Full Moon Fire Festival of The Sun Fey
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Le cúnamh Dánu ! Sonas Ort!

Celebrate Full Moon Closest to August 1ststar
Sun Sprites-Fey Fire Festival of the Full Faery Moon
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Flitting Faery Line

Many celebrate Teltain/Lughnasadh or Lammas
around August 1st each year.

Lughnasadh for the Irish Lugh
& Lammas also celebrates the Welsh Llew

Lughnasadh is pronounced "loo-na-say"
or "loo-nay-sah" by most.
Lughnasadh means "The Feast of Lugh".
First started by him, for his foster mother, Taillte.
So, Teltain is another name for the holiday.
Lugh-Wee image
Lugh The Bright Shining One
is associated with the Summer Sun
& as a Son of a dearly beloved Great Mother. (Light)
He is also called Lugh of the Long Armed,
because the rays of the sun reach far & wide.
The mutual love between Lugh & hisMother Figure, Taillte
warms her soul from mortal death into golden immortality;
Just as the Suns rays warm Mother Earth
till flowing gold with grain.

The Sun & the Moon, were originally considered feminine
& sometimes called the Sisters.
The name for the Sun was Greine.
The "big sun" was the sun & the "little sun" was the moon.
The Gaelic Eagle was sometimes called "Suil-na-Greine",
for "eye of the sun".
The eagle came to be associated with Lugh,
as a Solar Bird with a Secret Lake
of replenishment & renewal in the north.
This can represent the need for the mind to dive into
the feelings & intuition of the loving heart
in order to find true wisdom.

Lughnasadh celebrates marraige, 1st harvests, grain,
craft, trade, prosperity & abundance
& the fairness of the old Celtic social order
& the sheer joy of summertime.
tiny apple tree

A giant fair was held from around
July 15th through August 15th.
The Fire Festival for Taillte held on the full moon
closest to August 1st was the climax of the fair.
July 28 is a full moon eclipse and is also a SuperMoon,
(A SuperMoon is a new or full moon which occurs
when the Moon is within 90% or more
of its mean perigree, or closest approach to earth.)
This will occur july 28th, just days before
the August 11th Total Eclipse and Grand Cross!
(Best viewed over Cornwall. i think)
Our Lady of Healing Lights has put on some
marvelous shows for us this year to go out
of the Millennium with Grand Spectacles
& to Welcome in the Fae-Merfolk Age of Aquarius
New Millenium to Mother Nature's Delight!

According, to this wild calendar we have,
The Celtic Tree Month moves from Oak
into Holly Tree Month started July 8th
& the Full Blessing Moon is on July, 28th of 1999
of the last Teltain/Lughnasadh of the 1900's!
In the year 2000, the Full Moon will be on July 16th
& our New Moon will be starting Lughnasadh Eve.
Once again the time is very favorable for a portal
to & from the Realms of Fae.

Fire FestivalWildcatWild CatFire Festival

(one of the four ancient fire festivals)
is also in remembrance of Irish
Lugh Lamfada, The Bright Shining One
who first started the festival/fair
in honor of his Foster Mother, Taillte.
The festival was held in Teltown
in honor of Taillte, considered a
Golden Earth Goddess of Fertility
who lost that mortal incarnation as Taillte
("died")while clearing the land "for agriculture".
Of course she lives on immortally now.
tiny apple treeFire FestivalTaillte-Goddess by flwrfey c99Fire Festivaltiny apple tree

The Telteann Games (named after Taillte)
were like the Celtic Olympics.
Taillte had a connection to horses,
so Horse Racing was a big part of the Teltean Games.
The Celts truly loved their horses.
A Goddess sometimes shapeshifted into a Mare
while representing the Sovereignty of the Land.
The immortalized Goddess-Queen Macha
who was forced to outrace
a brutish Ulster king's horses,
while pregnant with Boy-Girl Twins,
to rescue her Tuatha de Danann husband-
is also often celebrated at Lughnasadh.
Queen Macha suceeded in winning the race
& saving her husband's life, but at the finish line
she gave birth to her twins
& ever since the mean Ulster king's fortress (at Navan)
was named Emain Macha for "Macha's Twins"!
(More about Queen Macha & her story is on her own page)
This should be enough for you to see why she is also
associated with horses & great courage.
The Horse is also associated with Epona, Rhiannon, Etain,
as well as with Taillte & Macha.
Aoifa & Boudecia were also very, very fond of horses.
Of course, Every Time is wonderful for honoring the
Great Mother of all the Goddesses & Gods,
Our beloved Mother Danu.

Ancient Matriarchal  Pictish Art Horse-Rock Carving-Photo

The principle traditional site of the Festival
was first held in Teltown, Ireland, near the mound/cairn
that Lugh had built for Taillte after her death.
She was interned there were she gave her mortal life up
for the land & her people.

Children & Fosterage:

The Celtic tradition of fosterage was very important to them.
Foster children were usually loved just as much as one's own.
Children adopted thus, were generally truly appreciative
of care & fosterage they recieved.

Lugh-Wee image
It is obvious that Lugh dearly loved his foster-mother, Taillte.
Lughnasadh spread to all over Ireland & the British Isles,
such as Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man & Britain, herself.

unicorn forestBlu Pre-Celt Pictish FaePrivate Image-unicorn forest tiny pic.
This is a fair very ancient beginnings,
with evidence of it's celebration as far back as
the second millenium B.C. & the games being celebrated
for more than a thousand years A.D. at Teltown too!
This Teltain/Lughnasadh celebration
has endured in some form until the present
& hopefully will endure long into the future also as an
important part of the Seasonal Wheel of the Year
spreading to more places than ever before. ;o)

by S.S. Boulet

Lughnasadh celebrates marraige, 1st harvests, craft, trade,
the ancient social order, justice, ancient sports,
prosperity & abundance.

The Lughnasadh Fair Time during July & August
in regards to handfasting was called
"Elembious" or "Claim Time".
Leprechan Lovers by flwrfeyc99

This was kind of like an engagement,
except they got to live together & practice
being married for a trial period, so they could
find out if they were truly compatable as spouses.
Things such as any brutality in character or
vs: kindness & generosity of character ,
were bound to come out during that time.
Practice-Handfastings or "Trial Marraiges"
generally lasting a year & a day
were often entered into at Lughnasadh.
If the couple were happy enough to continue together,
then they could confirm there vows at the next Lughnasadh
thereby entering into a permanent marraige.
Arriving at the next year's Fair with a new baby in arms
was likely to be considered a good omen
for the continuance of the marraige,
as well as a source of loving pride in the fruits
of the fertility they had been blessed with during
their loving time together
& a sign that the Goddess had smiled on their union.
Children were very important to community life.
Of course that likely was not the only deciding factor,
love & compatable marital companionship
having a lot to do with most any
couple's desire to be together.
Yet, If during that trial marraige time they found
that they were incompatable after all
& had made each other too unhappy,
they could part ways instead of renewing their vows.
Just think how much suffering could be avoided
if it was still done like this? *smiles*

Lovers Merfolk


Try putting some Marigold, Apple Leaves,
Hazelnut, Golden Grain, Rose Petals & Yarrow
& a few drops of Faery Flower Oil
in your wedding philtres & oils.
Also put some Marigold in your Dream Pillow.
Make crowns of greenery & flowers for your hair.
Make Wreaths from Grain & Corn Husks
to decorate your space & to give as gifts.
You can also make Corn Dollies or other Grain Dollies
to celebrate the Mother
Aspect of Goddess Energy.
You can also make grain necklaces & ankle bracelets
for celebrating fertlity & protection.

Times of the Druidic Assistance:
Also, during the times of the Priestly Caste of Druids,
Lughnasadh became a time for administering Druidic Law
& entering into contracts,
settling previous contracts or claims
as well as the giving & taking in marraige.
Both Male & Female Druids were equal in importance.
Druids enacted ceremonies & spiritual rituals.
Celtic Law focused on the victim's rights.
It was the victim &/or their family that recieved
recompense & restitution, instead of the "Crown"
(or "government").
It took Druids many years to learn the Common Law
that united the Tribes & Clans.
Druids were also very wise teachers.

Music & Story Telling:
Teltain is also a wonderful time for Bards & Filidh.
Story telling, songs, ballads, music & games
are a great way to celebrate & give thanks too.
You may have a festival or go to a fair now.

Festive Friends:
The Flower Faced Fae Queen,
The Bright Fae & Nature Elementals
bring joy to any holiday of course,
yet it is also nice to think of Fire-Sprites & Fire Elementals
at this time of year too, especially at the Full Moon Fire Festival.
Of course also use care when dealing with fire.
It is an element that can be very mischievious, if not
handled with proper safety & treated with due respect.
Never leave fire unattended & be sure to bid adieu politely
& fully extinguish the fire when through.
You can use older felled branches, 
instead of cutting down trees for firewood.

If you live in an area where you can not build a bonfire
then you can always light a fire-pot or candle & incense.

Firetiny fire elemental

Shamanka-Kati Tribe Descendant-Catpeople  Clan (c)99flwrfey

Animal Friends:
Some of the Animal friends that we personally like
to meditate about & celebrate now are;
the Highland Wildcat (chait) & the Cat,
The Horse (Each)
The Eagle (Iolair)
The Salmon (Bradan)
The Otter (D`obhran)
The Bee (Beach)
The Hare (Ge`a```rr)
The Stag (Damh)
The Hind (Eilid)

Tree Friends:
Apple Trees
Oak Trees

fireWee Small Taillte by flwrfey (c)99
Happy Teltain!

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More About Taillte
& the Teltown Mound

More About Lugh Lamfada

More about Queen Macha

About the Story of Lammas
-& British/Welsh Lleuw & Arianhod & more
Geanail Cum Codhail, Cymry!

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