, magic is the tool for reprogramming the Matrix of the world. Working together, we have the capability of completely restructuring our Reality into a Virtual Paradise of loving thoughts and mutual respect for what we know and understand.

While computer programmers work relentlessly to solve the Y2K problem, there is another group of "reality programmers" working equally hard to solve the social and cultural issues of the Virtual Reality we know as our world. You can be an active part of this major project. All it takes is a commitment to doing random acts of kindness and creating a more positive Vision of the world that surrounds you. Make people smile and feel good about themselves as you interface with them. Find ways to continually feel good about yourself and the things you do each day. Look for others who are part of the "Conspiracy" to make our world a better place for all of us.

If you want or need further training, The Mental Science Institute offers magical training for learning how to "reprogram" your world in the ancient tradition that has been shared throughout the ages. Just follow the links to MSI to learn more about it.

For an entertaining and enlightening view of Virtual Reality and how it parallels our existence, I heartily recommend renting or buying a copy of The Matrix and the Thirteenth Floor. Watch each of the first time for its entertainment value. Then watch it again, a few times, and think about the allegory it presents for the physical world in which we operate. The Web links themselves provide an interesting background to the movies. If nothing else, perhaps it will make you begin to Question Reality. Who knows what doors that will open.

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For an experience in virtual reality on your own computer, try Active Worlds . Download the software and enjoy a free tour of a Virtual Reality environment. For Craft related areas, click on the WORLDS button and check out Arcanis, Charmed and Mysti, or explore any of the other worlds that catch your interest. You simply use your arrow keys to move around.

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