Star Wars Parodies Sung to the tune of
"The Brady Bunch" 

They Don't Exist

It's the story, of Princess Leia,
who was brought up on the planet Alderaan,
'til Tarkin blasted it to hell with a Death Star,
now Alderaan is gone.

It's the story of Luke Skywalker,
who was raised up on the planet Tatooine,
he was raised up by his aunt Beru and uncle Owen
who wouldent let Luke do anything.

Until one day when the princess was in trouble,
and Luke Skywalker found her distres call,
then stormtroopers killed his aunt and uncle,
Owen and Beru they don't exist at all.

They don't exist,

They don't exist,

Owen and Beru they don't exist at all!

- By CCBormann

Joining the Rebellion

It's a story
Of a lovely princess
Who had just lost everything she'd ever had
Now she was fighting the evil empire,
Specifically her dad

It's a story
Of a moisture farmer
Who was busy with two droids of his own
The left to join the rebellion
Which was far from home.

Then one day this farmer saved this Princess
With the help of a young Corellion
These three decided to fight the empire,
That's the way they joined the rebellion

The Rebellion (At-too-De-too)
The Rebellion (At-too-De-too)
That's the way they joined the Rebellion

- By Bryan Gearin


Here's the story
Of a man named Solo
Who was hangin' on the planet Tatooine
He was with his wookie first mate, named Chewbacca
When an old man and a boy came on the scene

Here's the story
Of Luke Skywalker
Who hooked up with an old hermit named Ben
A Jedi Master, who at one time taught his father
And used his "certain point of view" time and again

Now on this day Luke and Ben met Captain Solo
To save the Princess Leia was their sole mission
Went to the Death Star, and got off with the Princess
That's the waaaaaaaaay they say-yaved the rebellion

The Ree-bell-yun (doo-dit-do-do-do)
The Ree-bell-yun (doo-dit-do-do-do)
That's the waaaaaaaay they say-yaved the Ree-bell-yun

- By Dave Phillips 

(All of the above are credited when I know who to credit if anyone knows the author of the uncredited ones please let me know. Send mail to: Gremlin)
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