Failte Romhat-Welcome to our Filidh.
Beannachtaí na Beandía Dánu.
Happy Shamrock Day!

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March 17th
Leprechaun Day-Reclaimed For The Fey

This Date Is The Date
We Reclaim For The Fae!
Who From Our Dear Homeland
They Tried To Chase Away!

Hidden Deep In Our Hearts
Where No Oppression Can Erase
Strong Against The Conquerors Darts
Our Darlings-They Shall Never Slay

From The Visions Of Our Otherworld
No Words Can Dare Dissuade
Of The True & Loyal Catti Tribes
Let No Fae Be Betrayed

And Whether Freedom From Us Hides
Forever & A Day
The Emerald Isle Shall Always Be:
The Sweet Land Of The Fey!

On The Wings Of A Butterfly
We Tickle A Flower's Face
Off To The Celtic Catti Tribe
Hidden In Our Forest Place
And In The Wink Of An Eye
We Vanish Without A Trace

Nights of Full & Crescent Moons,
When Whispered Wishes Do Come True
The Fae Come Out To Play
Listening To The Merfolk Tunes
Dancing On Ocean Waves
By The Light Of The Silvery-Golden Moon
Your Troubles wash away

For The Tuatha de Danann
A Proud & Noble Race
From Out Of The Spirit Of Innis Fáil
The Whole World Shall Embrace
From: A Fey-Merfolk Magic Moon Ballad Book

Free Ireland, is Eire in the Irish language.
Irish President: Mary McAleese
National Symbol: Harp


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Shamrock /"Seamrog"
   Irish for "Little Clover"
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The shamrock  attracts thoughts primarily related to
enlightenment  & wisdom !
It symbolizes creativity & being tuned into your secret inner life.
It can also sometimes denote a need for some privacy
to protect yourself from scrutiny that might thwart your creativity
while exploring mystical secrets .

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The Shamrock's Other Legendary Functions :
The Shamrock was also long before considered special to the Irish people,
long before the arrival of St. Patrick..
The "magical powers" of the Shamrock
were largely due to it's helpful weather warning attributes.
It's three upright standing (clover) leaves
warned of impending storms & made it quite useful for such predictions.

As the green of new life, the shamrock was associated with
"Mother Nature" as "Danu" to the Irish.
Also known to others as "The Flower Faced Faery Queen Mother-Giver of Life"
Three leafed clovers were also sacred to the Triple Goddess, such as Brighid.

clover bar
The lucky four leafed clover is symbolic of the wheel of the seasons
The 4 leaves can represent Hope, Faith, Love & Luck.
The Luck is found in that fourth leaf. ;o)
White four leaf clovers were thought to drive off ill-intent.
Finding a four leaf clover was a good luck sign
that something good was about to happen
or one was about to find something good.
Long associated with "good Luck", the rare four-leafed clover
was thought to be even more lucky than the prevalent three-leafed clover.
Finding a four leaf clover was thought to empower you with
good luck & a wish.
Thus it could give you entrance to & protection in a faery ring,
if one was nearby & if you desired to visit.

Private Image-Fey Ring Image

The symbol of the Shamrock can be found on old copper coins nicknamed "Leprechaun Money".
The Shamrock image can also be found on medieval grave stones
& even some modern ones!


The Shamrock & The 4 leafed clover
are still considered lucky to the Irish,
& this concept has spread  to many other cultures.
Greens & Shamrocks  have come to represent
"The Luck Of The Irish".
Most Proud Irish, & Irish Immigrants
& All Lovers of The Irish  & Irish Lore,
still delight in wearing green
& shamrocks around this time
every year & also on March 17th.

clover bar
March 17th has come to mean the celebration of everything playful & wonderful of Ireland. Parades, Festivities, Celtic-Music,Irish-Lore, St. Patrick's Mythology, Green Beer, Irish Drinks & Recipes & Fae-Lore!
And last, but certainly not least-
Those Magical Mischievous Leprechaun Stories!

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Leprechaun Lore
This type of Irish Fey: Known as The Leprechaun:
is usually seen alone. Or very rarely as a "he & she" couple.
They are known as solitary fae/fey rather than community fae.
You have to see them before they see you,
to catch the slightest glimpse of one.
If one is spotted, it is usually working on a shoe
under a dock leaf or a hedge.
They often wear 3-cornered hats & have been seen
spinning on them like toy-tops.
They are very cunning & elusive & it is nearly impossible
to get them to reveal the location of their pot o' gold.
If you ever did get a chance to speak to one,
you would undoubtedly be quickly out-smarted.
They speak in rhyming riddles
& if you answer without rhyming,
they will chuckle at you & vanish instantly. poof !
Legend has it, that if you can get to the end of a rainbow
that is where you will spot a Leprechaun with a pot o' gold.
No human has been able to get to the end of a rainbow,
(in the material realm), since it always seems to move
further & further away as you approach it!


Private Image-Green Cat-Fae Eyes
"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,
The Whole Worlds' Bright & Gay !"
The colour Green is still considered
a favorite  colour of the Fey & the colour of Ireland !
Also enchanting green eyes
(which are the rarest colour of human-eyes),
are most prevalent among the Irish & their descendants.
& all eye-colours are uniquely beautiful, of course.
So what we are saying is that although green eyes
are the rarest eye colour among humans,
every eye colour is uniquely beautiful in it's own way.

Mother Nature wears  many coloured cloaks,
the blue of the sky, the brown & amber of autumn leaves,
& the greens of the sea & the spring leaves
are but a few.  Yet, this time of year we celebrate green.
Some Humans & Some Cats are the only physical animals
known to have the possibility of inheriting green eyes. however.
They are also thought to be a popular eye colour for Fey.
Green was also the colour symbolic of
The Mother Nature/Primal Mother ("Danu") & The Green Man.
And Green is still considered the colour of Ireland !
("The Emerald Isle")
Happy Leprechaun Day ! March 17th
Remember, if you don't wear something green on March 17th
anyone who catches you, gets to give you a little pinch !
Emergency Measure :
If you get to school without green on,
you better borrow a green magic-marker fast
& draw a large green shamrock
on the top-side of both your hands!
Make sure the green is easily visible !
Sorry, if you have green eyes that may or may not
get you off the hook.
You are supposed to be *wearing* something green! ;o)


 Let us Delight in  Seasonal Celebrations
of Mother Nature's Children  & The Greenman & Greenfolk
which were never truly eradicated,
simply went "underground" & became "occult"
until it could be openly revived without persecution.
The "Old Faith" of Ireland was a beautiful spirituality
which strengthened the Irish People from ancient times onward
& remains forever a glorious part of The Collective Consciousness.
(Became the hidden mysteries, ever a part of the subconscious mind
& the true spirits knowledge.)

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Many of The Little Drawings & Poems here are original.
A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale
flowerfey ©2000

flwrfey © 99shamrock_(c)98flwrfey © 98 & 99-Kitty-Fey Shamanka Imageflwrfey © 99shamrock_(c)98
flwrfey © 99shamrock_(c)98





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Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
For Celtic Midis-Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English,
& some from "The Colonies"


Mt. Croach Patrick -
Previously a primary site of Lughnasadh Feasts

St. Patrick's Day in Cyberspace !
Irish Midis & Links To Everything Irish!

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This Leprechaun Realm is offered in a spirit of joy & playfulness
& is in no way intended to offend the sincere beliefs of anyone-
nor to detract from the joyous meaning
of the true original pagan-holidays that
used to be celebrated differently around this time of year.
(& are still celebrated thus for many)
nor the various later adaptions of holidays by Christians, Cristo-Pagans or any others.
We realize that many cultures have something beautiful to add to the holidays.

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