Feminine Human Rights-Unity Award

Spread The Word!
Help End Gender Apartheid
& Other International
Human Rights Violations!
Please nominate someone you have found...or
Those who make a webpage
or perform another valuable service
to help create awareness as a means for
Freeing The Afghan Women
&/or Other Endangered Females
or those helping The Dine'h American Indians!
may apply for & recieve a Unity Award.

We know that they may not need an award just
for doing what's right, but it may help link
other pages & encourage others to help.
Your award is to spread the word,
if you do that you deserve it for doing
your loving & fair part in this world
& encouraging others to do the same.

You may also use the pictures
& recieve an Award for work on behalf
of The Dine'h Indians
of Arizona!
It has come to our attention that
The Dine'h Grandmothers have
been leading a peaceful resistance
to try to stop the Genocide of their people
which is still happening as we speak.
To learn more about this,
this on-going human rights crisis in the United States,
you may go to the Big Mountain link first & then come
back for your images to make a web page
if you like..

Big Mountain
Please Find Out The Truth


Freedom Fems United Award

International Sisterhood-Unity Award

Free Females-Unity Award

You may also apply for awards for work on behalf of other endangered females! email:  Unity Awards Requests.
Or those facing skin-colour discrimination.
Please choose your favorite helpers & awards, as applies.

Feminine Human Rights-Unity Award

Endangeered Females-Unity Award

To Help You Make Your Own Pages
& For Free Images To Use
To Create Awareness for our
less-fortunate Sisters
Free Images-Click Here
Click Here

Email: mailto:elfensong@iname.com

Back To Free Afghan Women & Girls
& Other Endangered Females
& More International
Crimes Against The Female Gender
or Colour oppression.
Main Afghan Women's Page.
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*Don't Give Up*
by Cyndy Lauper

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