How Come We Don't Really Believe in Gender-Polarization?

Of course, you can choose to believe in that if you want to
& there are some religions that will accommodate you,
but we just don't follow that belief here.

But hopefully, we are "Singing at the Choir" here, so to speak
& you already understand what we are trying to say. L.O.L.

The # 1 reason is that it has nothing to do with the Fae.

The #2 reason is that it may possibly cause more harm,
than help, for lots of people,
especially since usually the underclass
gets artificially cast  into the negative pole.

#3 Even though there are people who we really like
who are able to rationalize the concept,
& we still like them
& may respect  most of what they believe in,
but that part still is just not our thing.
We have another way that we like better,
called "swirling harmony".

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Or go on & We will try to explain why we reject that concept.
But please do not write to complain & argue
& make excuses for putting females in a negative pole,
we have already heard them all & don't believe in them.
We do not put males in a negative pole either.
If we did that to either, it would just be in our heads,
so why bother.
If you want to know why we think that , read on,
if you don't, click back.

If we cast an entire gender into a negative pole,
how can we rationalize it as balancing?

If so, how would we decide which gender
deserves the negative assignment?

Would it be based on merit ? So far it hasn't been.
Is giving birth negative or is physical force over others positive?
According to who? Who decides & why?
Why do you think it was first decided one way over another?
If you are truthful with yourself, you already know why.

Perhaps, It would be a bit arrogant to think that ,
we could balance positive & negative poles
by throwing one gender artificially into one pole
& one into the other, now wouldn't it?
Isn't better to harmonize these aspects within,
rather than psychologically projecting negativity onto the other gender,
where the shadows nevertheless still come back to haunt you within,
because you pushed it away instead of healing it.
There is no need to do that stuff, because you can become whole.
Thus you will find more lasting happiness.

This of course does not mean you can't give males & females
equal attention & parts in your celebrations or rituals,
it only means that we don't think we need to label
one gender negative & one gender positive
in order to do that.

Likewise people of both genders have dark & light aspects,
within their one personage.
For that matter dark & light
need not be assigned to the realms of positive or negative.
They too, have both their positive & negative possibilities,
depending on how they are experienced or used.
Yet night & day are already in perfect harmony & balance
& Nature will go on with or without us.
It is only by loving one another that we will find the strength
to unite & to heal & truly live here.
Though the earth pollution seems daunting now,
it could be reversed.
Remember, it is only in recent history
that these changes have come about.
It is not too late, if we wake up now.

Most concepts of polarity come from the
corruption of the old ying-yang stuff anyway .
When eastern ying-yang first started, the Moon was used to
demonstrate the cycles of light & dark & their balance
as being necessary to the flow of each one individual  whole.
The Moon made a good example because
it was seen as *one* heavenly body,
with both light & dark phases,
balancing on a continuum,
but not as separate bodies.

Only later when this became corrupted,
was this concept cut in two, with light (viewed as positive)
being projected on some
& dark (labeled negative) projected on others.
This defeats the whole purpose of the lesson of ying-yang.
For it is by realizing the light & dark aspects
of each Being that we balance or heal ourselves,
not by projecting one or the other polarity onto
someone or something else,
cutting them in half.
Since this was done during , yes, the age of patriarchy,
naturally the so called "negative pole"
& "passive" was projected  on to the female
& the "positive pole" & "active" onto the male,
merely reflecting the way those in power wanted it to be
& who they wanted to be allowed to be active
in the power structures of their world
& who they wanted to passively submissive to this rule.
This has a brainwashing effect on people.
Since this is a divisive  artificial construct,
specifically designed to oppress the "other"
it has no spiritual truth
except what we allow ourselves to further invest in it.
If you stop breaking someone in half,
maybe you can stop futilely trying to
balance them as opposites..of someone else.
If we see both genders & the planets as whole
in their own regard, with both active & passive phases, etc.
we need no longer attempt to balance
(what we have imagined divided) from without,
& we can start balancing each of ourselves, from within.
This is why we accept "swirling harmony" & unity,
instead of gender polarization & duality.

We do not harshly judge others for belonging to religions
who are trying to re-balance  duality,
in a loving way,
we just don't believe in gender polarity ourselves,
to begin with.

In regards to the beauty in various faiths,
We agree with at least the beauty in those teachings
of the Wiccens/Wiccans
that "It Harm None" or even that part of the teaching
of the Pagans or Cristo-Pagans or Gaian-Pagans,
about Love & to "Love One Another"!
If all the people of the world followed even just that much,
from any of the wonderful children
of our "heavenly" or Divine  Mother & Father.
(in spite of religious variations)
there would be no wars, violence or cruelty.
There would be no oppression or domination
based on race or gender & all beings could be loved.

Always remember ,
It is against the Fae, for males to rule over females.
(And that includes Mother Nature. ;o) wink)
This fact can never be changed by humans.
So you might as well start being nice. ;o) wink-wink
Each Being has the right to the freedom & opportunity,
that their individual gifts & talents or potentials  allow,
regardless of colour or gender.


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