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The Tiny Tigerish Tale of the Tuirgente

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Brightest Blessings
of The Tuatha de Danann!

May the Sidhe Bless Thee
& The Water-Fey Love Thee!
May The Catti-Tribe Protect Thee!
May All Manner Of Loving Fey
Surround Thee
With Mother Nature's Beauty.

A Work In Progress:
(This Maytide meditation will hopefully be turned into a rhyming song,
to help folks memorize the Ballad & thus learn the inspirations.
Please enjoy it like a imagining meditation for now.
Just relax & imagine it is you in the Emerald Green Forest)

A Tale of One Fine Green Day of May
The Tiny Tigerish Tale of the Tuirgente

The Fae's Green Man lovingly peeks
his face out of the Emerald Forest Isle's
Sacred Grove of Trees to smile at you.
Greenery frames his gentle, handsome face.
You stop to smell a flower & for a few seconds
you catch a glimpse of a tiny Water-Sprite
playing in the dewdrops of the blossoming rosebuds.
The singing of the Birds carries an
enchanting melody through the air.
We sing poetic enchantments, *teinm laegda*.
The poetic songs of the *Filidh de Danann* ring out.
Wondrous answers are revealed.
A Butterfly flutters by you & timeless memories
of your soul's tuirgen are reawakened within you
& come flooding back to you.
A gentle breeze caresses you & you are overwhelmed
with a complete feeling of joy & love for Mother Nature
& all her creatures great & small.
Buíochas le Dánu!
animated faery
You sense your three inner cauldrons of inspiration
illuminated full of joy,
the nurturing warmth of your
*Coire Goiriath* in your warming womb/belly,
the awareness of the creative gifts
of for your heartfelt *Coire Ermae* fully delighting
the psychic emotions in your heart.
Ahhh.. the joys of *imbas forasna*
the energy of ancestral traditions of *fith-fath*
fill the air. Fith-Fath. Fith-Fath. pitter-pat, pitter-pat
*tarbh feis*! goes our spirit-vision flights.
*Da shealladh*! Second sight! Second sight!


Ahh...the wisdom in *dichetul do chennaib*
as you touch a little feather in the grass,
then touch your finger to your lip knowingly.
Ahhh.....the joys in *teinm laegda*
as you enchantingly sing your poetic song
over the little owner of the feather,
which you thus located... fallen in the grass.
Singing enchantments,
until she rises & takes to the sky
with renewed life vigour
her lost soul fragments returned to her.
Dove of Peace
She is whole! she is healed
& joins you in the melody
with her delightful bird songs.
As heartfelt joy has turned your creative cup,
*Coire Ermae*
upward with creative enlightenment
toward your head held spirit wisdom cup,
*Coire Sois*,
which is filling with the knowledge
of spirit's inspirations of universal love
& thus tips it's face upwards
towards the sky above you.

You now feel the harmony within
your *triptych Anam*.
The harmony of your
1.) *cárbhaddh*-Trust of the Soul
2. *creideamh*-The Heart's Consent, or Belief
3. *Iris*-the mind's pledge, or faith
Your spiritual wholeness within becomes
full of your soul's life vigour
when these three are as one,
then there is true strength and power
within the *coich anama*,
or soul-shrine, as the body is termed..
As i touch my now tiny tigerish paw to my lips
a landscape of wonderment is revealed.
I purrr my enchanting melody in harmony
with yours & our new found bird friend.
I lap up some faery wine you have set out,
i cover myself with the blanket of greenery
you have weaved & laid out for me.
A kind of lacto-eggo-vegetarians'
kind of *tarbh feis* or *taghairm*. ;o) wink
For no bull, nor stag,
nor any wild or domestic creature
was asked to forfeit their body or life's blood
for the making of your potion.
What a gentle *taibhsear* are thee.
Dare i say, what kind-hearted *Filidh* are we.
And me, still no less free in this tiny tigerish body,
than i was in another life as your happy lively mate.
A mhuirnín dílis! It's good to see you again!

You hold a looking-glass up before me
& i am surprised to  see,
i am not a giant tiger i fancied myself afterall,
but rather  a wee Lynx like kit here sitting with thee.

Well,  some things don't change.
As i recall, when we knew each other both in human forms,
you were always kind enough to let me fancy myself
a little grander than i was back then too. ;o)

Duine á rá agus Beandía á dhéanamh!
How we adored one another.  A rún mo chroí!
What a fine companion you were.
A chuisle mo chroí! purrrrrrr

For i drank your faery wine made from the milk of a cow
the unfertilized egg of a hen, the honey of the bees,
some nectar gathered by a hummingbird & a butterfly,
a sprinkle of Faery Dust & an Enchanted Emerald
& your secret herbs soaking within
you let drop in a burning ember of sage.
It bubbles out. Fire & & milk.
Faery Goblet
Yummy! i lap it up eagerly
as you & birdie sing over me.
i purrr-purrr-purr in harmony.
I smell the sweet incense of your burning wand
of sweet grass, sage & cedar
as you wave it rhythmically towards my feline face.
A gentle reminder of how much the shamanka
of many lands share. Fire & Water, Earth & Air.
Land, Sky, Sea!
Spirit & Soul! Fith-fath! Fith-Fath! Fith-Fath!
The rushing sound of the waterfall seems to
join our melodious enchantment.

Is that a water-sprite i glimpse playing in the water,
or am i already in a trance or dreaming?
I purr some more & as i drift off into dreams.
I dream of a Butterfly Winged Fae Queen.
Are Her wings like unto a tiger-butterflys',
while your Faery Double's wings
are like unto a Monarchs'? hmmmmm..
i travel through delightful Fey Realms
with my Faery Double,
before returning full of discovery.
animated faery
animated faery
Memories of my soul's *tuirgen*
come flooding back to me.
The circuit of births my soul has been journeying
(a birth that passes from every nature into another),
with my Anams' transmigrations,
has delighted my soul with such visual wonders
as to render their record virtually ineffable
via my now tiny-tigerish utterances.
How many lives have i known you Dear?
I can not count them all so quickly as it floods me.
But the triptych of my soul remembers!
This same precious soul that is i,
now animating this tiny tigerish body.
I too now feel joy & love for you,
Mother Nature & all her creatures,
flora & fauna.
We have awakened to joy!
flwrfey © 98 &99-Leprechaun Lovers_by flwrfey (c)98
We have met many times before
on our souls' *tuirgente*.
*Da shealladh*! Ahhh the *second sight*
we both had in that incarnation,
where we befriended one another so quickly
on our beloved "Isle of Destiny",
our Éire of long ago.
Do you remember the mischief it got me into
that day after our visit to The Isle of Skye,
when i let slip out about Caer McNéill's
co-walking *coimimeadh* & her hubby
overheard me & quite misunderstood. ;o)
We live & learn my dear friend,
live & die & are born again.

Thankyou so much for sharing
this lively & beautiful spring day
with me in our Emerald Grove.
A mhuirnín dílis! We shall surely meet again anew.
Le cúnamh Danu!
tiny apple treetiny apple treetiny apple tree
When this incarnation is through,
i'll meet you in The Realms of Fey,
then whisper our secret names
& i'll remember to cherish you.
A Chiste Agus a Stór!
   Beannachtaí na Beandía Danu!
Beanachtaí geal daoibh.
Móran Taing-Slán go fóill- & Wado!

flowerfey (c)99


The descendants of Divine Dánu,
The Tuatha de Danann,
became "The Old Gods & Goddesses of Ireland".

They are now often loved & celebrated & honored
as the "Fey Folk", "The Gentry", "The People of Peace"
& known by many other secret names or code names.
It is important to speak highly of them.
They can hear everything.......

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