Peace Offering/Fey Lady/Grace of A Bird
The Joys & Challenges of Hybrid Roots
Tale of the Hybrid Woman's Ancestors
O' siyo!
Mita kuye Oyason !

Grace of a Bird! (aka: Little MoonWolf)

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Why was Little MoonWolf A Hybrid Human?
How did she become a woman w/o a country?
(sshhh! secret! for later!)
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A Little Ancestry Fun!
Her father was a blonde, blue eyed charmer
of Celtic/Nordic descent. The handsome"GoldenBoy"
Son of Scotch/Irish Immigrants to America.
And the Glamours of the Fey surely followed
with delight, he & their children!
Sweet Faerys
Little MoonWolf's Mother was a "Metis" & a brilliant, beautiful person.
She knew every bird & every leaf of every tree & it's Latin name as well.
The Pixies & The Star Folk were also in her Spirit's love for Mother Nature & her Children.
She was a healer & a beautiful person inside & out. Just gorgeous to behold.
She had a lick of the Pazyryk & Pictish-Celt in her, and also Native American Indian.
("Metis" is a French-Canadian word for a person who is :
part "white european descent" & part "Native American Indian Descent")
This can be a beautiful thing, except when there's prejudice.
Some people of mixed ancestry find that they are not
fully accepted by either culture & others are able to delight in both.
Finding truly Loving people is the answer.
Even in this so called "modern age"

Some families even punish children who look more "ethinc"
than their siblings , or vice-versa, depending on which heritage
they wish to have acknowledged.
for admitting their heritage,
or perhaps wanting them try to deny it , until it is lost.
Others desperately try to preserve it, even in dangerous times,
when this must be done secretly for the sake of survival.
Yet, where Little MoonWolf's Mother grew up in the U.S.A. at the time,
people simply called those with any known "Indian" blood at all ,"half breeds"
in a derogatory way. (tears in eyes) :( Poor Little Mama.

Because of the abuse & Fear she experienced over this, one can have compassion
over why she kept this family secret of her "red blood" in the closet .
Some of them did thus escape The Trail of Tears. The Cherokee Tribes live on!
(Some peoples were killed off & there was no "Trail of Tears" for them.)
Yet one of her Grandmothers was from a psychic tribe that is now extinct,
except for the blood & ancestral memories that run through
her hybrid grandchildren.
Some of her stories live on.

native feynative fey

Mama's Lovely Eyes
Some people were confused by her intense expressive "almond shaped" eyes ,
with little epicanthic folds in the inner corners.
(Similar to Little MoonWolfs & Swannia's eyes )
Some called Little MoonWolf "foreigner eyes" etc.,
Others lovingly called her "exotic eyes"
meaning no real harm.
(The difference: the tone of voice was nicer, instead of mean)

Brother Wolf can relate.
Some people are needlessly "spooked"
by the human-like intelligence
in the eyes of the wolves!
(While others admire the wolves for this)
Nuzzles :0)
Golden Toad Stool Fae((Hugs)) & FaeryDust :>****~~~
Native Fey on Toadstool image

Wado! For Now!

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