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New Realms Opening Regularly !
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New Adventures Coming Soon!
We've won some new awards too. Yeah! When done here-View in Honours Realm!
We also have an Awards (we give )Realm too! Elite! Original! So be patient!

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Magic Vale-Star News:
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Swannia is soooo full of life & love
& she is our little Star-Gazer!

Swannia was very excited about the Swan Nebula
she viewed in our lovely night sky on September 26, 1997!
It was at this time, officially located in
Sagittarius, but was only 2degrees below the
M16 cluster in Serpens.
This long curved band of light resembles
the neck of a swan!
The light from nearby stars energizes
the nebula's hydrogen gas, causing it to glow!
More Star-News coming later!
Swannia & her Friends have been working hard
to get- The American Indian & Friends W/
Hybrids & Shapeshifters Realm-
expanded & ready for re-uploading!
(that is, when she is not busy gazing at stars
or playing in Mer-Land)
Swannia has been gazing her pretty almond eyes up at
Mother Nature's Mysteries again
& here's the scoop!
On October 31st,1997 we are gonna' have a New Moon for Halloween!
And in December:
Be sure to catch the mid-winter shower of "falling stars"!
Do your Fey Love Magic the night before last full moon prior to
Winter Solstice.
Merry Mother's Night will begin at sundown Dec. 20th.
Winter Solstice will be on December 21st ,1997!
For 1998 & beyond : Go To Holiday House
To Link To Times for Soltices, Equinoxes
& Moon Phases Too!

The 1999 & 2000 skys have been utterly incredible!

prettyfayHoliday House Year `Round Entrance fey
For Index & Links to Eclectic Holiday Pages
as The Wheel of The Year Turns.
Always includes: Fey &/or Mer Celebrations!
Including Yuletide Fey Traditions & More...............

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LionMan Lance News:LionMan Lance/winged lion griffin/ani-image
LionMan Lance's Holiday Halloween House stays ready in
October for you to start .
Guess What?! We also have a Samhain Gift & Story Realm!
A Few Free Gifs especially for you will be offered there too!
We are not a free graphics site,
but we are willing to share a few gifs with friends as a favor,
as long as people don't take advantage.
If it keeps causing too many problems, we will have to cut back or stop.
Please show some courtesy & don't take *unoffered* images from ours
or other people's homepages. It just gets everybody into trouble.
So please don't spoil it & have fun.
Enjoy! & Happy Halloween Every Year!
Haunted House/enter-bar/ani-imagehaunted house pumpkins/bar/ani-image
cat-pumpkin-ghost-hoolloween/ani-imageEnter- Haunted House!
& To Samhain Realm!

prettyfayHoliday House Year `Round Entrancefey
(This area is for your viewing pleasure only.)
For Index & Links to Holiday Pages
as The Wheel of The Year Turns.
Always includes: Fey &/or Mer Celebrations!
Including Yuletide Fey Traditions & More...............

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Check back here( Magic Announcements Realm)for future updates!

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Share Innocent Love!
Love ISthe Answer!!!
& is fun!
Love to Erick & Lance/ The Pictish & Celtic-Native Kings
& The Tuatha de Danann
& for Oryana/Danu who grants mercy to Hybrids!

Yeah! To Organic Farming-To leave something for our Youth & The Future !
& Blessed Be to Princess Caroli' ! A true inspiration & fountain of wisdom!
& her Elf-Love Chris! Happy Anniversary & Many More!
& to all beings w/ "Rose Coloured Glasses" that feed our planets's Hope of Future Joy!
This is truly a Land of Loving Energy!

Magic Genie Lad/ani-image& We wish the Brightest Blessings to All Beings Forever & Everywhere!baby-sprite/ani-image

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