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Just look at the darling faery-being
on their logo to see what we mean!
Visit Cecilia Price of ArtMaker Studio!artmaker studio/darling faery logo/graphic image

Goddess 2000 Project

E-Cards Free Cyber Postcards

Send a free e-card & help save an endangered species.


Must See To Believe!!!!!

Native American Art:
Earth & Comet
Mother Earth, Green Music & Treespirit....
by Rhonda Angel

Sequana-Celtic River Goddess-Real Ancient Statue!Gifts Of The Goddess

Celtic Green Man by jblstatues

Also: This Photo-Image below is from an
authentic replica plaque that you can get
(made by Artisans of JBL Statues)
of an: Ancient Celtic Green Man
Carved in Stone by ancient Celts!
This one was found in Dijon!
(& So Is Called: The Green Man of Dijon!)
Please go toSacred Source (formerly called  J.B.L. Statues)
to view Larger Image of Original
& to read the Information
or to order your very own replica plaque,
or other recreations of ancient statues & artworks!
This ancient stonework art
of The Greenman is so inspiring!
Celtic Green Man

photos of these ancient art works
used with the kind permission of
JBL Statues!
Please do not remove!
Go there & visit them to see these & more!
Many cultures represented!
(A virtual encyclopedia of information & imagery!)


Lady Bridget

What is Magic Anyway?
by Lady Bridget

Mind, Body, Soul Network

Interspecies Telepathic Communications

World Whale (&Dolphin) Day
June 21st-Yearly Solstice Tradition

Hollow Hills Bookstore

Spirit Online

The Green Pages-Directory

Free Tarot, Runes,
& Other Online Readings

Ashlynn's Grove-Pagan Postcards

Star Hawk's Page

Circle Sanctuary

Sylmerian Water Globes-Crystal Magic
Beautiful Handcrafted Water Globes,
Wands, Amulets, & Faery Vases

Pagan Place Logo

Lady Leia

Dragon Link

Godde Unity Image

Fellowship of the Earth Banner

Multi-Culturalism is great, when charity starts at home:
Where-ever you are
Religion or Culture are *never any excuse* for
The Oppression of Females!

We thought & We Think: Love is The Law!


Shamans Against Violence Banner

P.T.O.W. Link

Violence Prevention

Help End Gender Apartheid

graphic by flwrfey (c)99 Take Action-Free Me Logo!
Free Afgan Women
& Other Endangered Females
(Also links to graphics, to make your own
Endangered Females Awareness Pages)
Help End Gender Apartheid !

The Feminist Majority

National Organization of Women

S.O.S. -Survivors of Stalking

Women's Holocaust
Women's Holocaust
& TheWitch Hunts
Many MedicineWomen, Herbalist & Healers,
or just women with freckles,
& some of their brothers
were also executed!
List of: Many of the People Murdered
for Witchcraft

Earth Religion Rights



Link for finding Animal Rights Photos

Animals Enviro-Link

Kith & Otherkin Gathering News:


Fairy Garden Link Logo


Don't Steal Bandwidth

Xoom: for Free Graphics

Omphalos  logo

Avatar Search

Dragons Lair II


& Visit Precious Enchanted Vale Member-ATALANTHA!Atalantha Banner by flwrfey (c)98

Eileithyyia's Banner by flwrfey(c)98

Visit Darling Enchanted Vale Member-Princess Gini: Gini's Banner

Precious Kaeyla & Her Faery Forest
Faery Forest

& For Dear Enia Saaski Oak
Realm of The Changeling


Fairy Store Link-Logo

Astarte Link Logo

Tread Softly

Visit Gypsy Wolf O'Fae to see beautiful
Blown Glass Faery Doll she made in honour of our very own:
Lil' Moon O'Fae !
Thankyou So Much Sweet Sister!

SnowWolf's Haven
Way of The Spirit-Snow Wolf logo by WhiteWolf

To: White Wolf
Kindness Award for WhiteWolf

"Sidhe Lady's Rath"

The Society Of Celtic Shamans

The Pagan Fay


Swedish Sussie's
Norwegian Forest Cats
Norska Skogkatter

Beautiful: Maiden, Mother, Elderwoman
Writing & Imagery

Aurora-Ocean Fairy

Also One of our first Enchanted Vale Members
is Pixie-Carol
& She has a wonderful, creative website too!
She also offers original one of a kind crafts!
Dandelion Green Creations!

Earth Spirit


Zoey's Homepage
(Holly & Zoey solved one of our faery riddles)

InterTribal Council of Hawai'i

Fan Fiction Fantasies

dejavu: sidhe

Gentle Wolf & Dreamsharer

The Picts by Rhiannon

Rialian's Elves & Kith
-A Fun Site-With Some Original Drawings
Be Sure To Check Out The Other Pages There-
Description of The Elven Star & More!-

Rialian's Weird or Alien Links

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