More Irish Place Lore & Divine Beings

On May Eve, May Day & May Time,
Besides celebrating Beandía Danu
& her children
& the Fey's Greenman & the Greenfolk,
It is also a wonderful time to review some of the other
myths & legends of the Emerald Isle
& Prytannic Isles as well.
You may wish to think about Cliodna & Tadg
& study their stories too.
This is a nice time to do so.
We will add more about them later.

Cetshamain or La Bel Tinne,
Bel tinne, Shining One's Fire
(Beltaine)  is one of the  great Fire Festivals.
In Éire, Beltaine is a delight to behold..
Bel: Bright, Brilliant Shining....
Beltane still stands for the month of May in Irish.
Beltinne-The  first,  Bel/i in the world was known as
a feminine deity named Belili (Bright Maiden of the Hollow).
Bel means shining, bright or brilliant.
Later her celebration was transformed or subsumed
by many into one thought to be for Bile.
Bile was often said to be one of the first
son's created by All Mother Danu,
some describe him as also becoming her consort. ;o)
He is also sometimes described as being created by her,
with his life starting out as a great tree.
Some describe Bile as kind of a "male Dispater figure",
but there is much more to him than even this.

Daghda, was another of the son's of Dánu
who is most well known today.
Although he is seen as a Daddy figure in a sense, to many,
& modern people may therefore refer to him as "All Father",
he did not precede Beandía Danu,
The Divine All Mother Dánu
who is the original
"Mother of All The Gods & Goddesses
of the Tuatha de Danann."
There are many tales of Daghda, who is known as
Daghda, The Good God, apparently not because of his
being "good" in the chaste or modern moral sense
some might think of that word sometimes used today,
but rather because he was said to be many gifted
& good at any & all of the skills he tried. ;o)


Prior to the coming of The Tuatha de Danann,
the indigenous people of The Emerald Isle,
were said to already have a Universal Mother Goddess,
named `Anu'.
It is easy to see why they would have recognized her in
of The Tuatha de Danann, as well.
The names are Anu & Dánu & Dana
are usually used as different forms of the same name,
by many historians & others.

Dánu, is also known as "The Lasting One".
The two hills in Munster, still known as  "Da Chich Anann"-
"The Paps of Anu", because they symbolize her breasts.
Her cult was especially powerful in Munster
even surviving into the modern era.

Divine Daughter of  Dánu,
Áine-"A Maiden Goddess of Love & Fertility".
Knockainy, "Áine's Hill" is her hill in Kerry.
Áine is thought to be either the great mother Dánu/Anu
in a Maiden aspect,or one of her Divine Daughters.
At any rate they are very closely associated.
For those that honor & love her,
Áine is wonderful at blessing lovers
or even bringing them together.
She is often associated with Spring & Summer as well.
She is very, very beloved & popular to this day.

"Oenghus Mac Óc" (The Young Son):
Daghda & Bóinn (Boanne) had a Divine Love Child named,
"Oenghus Mac Óc" (The Young Son)
or now sometimes spelled as
Aonghus Mac Og who is an "Irish Love God" too.
Aonghus has a Divine Harp (a living harp)
& Love Birds or Doves can circle around his head, like kisses.
He can shapeshift, most notably to Fey Swan Form.
Some of the greatest stories surround his own conception
& also Aonghus's,  own later wooing of his own lover/mate,
the Divine Fey Swan Maiden,
Caer Ibormeith (Yewberry).

Bóinn, The River Boyne, & Brugh na Bóinne (New Grange):

The River Boyne was named for Beandía  Bóinn.
(The Goddess Boinne) Her name means "She of The White Cow".
White Cows were sacred to the Sidhe, as well.
(Interestingly, the Pan-Celtic Goddess Brighid,
was said to have been nursed
on the tits of a White Fey Cow, as well.)
Yet of course, it is Bóinn & her Divine Love Child ,
"Oenghus Mac Óc" The Love God who are rightly most closely
associated with the sacred site originally named for her,
Brugh na Bóinne. The Magic Palace of Bóinn
along the River Boyne, also named for her.

Brugh: Palace, Fairy Fort, Fairy Mansion,
Otherworld Feasting Place,  Verge, Brink, Fairy Hill.

Bóinn: (Bóind, Bóann, Boyne) She of The White Cow,
All Seeing One, Wise One..
Goddess who gave her name to The River Boyne
& Brugh na Bóinne.

When part of her land was taken over by a medieval
Cistercian Abby of Mellifont nearby to be used
as one of their  `new granges' of farmland,
that is when the name of Brugh na Bóinne,
was sadly changed to "New Grange",by them.
The real name of `New Grange' is therefore,
still Brugh na Bóinne.

The Place Lore states that the River Boyne was at first a well,
surrounded by nine magic Hazel Trees of Wisdom,
until Bóinn risked her life to obtain it's wisdom,
& the waters chased her to the Sea, becoming the River Boyne.
The ancient Salmons of Wisdom, are also a part of this story.
See the Tale of The Well of Saegis.

Archaeologically, it is true that Brugh na Bóinne
was there with the  folk of The Emerald Isle,
millennias before the coming of even the
Gaels or "Celts" or later Romans, Christians or Vikings even.
(It is even older than the  pyramids of Egypt!)
No other land's people or invaders can claim credit for the
original building of the Brugh na Bóinne, try as they might.
The Brugh na Bóinne predates them all
& The Brugh na Bóinne most definitely belongs to this
marvelous Island from the beginning
&  Bóinn is of a very early part of the Island herself.
The Tuatha de Danann are a part of it's Lore
because they became one with the indigenous island folk
& their Divine Deities in a special  way, no one really has since.
Besides, Danu's son  Daghda got to have a Love God Son,
by Bóinn herself. ;o) wink
Isn't that wonderful!

Bóinn & her Divine Love Child, Oenghus Mac Óc
along with his Fey Swan Love-Caer Ibormeith
preside over  Brugh na Bóinne to this day!
Even Dánu's descendent, Daghda himself
helped make sure of that. ;o)

May Eve is a nice time to visit Brugh na Bóinne
in your dreams,
if you show proper honor to them & their Magical Palace,
both here & across the Otherworld Veil.

(More On These To Come Later On)

Éire, Bamba & Fodla Blessed Be.
Bóinn, Daghda & Aonghus Love Thee ;o)
& Dánu Keep Thee Free.
Eternal Blessings to The Sidhe.

The Tuatha De Danann:
May Eve is one of the Great Sidhe Spirit Nights!
The Sidhe are thought to be at their most joyful
& their dancing, pipes, music & revelry rings through the air!

The Tuatha de Danann landed on the Emerald Isle of Destiny
Innis Fal (coming to/landing on west-side) on May Eve
long, long ago.
They came from "up there" , their landing shrouded in a mist.
They named what we now call Éire (Ireland)
by their name of "Isle of Destiny".
After arriving, it is said  they burned their ships,
perhaps so they would have no second thoughts,
about going back to wherever they came from..
So "Isle of Destiny" is a suitable name,
for many reasons. ;o)
It is not clear whether these Sky Ships or Sea Faring Ships,
or even  Inter-dimensional Ships, only that they came from "up there"
in ships of some kind, so they did not simply walk over to the
Island by foot or swim there. ;o)

The Tribe of Dánu, came as Shining Being of Brightness.
In some notable legends, they are
described by some as "Gods (& Goddesses,) yet not  Gods",
it is clearly inferred that they  were certainly
 something more than an average human though.
(Their offspring reportedly eventually did breed  with some humans
of the Island  at a later time.)
The Tuatha de Danann had materials & treasures,
of the like that had never been seen there before.
When they came they brought several
very special treasures with them,
from each of The Tuatha de Danann Secret Cities.
More to come about this later..
The descendants of Divine Dánu,
The Tuatha de Danann,
became as "The Old Gods & Goddesses of Ireland".

They are now often loved & celebrated & honored
as the "Fey Folk", "The Gentry", "The People of Peace"
& known by many other secret names or code names.
It is important to speak highly of them.
They can hear everything..

May Eve is a very special time for them
& the Veil between Physical Earth Realm
(what some call "the mundane world")
& those of the wonderful Otherworld Realms
are  more open now.
Thresholds between worlds are easier to traverse,
especially in psychic dreams or vision quests or journeys..
or soul traveling & so on.
(If you do so, please be sincere & respectful of others.)

Birch, Hawthorne & Apple Trees are wonderful trees
to celebrate at this time.
Many may be moving from Willow to Hawthorne
while celebrating for three days & nights, starting May Eve.
Birch makes a nice Sky Ladder ;o) wink
& Apple Trees are  fond reminders of
Otherworld Lands of Promise.tiny apple tree

Happy May Time!

More To Come!

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